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Love that our sisters are running to help fight breast cancer! 💕#triathELON #CollegesAgainstCancer

Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to have been a leader for Colleges Against Cancer and the amazing support from family, friends, and classmates for our event. I'm so grateful to have worked with my fellow board members and club members to host an event that raised over $9,000 to go towards cancer research. Thank you to everyone who donated, attended, or sent their support to us 💜 #RelayForLife #CollegesAgainstCancer #StBaldricks

Trick or treating for spare change where all proceeds will go to American Cancer Society and thank you to all who gave! Everything helps and we are grateful and appreciative! #Hope #Strong #CollegesAgainstCancer #Iowa

The Dutchmen Dip is Sunday! Help students raise money for those in our community battling cancer! The link to give is on our Facebook page. #collegesagainstcancer #unioncollege #nottshot

✨shining in the glow of our trophy✨
Heyo Instagram! We're back and posting and would like to thank our fans for awarding us with this! #collegesagainstcancer
Also: stay tuned for some announcements over the next few weeks about our annual Winter concert! Can't wait to sing you some groovy tunes!!

The most dysfunctional blanket making group #collegesagainstcancer #golisanochildrenshospital #sorryifweruinedolaf

I relay to find a cure🎀 #collegesagainstcancer

We found our [AND] with CAC 💛💙 #uwechomecoming2016 #collegesagainstcancer 💜💪🏻


Want to meet your @cacsav team, dunk @conhagan or float on a giant duck?! If so, come join us at the SCAD Pool and pick up one of these frisbees!
#scadcac #cac #collegesagainstcancer #coolatthepool #scad #scadsavannah

We're skipping with joy over the difference that YOU all made! Thank you to everyone that came to Carnival for the Cure and contributed to the fight against cancer. All of the proceeds will be going to the American Cancer Society! We can't thank you all enough (:
#carnivalforthecure #collegesagainstcancer #findthepurpleperson

Relay For Life 💜
A bitter sweet moment! This is my 8th Relay and it will definitely not be my last! As I graduate this June I will never forget how wonderful Colleges Against Cancer is in the community! Also, I could have not done it without my partner in crime, best friend and roommate for always being there and working on things together through being Vice Presidents together to being Logistics Officers! #UCLA #RelayForLife #relayforlife2017 #CollegesAgainstCancer #RFL #AmericanCancerSociety #Celebrate #Remember #FightBack #LosAngeles #California #Hope ##Cure


This is Rachel, our People Lead on the Executive Team!

Here is her relay story and why she loves being part of ELT: "I started my first Relay team in 2011 in honor of my mother's battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I walked with family and friends, all wearing pink camouflage bandanas in support of my mom. Working with Colleges Against Cancer at UC Davis, I have learned what a positive attitude and a supportive community do for someone facing a cancer diagnosis. I'm honored to be a part of such an inspiring organization!

Fun Fact: One of my best friends Hayleigh Harrison has been an unofficial volunteer with Colleges Against Cancer for the last 5 years. She's an incredible addition to our team and I don't know what I'd do without her support. If you're at the event, be sure to stop by Registration and say hello and thank you to her! "

#ELTspotlights #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #CollegesAgainstCancer


This is Alex, who is responsible for Communication with Community Organizations!

This is her story about why she relays: "I have been relaying since I was the age of 9. I relay because I have unfortunately had many people in my family become diagnosed with various forms of cancer. I joined ELT because I wanted to get involved in something that I am truly passionate about. I am so happy that I have found such a good group of people to work with and who are just as passionate about Relay for Life. I am looking forward to going to my first Davis Relay!
Fun fact: I have played the piano since I was five years old!" --- Register for Relay For Life today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!
#ELTspotlights #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #CollegesAgainstCancer


This is Mahdis, our Recruitment Lead! She's done such a great job this year trying to reach out to as many campus organizations as possible to invite to relay!

What's just as amazing as the job she's done, is that she has been relaying for 10 years... and still counting! --- Start your record today, register for Relay For Life today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!
#ELTspotlights #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #CollegesAgainstCancer

4 DAYS UNTIL RELAY! The weather is definitely getting warmer and what better way to cool down than a huge SLIP N' SLIDE? We'll you're in luck because we'll be having one all afternoon during relay! So bring an extra pair of clothes, maybe a towel, but most importantly don't forget to register to participate at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!
#CountdownToRelay #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #RelayForLife #CollegesAgainstCancer


This is Nicole, one of our Team Captain Coordinators! Here's a little reminder that if you have not yet emailed her your ONSITE FUNDRAISER, please do so as soon as possible! If you could not attend the meeting and need/would like specific campsite, also let her know!

Here's a bit about her journey with Relay, being on ELT and little sneak peak about what she's excited for at our event: "I've been relaying for 4 years now! I love this cause and although I do not have a personal reason to relay, I've seen how impactful this event is, no matter if you've had direct experience with cancer or not. I think Relay For Life is the best way to bring awareness to the prevalence of cancer and actually do something about it! It's an amazing event and I'm really looking forward to the Luminaria ceremony, as always (especially those bagpipes that we're going to have!) Luminaria is always so special and meaningful. It perfectly captures the reason why we're all there, fighting for this cause! I joined ELT to continue striving towards a world where cancer doesn't exist. I don't want to be complacent in this ongoing battle, and ELT is a really great way to get involved with Relay and ACS.
Fun Fact: I really love ice cream!"
Register for Relay For Life today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!
#ELTspotlights #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #CollegesAgainstCancer

WE'RE 5 DAYS AWAY! Here's a list of all of the themed-laps we'll be having throughout relay:
Team Lap - send one representative from your team to walk to track!
3-Legged Lap
Bubble Lap - everyone blows bubbles while walking the lap!
Piggy Back Lap
Disney Lap
Potato Sack Lap
Power of Purple Lap - fill the track with the color of relay!
Backwards Lap
Aggie Lap - show of your Aggie Pride, reppin' blue and gold!
Spirit of Relay Lap - make some noise, we wanna be heard everywhere in Davis!

Get your materials ready! Who wouldn't want to be part of all this fun? Register for Relay today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!

#CountdownToRelay #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis #RFLatUCD17 #RelayForLife #CollegesAgainstCancer


This is Elisse, one of our Survivorship Chairs!

Here's why she joined ELT: "This is my first time joining to relay. I joined ELT to be a part of something for a great cause and help spread awareness of cancer to those in the community and around me and get them involved in Relay." --- Register for Relay For Life today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!
#ELTspotlights #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #CollegesAgainstCancer


This is Diana, our Fundraising Lead! She's responsible for all of the great food fundraisers we've had this year! (Stay tuned for one coming up soon.) Here's a bit of her story about why she relays: "I have been relaying since the year I moved to the U.S! I relay for all those who have been or are currently being affected by cancer in any shape or form, I relay for the advancement of cancer research, and I relay for the end to this devastating disease that continues to steal happiness and destroy lives." --- Register for Relay For Life today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!
#ELTspotlights #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #CollegesAgainstCancer

WE'RE JUST 6 DAYS AWAY! Our goal for this year’s Relay For Life is to raise $50,000 and we really need your help to meet this challenge. Our challenge is nothing in comparison to the challenge that so many children and adults have to face 24 hours a day once diagnosed with cancer. YOU have the opportunity to get involved in honor or in memory of someone you love who has been affected by the disease that takes too much without giving anything in return. Join us in this fight, register today at relayforlife.org/ucdavisca!

#CountdownToRelay #RelayForLifeAtUCDavis2017 #RFLatUCD17 #CollegesAgainstCancer

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