"You just wanna take advantage on artist like us"

This statement make me wanna poop

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It's so hard to get kids to do their homework anymore ... this one still needs to dress up. 🤣#collegekidsbelike #iwannaride

This group plays no games 😂.... #collegekidsbelike

“In June it’ll be seven years since I graduated high school. My college experience was a little rough it took me a long while before I actually got on track. I started out at CSUN and after my first year was stomped out and had to go to community college. I was having a difficult time getting used to college. After a conversation with my mom and seeing how disappointed she was with me I decided it was time to buckle down and get my shit together. When I finally graduated with my AA in 2016, I know I could handle CSULA. Almost two years late and i’m practically at the finish line. Though I was hoping to graduate this semester, I realized that it didn’t matter how long it took me to graduate as long as I finished. My mom looks at me with so much happiness knowing that her baby girl is finally getting that degree. All I ever wanted was to make her proud.” (Amber, 24, Inglewood) #CSULA #HumansOfCalStateLA #GoldenEagles

“When I first came to CSULA I was a nursing major and it was a lot of work and I came from a 2.6 gpa and psyched myself out then I decided to switch to Communications and it was 3-4 years of me struggling to find my place and find an interest of what I wanna do. Now I have an intellectual curiosity for Biology and how things work and I plan to major in that after college which will take about 10 years. I think I take anything on to prove that I can do it all. Again I was at a 2.6 and now I have over a 3.0 and I feel like I took that first step to prove my ability to take on life. Oh and I love cooking, gardening and by the age of 45 I plan on owning my own restaurant called “Ant Farm” which is a restaurant / produce store. If y’all see me in the future hold me accountable.” (Arlyssa, 21, Palmdale) #CSULA #HumansOfCalStateLa #GoldenEagles

“I’ve been teaching in the Cal State LA Communications Department since 2015. I love my students and as an “anchor baby,” former ESL student and first-generation college student, I identify with them in a very personal way. I hope that any student who has stepped foot in my classroom knows that I believe in you. The fact you made it to my classroom despite it taking many years of schooling, despite going to school while working full-time, despite having immense family responsibilities, is a testament to your GRIT and your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. Always remember this.” (Professor Arlene Todd, CSULA) #CSULA #HumansOfCalStateLA #GoldenEagles

“I come from a house of 3 siblings, 2 parents & 1 cat. We are constantly yelling in my house, no not arguing, that’s just the way we talk to each other. Although we are all loud, my parents say I’m the loudest and you can hear me from a mile away. I can’t help it. On the plus side if anyone tries to kidnap/kill me, y’all will know.” (Alyssa, 22, Eastvale) #CSULA #HumansOfCalStateLa #GoldenEagles

USUSA: Vinok (flower crown) Workshop! Tonight, 6:30-9:30, STM Student Lounge.
Tickets $20 for students, $35 for adults; includes a glass of wine for those 19+ and appetizers! No experience is required, and we'll bring all the materials.

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“As the College of Arts & Letters Representative my main goal is to alleviate students' educational stress. That's why I'm working towards a policy that would help students who are not able to register for classes on time due to financial issues. Before I graduate this spring, I hope we would have this policy in place.” (Selene, Castillo, 22, Tijuana) #CSULA #HumansOfCalStateLa #GoldenEagles

March 23 and 24!
All if Newman Sounds Glee Club's greatest hits and show-stopping favourites! Two shows only in STM 140 (Father O'Donnell Auditorium). Come and listen to a night of feel-good, high energy pop, rock, and Broadway favourites.
Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults. Tickets can be purchased at the door, in the Arts Tunnel until March 22, or online at www.stmcollege.ca/store/events.
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Some donuts in the cafeteria that look like they've been licked and put back.
Of course I still took one. Tf you think I am? #collegekidsbelike #college #collegelife #brokelife #studying #finals #finalsweek #cripplingdebt

“I'm wearing my grandma's sweater. We have this thing where we wear each other's clothes. It's pretty cool, I've actually received compliments on the blouses I've worn from her so she's definitely got style. She's the best. Even though we don't speak the same language we still manage to communicate how much we love each other. I'm the only grandchild in college so she's very proud of me. Everyone teases I'm the favorite and I lowkey agree. I can't wait for her to see me graduate!” (Candy, 23, South Pasadena) #CSULA #HumansOfCalStateLa #GoldenEagles

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