my elementary school bestie👭asked me to take her grad photos 🎓🎓 & of course i said heck yes! i loved being back in my hometown 💕🏝✈️

I graduated, mother truckers!! Now I can finally cross it off the list✅
Now what??
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College taught me more life skills I feel like than actually receiving an education. Yes, my knowledge was LITERALLY tested in many of my classes but a lot of what I learned, I barely even remember. However, some of them taught me how to critically think and problem solve. I began to notice how my critical thinking can be applied in more ways than one. I learned time management but also how to write a 6 page paper in 2 hours 🙃 It taught me to look at the big picture and less at what I’m dealing with in the moment because better days will come. College helped me grow as a person. When I first left to school I was a completely different person than I am today. I was very timid and always thought less of myself. It taught me confidence as well as patience. I learned that I can’t just wake up and go take a test without studying. Now don’t get me wrong.... there were MANY times I did that and got lucky. I’ve learned to take the punches and roll with them. I am who I am because I put myself in a position to reach for more. I may give up for a moment in time but my come back is even stronger. So now as I sit back and await my graduation, I am so grateful that I had the support of my loved ones who pushed me when I didn’t want to push myself. I reflect on the pain I dealt with that prepared me for greater joy. I am educated. I am determined. I am capable. I am READY. •

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Five months and oh so many changes!⠀

Five months ago me, was a totally different person than current me.⠀

I was lonely, out of shape, lost, just to name a few. I wasn’t sure where I belonged or what I wanted to do in life. I guess you could call it a quarter life crisis 😂. But then one day, I saw all these fitness girls popping up all over my Instagram. It got me wondering, maybe that could be me? They all seemed so fun, they were happy as can be and as a bonus they were in great shape.⠀

But I wasn’t sold yet, I waited. I had so many doubts. I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I would succeed. I didn’t think I was like those girls. And mainly I feared what my friends would think.⠀

Then one day, I said whatever let’s try this. What’s the worst that could happen? I try it out for a month and then say no thanks, this is it for me? Not a big deal. But I knew I would never know if I didn’t at least give it a try. Didn’t at least give it a chance, I had nothing to lose. So that’s what I did. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I took that leap. I made the decision to try and change my life. And now look at me! I am five months in and have clearly fallen in love with it more than I could ever imagine!⠀

I am not special, I didn’t get lucky, I just work my butt off because I know the potential and what my future life will look like.⠀

So I am here to ask you… do you want to create a better life for you? For your family? For your future? I know you have the potential to step out of your comfort zone and take that leap and I promise you it will lead you to amazing things.⠀

See you on the flipside gf. 👏🏼

Capturing your very best!

Graduation 🎓

Flash back Friday. It feels like just yesterday we were still in college and now we have big people jobs and a house! .
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Beasley Gallery coordinator @christopherkanetaylor looks like he can fly here, but his real superpower is putting the final touches on the fall BFA show, which opens tonight (Friday 11/16)! Stop by the second floor of the Fine Arts building from 5-7 pm to see powerful #artwork by #graduating #art majors.


“Don’t Text her man you are way too wasted” @gymtatts
Tag a bro who can relate 🐐

Graduation Day! 🎓 Officially graduated from College with my HND in 3D Computer Animation today! Let’s hope I make it to graduating at Abertay😂 #nclgrad #collegegraduation #graduation

That feeling when it's the end of the week and all you have the energy to do is watch the clock until it's time to call it a day.

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