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Pizza on my mind, my mind on pizza. This is how I picture the island of Sicily 🍕CHEESUS CHRIST ITS JASON BOURNE
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@amuseme.tv my gawwwd 😍

5 years into my recovery and YES I still fear a lot of different foods. So was I afraid to eat this donut? Did I feel guilty? Did I feel like I didn't deserve it? Did I feel like I needed to eat "clean" the rest of the day? Yes, yes, yes and YES!
⚠️But I KNEW those were all irrational and DUMB questions. ⚠️ And in order to shut up the irrational thoughts, I chose to sit down and eat the donut and enjoy it. 👊
Because In order to conquer your fears you HAVE TO FIGHT THEM.
Besides...memories with my baby sis are worth more than worrying about how many calories are in a donut anyways. ✌️💕🍩

She just wants to get 'boned'.

#neverforget when Kyrie rolled his ankle but after went off👀🔥
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Attention college baseball coaches I'm looking for opportunities for this infielder with very good abilities to play middle infield if anybody is interested let me know @ 786-303-1180 COACH ANDRES Thank You @thebaseballfundamentals @13lrod #college #opportunities #Baseball


Our High School girls had a great day getting outside todo some fitness work. #college #highschool #performing #arts

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專業放肆專家與I&I世界派對及 Nice up Di Dance一起合作!這次,我們將在竹南沙灘旁的衝浪俱樂部。帶給大家不一樣的派對體驗。
炎炎夏日,準備隨著來自拉丁美洲、非洲及台灣的音樂熱浪起舞了嗎?不只要讓你狂舞,我們還準備了超酷的夏日活動!有風箏衝浪、滑長板、滑板競技場及自行車場 等等,讓你腎上腺素飆個不停!帶上自己的傢伙,還能免費的在海灘露營!

活動當天由三組樂團及五位DJ輪番上陣,將以嘻哈、雷鬼、放課、非洲舞曲、搖滾、神遊舞曲 來挑動你的神經。
公關特別票:500 含三杯飲料!一般票價:500含一杯飲料。付款後要跟我們確認喔!
Get Wild Professionals collaborating with I&I World Parties along with Nice Up The Dance, together we bring you a whole new summertime memory!
Are you ready to groove with the hottest mixes from Latin America, Africa, and Taiwan? Not only are we going to get you dancing, we are also going to bring your heart pumping like crazy.
We prepared Kite surfing, Long board skateboarding, skateboard arena, biking trail and stand up paddle boat for your adrenaline thirst!
We also offer free camping on the beach! Bring your own equipment!
On the day, we got 5 DJs and 3 bands giving you the perfect party vibe along with these genres: Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, Afro, Rock, Trip - Hop.

Live Band Line up Dread Rider, MAS1A, 白悟空 Dr. Reniculous Lipz & The Skallyunz, The ShapeMaster

DJ Line up: DJ BJ (Beshley Jean) and DJ Edify (Edward Guerrero)

This MUSIC FESTIVAL will contribute profit to troubled teens. The program provides water sports activities to participating these teens.

New Wave Music festival also features plenty of delicious food from different cultures to feed our party animals up!
Want to explore our bike trial? or Stand-up paddle boat? These are available for rent at the party venue!
Come on out to enjoy the beach, food and live music on 8/12 with GetWildProfessionals, I & I World Parties and Nice Up Di Dance!

Promoter special: 500 with three drinks included. Regular offer: 500ntd with 1 drink included. Remember to message me or email us to confirm your payment. ;) Get your tickets here: https://getwildprofessionals.kktix.cc/events/newwavemusicfestival2017-fa5fa8-17f131-172e8f-fe7160
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Your College Football Countdown Fly Well My Friends #skyeyeimages #drones #college #football #charleston #hickory #aerial

You've got kids in college or going to college? Today's #tipstuesday is all about thinking outside the box when it comes to help finding your kids college tuition and in some cases saving some money for those paying out of state tuition with real estate investing. When I first started in real estate I worked for a company that specialized in real estate investing. Having learned a great deal about real investing- I have some hindsight revelation as to what I would have done with that knowledge had I known when I was attending University. Check it out on the blog! (link In profile) #columbiasc #homesforsale #realtor #listingsforsale #college #university #gamecocks #clemson #homesforsale #tuesdaytips #outoftheboxrealestate #scfancyrealtor

Checking out these attractions this summer!? Come buy your tickets at your Fennell Campus MSA Office for discounted rates!

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