Little miss. ❤️

EDITING: One of the biggest parts in how a photo should look and making it better. Here are 3 edited & originals side by side.
First one is a Butterfly captured by @anthony_cariglia i edited that pic to make it a little more vibrant and clear. The butterfly should be the clearest insted of dull, so i tweaked it to the best of of my ability and preference (I am not an editing expert, i just edit in such a way that it stays close to its parent image's reality and that's what i give tips for). The 2nd one is a light painting clicked by me for @_wanderer_evx . That picture is an example of fun editing as that has no real use in anything except fun asthetic. Keeping that in mind, i darkened the background, because we dont need it, and turned the lights from a dull white to bright blue. This adds an element of excitement to the photo. The third is actually a comparison of 3 pics clicked by @pc.rafi . These 3 pics are original, his own Instagram edit, my edit respectively. The whole pictures aren't avilable as it was not cropping as well as the other images. In my edit i basically cropped out all the floor and his feet because they took up useless center space. Put him a little offcenter to the right and made him darker as well as the background vibrantly yellow. His edit was also basically the same but the thing wrong was his positioning, and the excessive saturation of the orange part near the sun.

I hope you guys learned something. Please try to edit like shown and dont go over and beyond with editing

Any questions are welcome in the comments
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