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Rejuvenate your skin with Microneedling, the "Vampire Facial" 💉💉This stimulates collagen, tightens the skin, and makes pores smaller. #downtowncolumbus #microneedling #asseenincolumbus #collagenstimulator

Welcome to view my new art piece "The Sinclair Project : Eradication of Aging." To conclude a busy day at work in Singapore, using the empty boxes and containers of Ellanse @ellanse_uk @ellanse_official @silhouette.ellanse.perfectha and Silhouette Soft @silhouette_soft @silhouettesoft_indonesia @silhouettesoftbrasil @sinclairpharmaus @sinclairpharma_latam @dominic_lml @vinceyeow @donandkaron #parvus #sinclairpharma #collagenstimulator #少女针 #鸳鸯提 欢迎观赏我的艺术品:”Sinclair Pharma : 老的敌人”。回来工作的第二日,忙的天昏地暗,把昨天的空少女针盒子和美国铃铛线包装,制造艺术。

Laser Genesis with a Glycolic peel @nanabellabeauty
#laserfacial, #collagenstimulator, #antiaging

Buongiorno ❤ Da oggi inizierò ad usare questa crema giorno a base di collagene ricevuta da @cougarproducts 😊 conoscete già questa marca? Cosa ne pensate? #acacciadiconsigli #daycream #cougarbeauty #collagenstimulator

Ellansé is a tailor-made bioresorbable collagen stimulator. It is made of perfectly smooth polycaprolactone which is suspended in a CMC gel carrier. This winning combination gives a predictable and controlled result.

#ellanse #collagen #collagenstimulator

Sculptra 4 sessions- 5 months after 1st treatment #sculptra #aesthetics #amazing #collagenstimulator #loveyourself

You guys our AMP MD is a GAME CHANGER!! WITHOUT the harsh in clinic aesthetic procedures! I can assure you it is the best well spent minute of you evening!! #acnescars #collagen #collagenstimulator

My beautiful patient was so happy with her Ultherapy results just 2 months after neck and lower face that she brought her daughter for some ultherapy too! Of lower face💛❤️💛❤️#bwrinklefree #barbarabrandt #ultherapy® #collagenstimulator #seethebeautyofsound biggest reward when my patients are happy with their results 😊will post pre-pics soon!

@goldcollagen is one of the best brand in the market for stimulating Face collagen. Gold Collagen Forte is very recomendable to enhance skin elasticity and hydration. It is a great complimentary supplement to have a better skin as studies has demonstrated. Ask Dr. Nabil Fakih for them #goldcollagen #lebanon #collagenstimulator


#WisdomWenesday 👆🏻 Find out why Dr. Rajani believes in combination therapy and creating a long term relationship with your cosmetic doctor 💉👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

#TreatmentTuesday 💉
Sculptra is an amazing treatment for male patients! The results are gradual over time and long lasting- two important factors that many men look for in cosmetic procedures👌🏻✨

#ThrowbackThursday to training on the amazing #SculptraButtlift in Scottsdale Arizona☀️ This procedure is incredibly popular right now, and is changing the game.
Look at all those vials!! 😳💉 If you’re interested in the procedure we do them in our clinic as well 🍑👌🏻 Text to set up a consultation
💉 Procedure: Sculptra Butt Augmentation 💰 Cost: $5,000-40,000
🕐 Downtime: Little to none
📞 Phone: 503.869.1423
🌎 Website: rajanimd.com
📩 Email: experts@RajaniMD.com
📍Location: Portland, Or
👤 Facebook: @RajaniMD 🐥 Twitter: @RajaniMD

This lovely woman got Sculptra in her cheeks and temples. Picture on the right is immediately after. Notice how by placing this product in the cheeks and temples her smile lines are softened and her cheek looks more contoured?! It's pretty awesome. In a few days the liquid of the Injection will be absorbed by the body and it will temporarily look like she didn't get much done as collagen builds over the next 90 days or so. Beautiful initial results by @porterml Master Provider Michele :-) #sculptra #thebest #collagen #collagenstimulator #juvlysmile we're excited to see this client in 6 weeks for her second treatment!

Collagen stimulator dermaveil in action again #vipps #collagenstimulator #pla #glycolicacid #skin

#Transformationtuesday! A strong jawline is revered as being both beautiful and strong 🙌🏻 This patient had #Kybella for Submentum fat removal and #Sculptra in the cheeks, temple, and jawline to give a little extra structure to the face. The results speak for themselves ✨ and this is after only one treatment. The best part of the new products on the market is that they are so natural! No one will know you had something done, just that you look amazing! 💉 Procedure: Kybella and Sculptra Combination Treatment
🕐 Downtime: Little to none
📞 Phone: 503.869.1423
🌎 Website: rajanimd.com
📩 Email: experts@RajaniMD.com
📍Location: Portland, Or
👤 Facebook: @RajaniMD 🐥 Twitter: @RajaniMD

Turn the sound 🔊 on for #WisdomWenesday on acne scarring and our favorite treatment protocol 🙌🏻 Dr. Rajani talks about what treatments and how often they should be done in order to treat and leave your acne scars in the past!

Amazing experience on stage in front of an audience of 4500, speaking about Ellanse 少女针, Nose Threadlift 鼻雕,V Threadlift VV脸,and finally my coup de grace, YY Lift 鸳鸯提 (collagen-stimulating combo of Ellanse and Threadlift ). Thank you China for the opportunity! #collagenstimulation #collagenstimulator #yylift #vvface #nosethreads #少女针 #少女针老师 #鸳鸯提

Last weekend Dr. Rajani had the pleasure of sharing his extensive knowledge of PDO threads for face and body in NYC 🛫😊 Next stop is Phoenix, AZ on September 23rd 👨‍🏫
Check out the schedule at HandsOnTrainings.com 🙌🏻✨

Turn on the sound 🔊 to hear Dr. Rajani discuss bruising associated with injections 💉
What other topics should the doctor cover in the future?

#Repost @ellanse_uk (@get_repost)
Ellansé is made from polycaprolactone which are totally smooth microspheres that stimulate collagen production in your skin.

#ellanse #medicalaesthetics #collagen #collagenstimulator #biostimulator

"I feel young, and more confident than ever." ”我感觉好年轻,自信一百分。Ellanse 少女针 collagen-stimulating filler : Put back what you have lost. 回春神奇针。#sinclairpharma #ellanse #少女针 #少女针老师 #parvus #collagenstimulator #collagenstimulators #collagenstimulation

Talk about #MotivationMonday! Only one subscriber left to hit 8000 🙌🏻✨ We love making videos to answer your questions and discuss the latest and greatest in Aesthetic medicine. Are you going to be number 8000?

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