Found: Vietnam
Time: April, 2017
Printed: Bia (beer) label
Designer: Bia Lào Cai company
From Lào Cai province, home of Sa Pa, etc. Special Quality. Flavour lager beer.

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall. So, to usher in everyone’s favorite season, we’re excited to be hosting La Chute (a The Fall cover / tribute band) for their first performance! The show kicks off at 7pm, with The Bugs opening! All ages! Don't miss it!

Plus, more new arrivals are in the bins and on the wall, including brand new titles from Collate and Blesst Chest!

Buy • Sell • Trade
12-7pm, every day!

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Idk I just wanted to draw Collate and I love her so much!!!😍 I hope you like her too OwO anyway I hope you have a wonderful day
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Found: Vietnam
Time: April, 2017
Printed: ??
Designer: ??
I have no idea what this is, but I feel like I found it on the side f a water bottle. 2,000 dong.

collate 대조하다, (정보 등을) 분석하다
★ 컬레 이트: 여러 신발들 중에 자신의 한쪽 신발과 같은 컬레(켤레)인가 대조하며 다른 한 짝을 찾고 있는 모습 연상.
collation 대조
When both versions of the story were collated, major discrepancies were found.
그 이야기의 두 개 버전이 대조되었을 때 중요한 모순점들이 발견되었다.

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Save the date! @gay.cay show coming up soon! Our lovely friends #Collate from Portland are on tour and LA friends @ratfancyla & @movingmaps will play too, get excited! Flyer by the talented @rowcherumble 🌀

Found: Guilin, Guangxi, China
Time: February, 2017
Printed: Transportation travelling map
Designer: Guangxi province tourism department

Found: Shenzhen, China
Time: February, 2017
Printed: Hot water sign
Designer: Chinese railway standard issue
Hot water for your BYO 18-hour-Chinese-train-ride-to-the-next-neighbouring-province-noodle-noodz. Cold water says do not consume, but hey, live life dangerously.

Found: Yangshuo, China
Time: February, 2017
Printed: Matchbox
Designer: Company unknown
Soaring eagle over a tulip field on green with yellow typography, together at last.

Putting one dream life on hold (shop) whilst I attempt to complete another (study 🤓). One day I will have my little food shop/workshop/retreat centre in the country or by the coast with my kick ass collection of Antique and Vintage Wares to share food on. Couple of the latest additions are my Shell dish from Japan, my Conch Shell Vase and an Art Deco Lazy Susan. Can’t wait to bust out the whole collection from all over the world.
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オレゴン州はPortland拠点、DIY Messthetics、Modern Post PunkスタイルCollateの12" EP入荷。
bandcampで去年先行してリリースしたEPでは79-82あたりの8トラックで録音されたMessthetics寄りのサウンドでこれからのリリースが楽しみでしたが、昨年冬にレコーディングした本作12"では同郷のLithicsというかConditionerにも通じるPost Punkサウンドに仕上がっていて、Kleenex〜Liliput、Au Pairs好きな人にもオススメしたい一枚です。


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Found: Bangkok, Thailand
Time: March, 2017
Printed: Noodle seasoning sachet
Designer: LoLo company
Thai noodles acidic flavouring sachet.

Found: Bangkok, Thailand
Time: March, 2017
Printed: pickled chilli convenience packet
Designer: Ruamros company
For all your pickled chilli in vinegar on the go needs.

Collate, Axminster @collateinteriors Located in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Collate has an exterior painted in a deep, inky blue, and an interior full of new and vintage homewares, art, craft and antiques. Collate owner, Naomi Eden, thinks the future for independent retailers is bright, and that there’s a continual shift happening towards a more mindful way of shopping. Naomi shares her story, inspirations and “shopkeeping” advice with Stephanie Bateman Sweet @thelifestyleeditor for TheShopkeepers.com | Follow link in Bio for Full Feature #shopfront #sharingaworldofshops

Slowly but surely I'm getting better !💕 look at that collate #likeforlikes #like4likes #blackops3 #snipersonly #bo3 #aniping #sniper #teamdeathmatch #tdm #collate

Sorry State's Record of the Week is the debut LP from Portland's Collate! In stock and shipping now. Collate’s Material Inspection cassette was one of my favorite tape releases of 2017, and the vinyl follow-up does not disappoint. Musically and visually it’s very much along the same lines; it even has a screen printed jacket that carries forward the same color scheme and aesthetic as the tape’s j-card. Collate remind me a lot of their fellow Portlanders Lithics. Like Lithics, they have that Delta 5 / Gang of Four-style bass-driven post-punk sound, but where the aforementioned bands are more cerebral, Collate are more visceral and aggressive. They dig deep into the heavy bass grooves, but they can also cut loose on a skronky, chaotic no wave part. Despite the aggressive posture and the raw recording (which works well for them), there’s an undeniable pop undercurrent. You'll be singing along with “private negation / public display” halfway through your first listen to “Performative.” As I noted, Collate remind me of Lithics and, to some extent, bands like Gauche or Shopping, but this feels like the underground, punker version of that. It’s sort of like if you grew up listening to Blink 182 and Green Day and something like the Descendents clicks for you. At that point you realize that this is the real shit and the more polished stuff becomes harder to listen to. There isn’t an ounce of fat on this record, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll flip it again and again. #recordoftheweek #collate #portlandpunk

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