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soaking in the last few nights of summer. 😌

I am literally on a roller coaster ride that just goes up and down and never stops or reaches its destination. That’s what my fitness journey has felt like, and I’m sure most of you have felt the same! Today i decided to be vulnerable with you guys and share my current physique in my stories. Not for attention or likes but to share my journey every step of the way. I literally (⬅️ I say literally a lot lol) know what i should be doing to reach my goals, i know what my diet should look like, i know how many calories i should be eating and the amount of macros/micros of each, I know how i should train, how often i should train. But yet here i am in a constant state of ups and downs. I’m human and all though i have multiple certifications in both nutrition and personal training I’m going to make mistakes along the way just like everyone else. It’s not about the downs, just the continuous ups that keep you going!
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Today was such a bittersweet day filled of SOOO many different emotions. *
For the last 7 weeks I’ve been a camp counsellor and today marked the final day of camp for the summer. *
I thought I would be excited to have two weeks off and just relax. But I’m actually really sad. It was so hard to say goodbye to my little campers!
I may or may have not shed a few years but I never thought how hard it would be, to say goodbye to my little ones. *
Some of them I spent the full summer with so today’s goodbyes were hard for me. *
I never reazlied how much these campers really impacted my life this summer. They changed me in so many different ways. *
They brought out the soft and silly side of me. They reminded me that sometimes it’s okay to have fun and be silly and just enjoy life. *
They taught me how to be brave and to face my fears. That if I can lead 40 campers then I can do anything in this world. 💕
Most importantly they’ve taught me how to dream BIGGER, that I didn’t think that it was possible. *
This one is for all my little campers, thank you for an amazing summer filled of so many different emotions. I wouldn’t have changed how this summer went 💞✨

Alllllll the fesh veggies from our garden 🥒🍅 I made another salmon salad🥗 with fresh lettuce, cucumber, and salsa 💃🏻

80% of these 6 super spices are in Muma's Jamacian Veggie Jerk Burgers! Plus we have 13 more spices in our jerk recipie passed down from our Grandma in Jamacia 🌴🌴🌴

Booty werk on a Friday! And I am proud to announce that I am now an ambassador for @officialbetterbodies I decided to take this opportunity because Better Bodies aligns with some beliefs I have like giving back to the community. So excited for this and can't wait to get more clothes/accessories from this wonderful company! Get your stuff too and you won't regret it 💁🏼‍♀️❤️
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If you’re going to give me 💩 about putting mustard on everything, read the sign 🤓

happy friday friends! apologies for nothing new today, my mental health has been nowhere near 100% lately due to a number of things. i took a few days to myself to go see my mama before she leaves for india for a few months which always does a lot of good for me. i’ll be back in cbus tomorrow ready to give ya some fab workouts in a much better headspace so until then here is a picture from a good day a few weeks back to remind myself (and you!) that better days are comin’ and that slumps never last 🌟

Was meaning to post this yesterday but I was busy with the packer game. Also this is to show that after having tacos the next day I bloated and lost my abs for the most part, which is okay. I will be doing a mini cut in a couple of weeks I'm thinking but not for sure when 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Still grinding and smiling.

best part about at home workouts? Being able to do them in your pajamas 🤟🏽

Every day there is a point where I’ve reached my socialising quota before I start shutting down and becoming a robot. Give me a great book, hot tea and my dog any day! #charmed #introvertproblems #introvert #social #quiettimes

This morning I got the chance to tour the Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh and guys....it's beautiful. The workers were absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to raise even more money then we did last year!

Ps, yes I ate a cupcake, no I didn't eat both, yes I'm making it fit into my meal plan, no I don't feel guilty, no I will not restart my program, yes I still feel like a MF badass.

No, this isn't a picture straight from a fairy tale.🧚🏰 It's the gorgeous campus of Our Lady of the Lake University located in San Antonio, Texas. With only 1,300 undergrad students, this quaint and quiet university offers super-small class sizes and incorporates community service into all academic programs.👨‍🏫 If you love living in urban environments, being a part of your community, and strolling around picturesque campuses then #OLLU might be the perfect fit for you. Want to schedule a visit to see this incredible campus yourself? Hit the link in our bio now.

Sometimes all the signs can be pointing in one direction and yet we still choose to continue moving in the direction we know we shouldn’t be.
Why? Because it’s comfortable. It’s routine. It’s predictable.
But just because it’s all of the above, doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for us.
We stick to things we know we really shouldn’t, because at some point in time they did help us.
They helped us get through something difficult, something that cause more stress and anxiety than knowing that what we were doing to cope wasn’t the bet option.
They brought a sense of security, maybe even instant gratification.
And in those moments, we felt okay.
Until we weren’t.
And the cycle continues.
Whether these “things” are thoughts, actions, behaviors, goals, etc. if even just a slight part of you feels some form of guilt, listen.
Your gut is ALWAYS right.
Too many times I’ve said, I should have trusted my gut.
That uneasy feeling? It’s telling you something!
If you’re not moving in the direction you want to be, or you feel stuck, look at the actions you take every day and the mindset you carry with you.
Take a look inside yourself.
Are you practicing what you preach?
Are you doing everything you can to achieve your goals and to be the best you?
Or are you trying to beat around the bush and take shortcuts to get there?
NEWSFLASH: there’s no easy way out.
The things we want the most will take the most effort and change to get them.
CHANGE IS A CHALLENGE. But it’s worth it in the end.
I’d be lying if I said it’d be easy, but this is where you have to ask yourself: is your want for the end result greater than the instant gratification you get from what’s holding you back?
And if it is, you’ll be willing to take those risks and get uncomfortable.
#timetogetuncomfortable #mindovermatter #challengeforchange

Happy Happy Thursday everyone! 2 days till I leave for Spain. I don’t get how time flew so fast 😰. How is half of August already over? I remember when I first got to Spain I was so run down. I felt so down and off. I had no excitement, joy or happiness. Fast forward to 16 days later and I am completely different. I have goals, I have things I’m looking forward to, I have excitement and joy 🤗. Life is like a wave. There are ups and downs and when we are up we feel like we rule the world and we are unstoppable. But when we get in that down, we feel like we will never get up again. It’s crazy how the way we feel about ourselves can be dictated by the things we can’t control around us 🌍. That’s the cool thing about life though. You can’t go any further down than rock bottom so there is some comfort in that right?!? Yes there are downs, but when you least expect it, you go up again, even stronger than the last time you were on the up 💪🏼. Make sure you take advantage of all of it 🌊.
💪🏼 @projectbyld code: ADRIANA
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rest day vibes got me thinking about allll the wine. 🤣🍷

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