Aquest preciós tag es un regal de la @sara_ferret , quant m el va donar, em va dir que no havia tingut temps d acabar lo, que ho fes jo.... l he tingut temps sobre la taula per que es tant bonic que no tenia clar tocar lo, finalment m he decid i ha quedat així!!! Mil gràcies Sara!!!!!!😘.
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Blank-ish and ready to go. Can’t wait to see what she does next! #handmadebook #paperbagbook #collaborativejournal #firstofmany

Alright, time to actually get some projects finished instead of starting 10 more! What are you all up to/working on today? 😊

189/365 // Still got a lot to do on this, but I'm happy with it so far 😊 (from the #womenrisingcollab with @dansmoncrane - her art on the far right).

117/365 // I added the drawing/painting from yesterday to my collaborative journal with @beatrizhelton and changed it up a bit. Much happier with it now! The piece was inspired by Roots Remain by @mastodonrocks off their fantastic new album (I've listened to it a billion times already).

Sneak peak at my collaborative art journal, "Bones," with @dansmoncrane! It's changed quite a bit since this photo, so I'm not ruining too much of the surprise. 😉 This has been beyond fun, but will be in the post soon. I cannot wait to see the one headed to me!
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I'm so happy about where this collaborative piece with @cait_sherwood is going. I love those cows 🐮 near the 🌙 moon Cait! This one's really coming together! #artcollaboration #mindfulartstudio

Sharing a collab journal that @squiggleandswirl and I are working on. I've started the journal and Emily now has it to work her magic sometime. It's based on all things Coldplay. #creativelifehappylife #creativelife #carveouttimeforart #artjournaling #artjournal #getmessyprompts #getmessyartjournal #getmessyhabit #collaborativejournal #coldplay #seasonofmusic #tlgetsmessy

Traveling Tribe of Light - getting pumped for our upcoming cross-country road trip where we plan on spreading love by doing Collaborative Journaling Workshops and making some delicious food thru Irene's Kitchen. Join us on our journey and support our gofundme campaign to make this possible!! #collaborativejournal #travelingtribeoflight #isaiascrow #ireneskitchen

Yesterday for our Journaling Workshop at our home, I led the children's Journaling Workshop. I was amazed to find how hard it is for children to tell themselves they love themselves. It really made me aware of how even as children it's really important to learn self-love and acceptance. It brought back so many memories of me as a child feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and feeling unloved. With that information, I try to instill to my girls that it's important to love everyone but most importantly to love yourself. Here's Galaxy's drawing, she had no problem telling herself "I love you." How powerful is that!! #isaiascrow #collaborativejournal #selflove

The journals are ready for tomorrow's "Collaborative Journaling and Brunch Workshop" at our home. We are looking forward to having you here. It will be lovely! Come join us!! #isaiascrow #collaborativejournal

Isaias Crow has been doing Collaborative Journaling Workshops throughout the world. Here he is working with students in Honduras. Now he's opening up our home to bring these workshops to our friends and family. What a treat!!! We hope you can join us this Saturday!! #collaborativejournal #isaiascrow #workshop

We are hosting an event this Saturday at Irene's Kitchen. A Collaborative Journaling Workshop and Brunch.
The menu for Saturday's Brunch and Journaling Workshop: *Watermelon-Mint Lemonade *Spinach, Strawberry Salad with Walnuts and a balsamic-citrus vinaigrette *Curried Lentils topped with Quinoa Tabbouleh

So you get this delicious vegan meal, your own journal and a workshop by Isaias Crow for $20. That sounds pretty awesome to me!!! Contact me if you'd like to reserve a space!! #ireneskitchen #isaiascrow #collaborativejournal #joinus

Working on my journal. Being mindful of what I'm grateful for :) We hope to see you all this Saturday at our home for our Collaborative Journaling and Brunch!! #isaiascrow #collaborativejournal

Collaborative Journaling with the Lover :) I've been working on my journal, sitting down, writing and reflecting. It's crazy how much information comes up when you take a moment to sit still with your thoughts, insecurities, dreams. There's much work I still need to do to be a better version of me. This invitation by Isaias Crow to sit down, reflect and process has unraveled so much within me. I will sit with it until I come out shining on the other side. Until then, you will find me drawing, writing and releasing. If you'd like to obtain your own collaborative journal, let me know. They're $10 each. @isaiascrow #collaborativejournal #reflect #sitdownandwrite

Freedom of Expressive Creativity #abstract #sketch #collaborativejournal

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