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Colorado Mountain / Colorado Prairie

This is from a great hike to the Chicago Lakes in the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area.

A hallway of aspen trees framing the peak! Such a wonderful trip! ❄️

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Tomorrow the moon will be the closest it has been to Earth since 1948. It will appear 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the average monthly full moon. If you happen to miss the moon tonight, you’ll have to wait until November 25, 2034 so take some time to go outside and witness the impressive moon. 📷: @visualzphotography

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When you feel embarrassed, then I'll be your pride. When you need directions, then I'll be the guide. || Somewhere in the Rockies

aengus > all dogs (didn’t find out it was #internationalpuppyday until now) 🙄 #wheatenterrier #wheaties #creaturecomforts

Welp. Today marks 25 years I've been cruisin' around on this lil planet. A whole decade.
I've accomplished so much these past few years. Every day is a new chance for growth, but adding a number to my age..? Pretty sure I'll still always act like a 12 year old if you put me in front of a skeeball machine, I'll always beg for my mommy when I'm sick, I will definitely cry over spilt (almond) milk, and I refuse to let a number define me..except now I don't need to scramble for under-age fee waiver codes for rental cars anymore so that's neat!
Life is neat. I love this life. I love that I wake up every morning and get to experience another day. I love that no two days are the same. I love that I can always find anything to smile about. I love the love that I'm surrounded by. I love loving whom I'm surrounded by. I love what this life has in store for me, and I'm only 1/4 of the way there...
Cheers, to LIFE!! To LOVE!! To 25 and 25 more and then some more, filled with endless adventures!!😊💞
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Go. To. Colorado.

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