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Uhhhhh how am I supposed to focus on anything with a lineup like that. Not missing this one. Three unique sets from @bassnectar is always a good time. But @russliquid DJ set, @nightmaresonwax DJ set, @pendulum DJ and @librarianmusic sold me big time. Good luck exiting this one with your brain and consciousness still on the same planet.

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•Believe In Them•
If you believe in your children they will grow up to believe, and trust, in themselves! It’s such a simple task with such a strong outcome! ❤️

🔹💡You’ll NEVER get this MOMENT back!💡🔹
I’m not saying love crazy! I’m not saying to pursue wild irresponsible passions and obviously poor decisions! I’m not saying to do what you clearly know to be a mistake! .
🔹I AM saying, to STOP wobbling back and forth when it comes to acting on a worthwhile goal!😠
🔹STOP compromising what it is that is clearly showing itself to be your purpose/calling for some comfortable alternative that leaves you walking around but NOT ALIVE!💡🤔🧐
🔹STOP thinking that tomorrow’s are guaranteed and you’ll get up the courage to go for it later when you’re MORE READY!
🔹There will NEVER be as good a time as now to make a decision/commitment!
🔹TOMORROW is an illusion that’s convincing you to make a less than optimal decision TODAY!
🔹💡Be wise in your planning! Take little steps if you’re afraid to take big ones, or are responsible for and do not want to risk greatly. Whatever you do though, remember.....there is no time like NOW!💡So, WAKE UP & START LIVING💡
🔹You don’t NEED to die in the rat race!🤔You don’t NEED to compromise your calling!🤨You don’t need to voluntarily BURY your INSPIRATION and live life WALKING DEAD!🧐
🔹You NEED to love the Truth! 💡You NEED to spot your gift!🤓
Then You NEED to take daily steps to ACT on your DR3AM!!👣

what makes you come Alive? ✨
For me, it’s *long walks on the beach* (jk but not really). it’s being outside, breathing sweeeet fresh air. its having a really yummy cup of coffee...slowly. it’s getting into a deep, cozy conversation on the couch. it’s being on a plane. it’s meeting a new person and feeling their energy lift you up.

I say this because sometimes, we’re not lucky enough to be doing any (or all) of the things that make us feel Alive at any given moment (aka me right now wishing I was on a beach). Sometimes, we’re just...stuck. But, how can we make ourselves feel Alive anywhere? How can we practice being present, being Here Right Now even on the subway?

It starts with Choosing. With Noticing. With letting ourselves go all in, allowing ourselves to feel everything - the good, the bad, the mundane. Choosing to notice things instead of just going through the motions.
So think: how can you make one normal, boring part of your everyday make you come Alive? ✨⭐️✌🏼If you feel comfortable enough to share below - do it!! It might inspire someone and change their day ☺️💗

Excited for our Mom & Baby classes to come together today for a nutrition and fitness talk from Sara at @livebetterleth as well as a demo fitness class!! 👟🏋🏽‍♀️

"Collect experiences not things." That time I was on #accordingtojim 😆 I've jumped head first into so many crazy things over the years. Why not!? Right! What's the worst that can happen. I fail? Big deal. Never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone -- you might surprise yourself! Either way, you'll create some fun memories trying! When in doubt, always go for it! #pushforward #jimbelushi #abc #yogaepisode #familytv #loveyourselffirst #fearlesswomen #goforlife #fearlessyogi #optimistic #positivevibesonly #strongfemalesrock #yourlifeyourrules #breakaleg #powerofshe @athleta #yogalove #yoga #femaleentrepreneur #femalefitness #collectmemories #collectexperiences #noisnotanoption

💡FIND your PURPOSE!💡🔹Chasing your dreams begins with the discovery of the dream itself!💡🔹More powerful than a simple dream however, one that any random experience, or movie, or story, or influential person could’ve given you.......is to discover a purpose! A larger than life reason why the flesh and blood vessel you occupy is here on planet earth!💡🔹when you start thinking at that level, then you can examine your life and start asking “what does it seem my ‘natural gifts’ are”?!💡
🔹What is it specifically about you, your experiences, your background, your talents, that can be of most value to your fellow man?!💡
🔹NO ONE has lived life from behind your personal eyes! NO ONE has the exact makeup and experiences you’ve had!🤔💡
🔹That is just the starting point however! Package that uniqueness into small transferable portions of value for OTHERS to live BETTER LIVES with.......and VOILA!💡
🔹You’ll have achieved the formula for something you ALMOST NEVER see here on planet earth.....a TRUE WIN-WIN scenario!💡💡🙂
You don’t NEED to die in the rat race!🤔You don’t NEED to compromise your calling!🤨You don’t need to voluntarily BURY your INSPIRATION and live life WALKING DEAD!🧐
You NEED to love the truth! 💡You NEED to spot your gift!🤓
You NEED to DR3AM!!🤔 Then take steps to ACT! 👣

Whatever you do today for Family Day, do it with love in your heart and it will be great!

Situat in nord-vestul Peininsuleui Bird din Noua Guinee, Raja Ampat face parte din Triunghiul Coralilor, cel mai mare ecosistem marin de pe Pamant. Cu peisaje fascinante, plaje acoperite de jungla, lagune ascunse, pesteri misterioase si ape turcoaz, Raja Ampat este unul dintre cele mai frumoase arhipelaguri din Asia. Frumusetea pura si nealterata de aici nu este singurul motiv pentru care zona atrage turisti. Raja Ampat este renumit ca unul dintre cele mai bune locuri de scufundari si snorkeling din lume. Apele sunt atat de clare incat iti dau senzatia ca inoti intr-un acvariu tropical. .
Located in the northwest of Bird Peninsula in New Guinea, Raja Ampat is part of the Coral Triangle, the largest marine ecosystem on Earth. With its sublime scenery, jungle beaches, hidden lagoons, mysterious caves and turquoise waters, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Asia. The pure and unspoiled beauty here is not the only reason the area attracts tourists. Raja Ampat is one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling. The waters here are so clear they give you the impression of swimming in a tropical aquarium.

Welcome To Paradise #collectexperiences

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!
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Looking for special Family Day activities to do around town tomorrow? We have you covered, check out these Family Day events scheduled for tomorrow!

I need some inspiration, what is your favourite family activity to do on a snowy Sunday?

Had a wonderful first day in Johannesburg with Mam 💗👯‍♀️ after some early Rosé, pooltime and a two hour shiatsu treatment, we went to this extraordinary and beautiful restaurant and yes I ♥️ pineapples 🍍 #wombles #johannesburg #mamazeit #mama #rose #wineoclock #pooltime #swimmingpool #shiatsu #steakhouse #southafrica #sayyestotheworld #lufthansacrew #lufthansa #hyattregency #jnb #südafrika #collectexperiences #pineapple #pineapplelover #firstday #excited #qualitytime

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