Today was the last Semifinals College Championship game on @jeopardy Contestants included Alli from WPI, Rishab from Georgia Tech, and Dhruv from Brown. Dhruv found the first Daily Double right away and won $1,000 on a True DD. Alli managed to get the lead though and held it for the remainder of the round. By Double Jeopardy, Dhruv was back on top after finding and winning the second Daily Double. But a series of missed clues caused him to drop back down. Alli swept a category about the Golden Globe Awards and took back the lead. Rishab scraped enough points in the first half of the round to get closer to his two opponents, then won a True Daily Double on the last DD vaulting him into second place. But by the end of Double Jeopardy, Dhuv scored enough points to retake second. All three contestants were within reach of each other with Alli maintaining her lead throughout the round. Final Jeopardy was about The Latin Vulgate Bible. Only Dhruv was correct with his translation of, “Way, Truth, Light.” He added $6,600 to his score, and will advance on to the finals. Tomorrow begins the first Finals game of the College Championship and I’m excited to share the discussion with you.

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On today’s @jeopardy three Semifinalists competed for a spot in the College Championship finals. They were Eric from Dartmouth, Hannah from UCF, and Thatcher from Oklahoma. Thatcher was on a roll in the beginning of the first round. He found the first Daily Double right away but lost everything trying to double up. He rebuilt his base soon after. Hannah stepped up in the final moments of the first round. By the end of round one, all three contestants were within reach of each other. Hannah finds the second Daily Double early on in Double Jeopardy in a category about Art. She wins and has the lead briefly before Thatcher takes over. Thatcher rides the momentum into finding the final Daily Double in a category about Historical Geography. This time he wins and gains an $11,000 lead. Shortly after Hannah and Eric slow Thatcher’s momentum. Hannah retakes the lead in a category called “Deep Lyrics” where contestants have to identify the artist behind the lyrics presented. This gave us the opportunity to see Trebek recite his versions of the latest pop songs and top music hits and I highly recommend finding a video clip of this if I can’t find one for you. It will be well worth your time. Thatcher closed in on Hannah before the round ended but bot quite enough to overtake her lead. Eric also caught up in the final moments of the round. Trebek took the time to congratulate the contestants for playing so quickly and not missing very many clues this game. Final Jeopardy was about Russian Culture. All three contestants got the correct response but only one can move on to the finals. Eric doubled his score but still remained in third. Thatcher doubled his score as well but Hannah had enough if a lead to beat him by only $1. She will move on to the finals at the end of this week. FJ’s response, What is The Nutcracker?” Tomorrow is the last Semifinals game and we’ll see who Hannah and William will face off against.
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Today’s @jeopardy Is the first Semifinal of the College Championship. Our match up today were contestants Rebecca from Swarthmore, William from Tufts, and Jordan from Columbia. William found the first Daily Double early on in the game and won on a True DD, doubling his score, vaulting him into the lead. By the end of the first round he had nearly doubled that score. Rebecca caught up fast at the start of Double Jeopardy but it was Jordan who found the second Daily Double. She risked $1,200 and won in a category about men named “Dean.” However she was still in third place and remained there for the rest of the game due to Rebecca’s and William’s competitiveness. Rebecca found the last Daily Double and won $8,000 for a slight lead over William. Some missteps towards the end of the round dropped her back below William, putting him in first right before Final Jeopardy. Final was about Greek Mythology. All three contestants were correct on Final Jeopardy’s easy answer, “Who is Achilles?” Rebecca risked ALL of her money but William had slightly more than her to win by a dollar. The freshman from Tufts will advance to the Finals.
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Today was the last Quarterfinals competition for the @jeopardy College Championship. Contestants were Eric from Dartmouth, Alli from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Patricia from Penn. They all kept an even pace with each other throughout the first round. Eric found the first Daily Double but was wrong and ended up losing all his money. Alli moved into first place and she and Patricia made it difficult for Eric to build back up. It was not until a Double Jeopardy category about the year 2008 that Eric regained his ground. He quickly moved into second after finishing this category. He then found and won the second Daily Double in a category about film quotes and continued the momentum to finish that category as well. Alli kept up with his progress but Patricia had a tough time scoring points this round. She found the last Daily Double but lost, dropping to a distant third. Final Jeopardy was about U.S. Place Names. Patricia is laughing in her photo because Alex cracked wise about her incorrect answer. She wagered it all and lost, ending up in third. Only Alli was correct and she finished in first to qualify for next week’s Semifinals. Eric made a small wager on an incorrect answer which saved him a wildcard spot in the Semifinals as well. The Final Jeopardy response was, “What is Maryland?” Check in Monday for a recap of the first Semifinal game in the College Championship.
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WPI sophomore moving on to the semi finals after her win tonight!
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Alli Ross '20 will be competing on @Jeopardy TONIGHT—"'Good Luck Messages' for $200, Alex." http://wpi.today/jeopardy-alli-ross #DailyHerd #jeopardy #whourootingfor #collegechampionship

Congratulations Eric Thorpe ‘18 wild card qualifier for next weeks Jeopardy College Championship #jeopardy #collegechampionship Next match Tuesday #whourootingfor

Alli Ross '20 will be competing on @Jeopardy TONIGHT—"'Good Luck Messages' for $200, Alex." http://wpi.today/jeopardy-alli-ross #DailyHerd #jeopardy #whourootingfor #collegechampionship

We found out today’s winner on @jeopardy pretty early into the game but it was still a fun watch. Let’s recap episode four of the College Championship. Round one saw Harry from University of Chicago get deeper and deeper into the negative side. Even finding the first Daily Double could not get him out. Carsen from Vanderbilt kept winning points, then losing points in what must have been a frustrating back and forth for her. Only Rebecca from Swarthmore made progress. By the start of Double Jeopardy, she found the second Daily Double right sway then nearly swept a category on Broadway Musicals for the lead. Carsen gained some momentum scoring high and mid-range points throughout the board but Rebecca was so competitive that she was able to maintain her lead. She had a runaway game even before she found and won the last Daily Double in a category about the “The Arabian Nights.” Harry managed to climb out of the hole before the end of the round. Going into Final Jeopardy it was Rebecca at $23,000, Carsen at $6,200, and Harry at $600. Final was about Landmarks. Only Rebecca answered correctly with “What is The Louvre?” She wagered no money, having guaranteed herself a spot in the semifinals before the end of Double Jeopardy. Carsen was wrong and wagered too much to come back as a wild card. She ended up in second. Hardy was also wrong and ended up in third. Join me tomorrow for the last semifinals game in the College Championship.
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Day three of @jeopardy College Championship. Contestants are Caroline from Furman, William from Tufts, and Rishab from Geoorgia Tech. Caroline got the ball rolling in Round One but it was William who found the first Daily Double. Unfortunately he lost it all trying to make it a True DD. He built up enough throughout the round to make it back but then blurted out an answer that had already been said on a category about TV Networks. Jeopardy doesn’t double dip, Will! Caroline ended Round One in first with Rishab in second and Will in third. Early into Double Jeopardy, William surpassed Rishab to take first with a correct Daily Double about social classes and then finished the category and took the lead. Rishab made it back into second late into DJ and then won $2,000 on the last Daily Double to get himself within reach of William’s lead. All three contestants were well positioned to overt take one another going into Final Jeopardy. FJ’s category was called “Exploration Name’s the Same.” Caroline finished in third after giving out the wrong response. Rishab and William were both correct but William did not wager enough to cover Rishab’s big win. Risab ended in third and guaranteed himself a spot in next week’s semifinals. We’ll be watching tomorrow’s results closely to see if William will end up a wild card for the semifinals but it seems likely. Final Jeopardy’s response was, “What is Challenger?”
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Today’s @jeopardy is the second College Championship game. Contestants were Jordan from Columbia, Dhruv from Brown, and Thatcher from the University of Oklahoma. We got off to a strong start with contestants giving rapid-fire responses at the start of the game. Dhruv broke from the pack by the first commercial break, then won the first Daily Double on a category on Hamlet. By Double Jeopardy, Dhruv already had $10,400 compared to Thatcher who was in second with only $3,600 and Jordan with $2,200. Dhruv continued his momentum throughout the second round where he found and won both of the remaining Daily Doubles. Unsurprisingly he made the game a runaway by Final Jeopardy. Dhruv had $22,800. Thatcher worked his way up but could not come close, stopping at $10,800. Jordan finished Double Jeopardy with $6,200. Final Jeopardy was about U.S, Cabinet Departments. The fight then was between Jordan and Thatcher for a wild card spot in next week’s Championship semifinals. All three contestants were correct with their responses. Dhruv played it safe with a $512 wager and ensured himself a spot in the semifinals. Thatcher nearly doubled his score and is a likely qualifier for a wild card spot with $21,599. Jordan also wagered big, nearly doubling her score to $12,399 but it is likely other runner-up contestants will edge her out of a wild card position. Final Jeopardy’s answer was “What is the Department of Energy?” Trebek seems to have fun pointing out clues that are before these young contestants’ time.
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