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@sweeneyta -- In response to your comment that Bettie looks more like me than Sarah... It might be because Bettie and Sarah are ESSENTIALLY twins -- only born 6 years apart ❤️My BEAUTIFUL babies


#twinsies #sisters #collegegraduation2017 #usao #beautifulbabies #momof20somethings #momofteens #momofdaughters #chickashaoklahoma #oklahoma

1 of my fav memories & the 1st step to becoming a Medical Doctor.
#collegegraduation2017 #PreMed #FutureCardiologist 🙏🏽

This was a thing, a thing I did, and now that thing is over. #collegegraduation2017

Transformation Thursday . Normally I post pictures of either a year ago or two years ago for my before transformation but today I want to show what only a couple months difference is and what only a couple weeks difference is. The first picture as you can probably tell is my college graduation this past June. The rest are all within 2 weeks. The pictures of me now are for the most part Tuesday night and Monday. Transformations are always something that I look back on. In the past it was always why couldn’t I have done better, why I couldn’t I have done this. Why didn’t I try hard enough to make it or focus harder. Today I am showing you the dedication that has gone through just over a couple months since I graduated. As well as how much I have changed just over a couple weeks. I have been doing mainly one program lately that focuses on core work. My college graduation I had done 2 I was coming up to finishing number 3. I was dedicated and committed to my fitness journey but I didn’t know how long I was going to stick it out or how much fun I would have. Even after getting killed by virtual trainers everyday. Even with yesterday doing day one of a little obsessed and having autumn kill me I normally would have given up and said this is way to hard im never going to be able to finish this week let alone 80 days come January. Yes I do know that in a couple of the pictures I don’t look impressed or I look tired. No it wasn’t on purpose that it came out like that it was by total accident. #transformationthursday #alittleobsessed #coredeforce #coredeforceresults #fitnessjourney #fitnesstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitnesslifestyle #homeworkouts #basementworkouts #collegegraduation2017 #senecacollege #oldnavyactive #addidas #runtimeandtanlines #smallersizes #coreworkout #fitnessandfaith #weightlossblogger #weightlossdiary #fitnessdiary #christinalouisefitness

Congratulations Eve! #collegegraduation2017

#WCW is my GRANDMA !!! My grandma went above and beyond to make sure my party was everything I wanted and more !! I love you so much Linda Marie !! Been my g4l ! I always told you I was going to be the one to take care of you, & I MEAN THAT !! Thank you so much for raising my mother into the woman she is , so she could raise me into the woman I am! Love you 😘❤️ #KindergardenGraduation2001 #CollegeGraduation2017

So very proud of these sisters for graduating college! #collegegraduation2017

YAY!!!!! Callie FINALLY graduated!!! Took about 80yrs, but she FINALLY did it!!!! I’m kinda proud of u I guess!! @syoislife @ai_dallas #collegegraduation2017

Hats off to Middle Georgia State University, tomorrow is the big day. College graduation. BA in history. A great institution that always supported me with my history and photography endeavors. Also, thanks to the history department who has not only prepared me for tomorrow, but also for graduate studies. One down, two to go. #historymajor #collegegraduation2017

Bam your so much more than just my brother in law!! We just share a different life long bond but Like dude u did it!! 🤘 I'm so proud of you!! Now this chapter is complete, time to keep on writing your story bam! I'm so glad one of us finally did it!! You hold the cake on that one kiddo 💯 I'm sorry we couldn't make it and I wish we were there to celebrate with you! Just know we owe ya one next time ( I PROBABLY REGRET SAYING THAT BUT OH WELL💁!! ) We love you we are proud of you keep shooting for the stars, keep ya head straight and go!! #yesistoleyourpicture #yourwelcome #family
#bam #storm #grip #mybrotherinlaw #collegegraduation2017 #bestsisterinlawever🤘

Any special event flowers can be preserved including a college graduation bouquet. Surprise Katie Ciardello!!! 🌺😘🎓. #flowerpresevation #collegegraduation2017

All set for our very first graduation and prize day job...we are so excited about this particular project... #graduation #minna #collegegraduation2017 #graduation2017

Фуууууууух!!! 😌💪🙌 Самое страшное позади! Осталось только получить диплом 📙🎓 . Огромное спасибо самой лучшей и заботливой маме на свете @sv_sindeeva за фото и поддержку 😘.
Defense of the diploma 🎓📙.
#защитадиплома #выпускбт2017 #техникум #балашихинскийтехникум #техник_технолог_общепита #учеба #балашиха #defenseofthediploma #collegegraduation2017 #balashikha #balashikhinskycollege #study #technician_of_the_technologist_of_public_catering

"How does this look?"
"That's the point." After an incredible four years, I'm ready for what's next.
University of Maryland Class of 2017❤️💛

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