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Another one bites the dust!

So I was ecstatic to learn of a cold-press juicery that had opened up in my hood - walking distance that too and I needn't have to order online always. Le boyfriend had dropped in for an inquiry and stated that the juices cost as low as ₹35/- or so. I was thrilled at the cost and location and decided to check it out.
I love the milk options and multi fruit veges options. The outlet is almost missable - Tucked snugly in the by lanes of what was initially Tangent Furniture. The place was open but the moment I asked for some info, all windows and doors were shut. I was taken aback but waited patiently then handed over a leaflet without so much as even the slightest information on what its USP is - given that there are 2 established brands running the market. Anyways, the location and cost prompted me to keep my peace and stick to looking at the options.

Frankly, I didn't go wow. Settled for the milk-fig-almond option. It cost ₹101/-. I was taken aback. I paid the lady 100/- and was looking for a ₹1/- coin when she impatiently insisted for the balance change assuming I wasn't gonna give her. This TOTALLY put me off. Then she shut the window and asked me to wait. I did for like 10mins during which a fellow with a large batch of juices dropped by. Waited some more and was blankly handed a bottle and window shut again.

Now put off by the experience, I decided to dive into the juice post workout. It was flat and not cold. It was tasty and yummy but left me thinking why on earth would I pay 101 for 3 ingredients, get treated like that and get a warm bottle when I can make this at home with all the ingredients and more. So I washed down the bottle and returned with a lesson.

P.S. I have nothing against #ColdPlayJuices but please make a note of my experience. The brand name did not translate to the juice. I have also previously tried their red combo and it was OK. The juices, combo and even the design are strikingly similar to another brand #JustSaying.
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