To say that workout wrecked me is an understatement. It only took 2 min and I was dying. IT WAS SOOO HARD 🙈 especially after not exercising after 2 and 1/2 weeks. Anyone want to join me in doing LIIFT 4? 😊

Bought to get down!!! It's been awhile since I exercised so I'm starting with some preworkout and doing the B4 LIIFT 4 workout to get back into it! I'll be starting LIIFT 4 on monday! 😀

Happy Saturday ☀️
I have a full evening with work and then going out with friends afterwards! So I’m spending this afternoon working on a few things 😜

I still have 5 spots open for my accountability group starting in September! Send me a message or drop a emoji below if you want to know more details 🤗

December 17’ to August 18’
I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was so frustrated and cried on the way to our Christmas party because I felt so uncomfortable. I hated the way I looked in everything. Andy got an earful all the time (sorry @andy_albers1 🙃) because I just felt terrible about my self.
My problem was that I put all my self worth in how I looked and what clothes I wore. I ALWAYS told myself I was fat and since I was getting fat I was getting ugly (absolutely ridiculous) YO I was in a bad place.
Fast forward to now and I just got off a dream vaca with some great friends. Guys I am LIVING life. I no longer cancel plans because I think I’m “too fat” to be seen in public. I don’t wallow in self pity anymore. I do have my days just like everyone but they are few and far between(!!!)
In my opinion THAT’S my biggest transformation. My mental game. I am becoming that person that I once followed on here and ENVIED because she was so confident in her skin. That’s the transformation everyone deserves.
So what I’m asking is this. Do something this week that makes you feel confident. Wear the dress you’ve been afraid to wear. Do the workout class you’ve been dying to do.
Just. Do. The. Things.
You’ll thank yourself later 💕

Well we are officially back to reality 😭 but we had the best time at the beach!! Now time to shop and pack to go back to school 📚💉 Guess what?! Even with being at the beach 5 days, I didn’t lose any of the progress I’ve made! I didn’t gain a pound (((even with having 2 cheat days!!))) I came home feeling just as good as when I left!! It is such a good feeling to be able to enjoy yourself while still sticking to your healthy lifestyle 💪🏼🍦 it really is a lifestyle, not a diet!! •

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My make shift gym for the day! ☠️ Sometimes you gotta make it happen, even if that means doing random @onepeloton strength videos and resistance band arms. Toss in some abs with friends (who I made come join me and who claimed they thought it was a Pilates class 😂), which included the very challenging laughing exercise 😉 and you have yourself a successful at home workout! Chef Matt and Ms. Lillie treated us weeelll tonight with spaghetti bake 🍝 I always try to include veggies with dinner, and was super excited to add those walnuts for some Omega-3s 🔥 Great 4th day of recruitment! #collegeworkout #dormworkout #peloton #gymbandit #resistance

Let me tell you, I was the QUEEN of “I’ll start Monday” or “maybe tomorrow”

I literally had ever excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t just workout or eat healthy. I always told myself if i already screwed up why try and eat healthy the rest of the day? “One bad meal will kill my progress.” “One cookie is going to make me gain a pound.” I KNOW I’m not the only one who thought these things.

Girl those excuses are BULLSHIT. That’s why I love my new nutrition plan because I have that flexibility that I can eat the things I love, but I know that moderation is the key to progress!

Nutrition plans combined with a killer workout program are the keys to success, but the secret sauce is ACCOUNTABILITY! One of the main reason I’ve stayed with this so long is because I’ve had a amazing group of ladies behind me ever step of the way!

I have a accountability group starting in September and I want YOU to join me! Why not start today? Message me or leave a fall emoji below if you want more info 🍂

I'M COMING HOME!!! I'll be back on my island by Thursday night and hopefully by Friday night I'll be back in my groove with working out and eating healthy 😁 But no promises.. maybe by Saturday I'll be back at it!
Also...asian countries seriously have the best food! Like check It! This doughnut is a matcha green tea kit Kat doughnut! Like whaaat?! Just one of the many good foods that is not available in the US!

Looking for results after that first workout like... 😬 lolol. In all seriousness, I completed the first day of my Fit For Fall challenge today, shakeology and all, and I’m feeling even more excited about it! And my team that started with me today has been SO supportive, all sharing updates about their workout and how we are all feeling. I’m drinking the vegan cafe latte shakeology flavor, which I blended w/ coconut milk, peanut butter, cinnamon, and spinach(sounds gross I know but honestly couldn’t taste the spinach, it was actually so yummy). I’m encouraging everyone to either join my team and get in on this with me, or even just try out beachbody on demand(videos), if you’re interested in following 25-45 minute long workouts that get your ass in tip top shape. 😜 If you wanna start working on your fitness goals and be a part of something that can be life changing, hit me up. I can help you through the whole process, my job as a coach is to inform people of the programs, products, and walk you through everything! And I promise it’s way easier to follow than a LOT of other programs. Especially if you’re a college student, or working a full time job and THINK you don’t have time. Believe me, with beachbody, YOU DO! 👍🏾 And bonus, for those broke college students and broke young adults (like me), joining beachbody as a coach is such an easy way to earn extra money. I can give you the deets on all that as well ☺️

Real life: I feel WAYYYY off track this weekend. Like I’m talking Taco Bell at 1 am and sleeping in until 11:30 am off track 🙈

Ya know what though, I’m over it. I know I can do better and I will because I can. When you tell yourself constantly you can’t, then that becomes your real life. Saying you can’t is like building a wall and trying to tear it down at the same time. It’s SUPER counterproductive any way you look at it and it gets you no where.

Self love is EVERYTHING. And positive self talk is the start. Have you told yourself something good about YOU today? 🔸

Did you get your workout in today? Click the link in our bio for a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout you can do now 💪 #hiit #highintensitytraining #highintensityintervaltraining #collegeworkout #studentworkout #quickworkout #collegebound #getfit

It’s crazy how my mindset has shifted so much in the past few months!! Normally I would workout and crash diet like a crazy person before going on vacation! I was trying to get the perfect “beach bod”! But when I actually got to the beach, I would go completely overboard! I would eat and drink whatever I wanted 🤦🏼‍♀️ and working out was the farthest thing from my mind! YIKES! Now, I am waking up to do my workout at the beach and eating on my meal plan!! I am happier, healthier, and my body will definitely thank me 💪🏼 but don’t think I won’t make that cheat meal worth it🍦 #balance

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Man this weekend was stupid busy anddd I know you know the feeling 😅 we had our home town alumni softball tournament and a wedding for one of our good friends so little sleep but oh so much fun 🎉

I have been slacking MAJOR on here so next week I’ll be sure to get back on my game 😜

So let’s talk about motivation for a minute... Motivation is something that we could all use from time to time (hehe even me!!) We don’t always wake up feeling ready to conquer the world, and that’s okay!!! We need to learn the difference between “my body needs rest today” and “I’m feeling lazy”! I have found that having an accountability partner is a game changer!! I am blessed everyday to have a team of women doing the same workouts and following the same eating plan right alongside me! It has made all the difference!!!! Some of my favorite ways to stay motivated are: - buying a new workout outfit! Duh 💁🏼‍♀️
- thinking of my goals and how good it will feel when I hit them 👊🏼
- oh, and lots of liquid gold ✨(aka preworkout)

Decided to treat myself to some fresh new highlights today 💁🏼‍♀️ I mean, I deserve a little self love for making it HALFWAY through my new workout program!! I actually can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks already, like what???? •
Time flies when you’re having fun 💪🏼 •

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As promised here is the DELICIOUS banana pancake recipe that I use all the time!

Banana pancakes 🥞

1/2 a banana 🍌
1 egg 🥚
1/3 cup of oats 🌾
Cinnamon to taste

Because I know I’m not the only one who hates cleaning up messes, I make this super simple. I normally grind up a few cups of oats in advance and just use what I need and put the rest away! So I just mash the banana, oats, and egg together with a fork really good and cook it until golden 🙌🏼

And peanut butter is my shit so I drizzle that on top to make it that much better 😜

“I was standing behind my car when another car backed into me, crushing me at the knees. It has been a long road back but with JNL Fusion, I feel like I'm back on track to getting to where I need to be. I've done a lot of sports including collegiate Track, Cross Country and Waterpolo. I honestly think that workouts of the JNL Fusion program are as hard as any workouts I've ever done. And at 44 years of age, I'm just happy I can keep up. I'm starting to see parts of my body that I forgot existed.” — Chris

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