Today was a very personal news oriented day. I received these DNA Results, with matching cousins and my friend obtained my Colombian birth certificate!
It was also very emotional because my mother’s best friend, my aunt is having a procedure to find out where in her colon she is bleeding. She is in Mount Sinai hospital in the best hands possible. I’ve been thinking of her all day and praying for her. To me, she is the OG Badass warrior. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as her. She’s inspired me through the years and I hope she gets through all this with peace.
What an eventful day!
Now to go through this ancestry and see what I can find. I feel like a detective. Piecing a very crucial and dramatic part of my life. I was adopted at 3 weeks old, but the story of what happened to me is a mystery that has been unfolding.
It hasn’t hit me yet...it’s all so intriguing to me so far. I can’t wait for the reality of it all to kick in.
Thank you Ancestry. .
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