Given to fly 🎵 #coldautumnday #doublepurpose #ride

Enjoying the holliday... 😽 #holliday #lazyday #sunday #coldautumnday #myfluffycat

I have beach on my mind! Do you??? #coldautumnday #wishiwasatthebeachrightnow #beinghuman!

Bought some cheap plain white shoes and told the girls to decorate them. They have different styles but both very creative and amazingly done. #creativity #upcycle #artistic #fun #coldautumnday #formosafamilyfarm

We tend to paint a picture of a flawless life on social media, but what about the moments that don't make the highlights reel.
The days & weeks when we don't feel our best... when we have more bills than money coming in.
When we wonder if we really are doing our best, the doubts flooding in, and Winter keeps coming.
The days get shorter, the nights get colder, our relationships change, some parts of our life die and other parts start to grow.
I want to sleep in longer, because it is too cold to get to my alarm clock in the other room.

My motivation tipping... but that is why i have started longer Self-Care practices at night & have started telling myself i am amazing more often.
I start loving more of the parts of myself i have neglected.

Right now i cannot see or feel results from what i have started doing.
It is too soon to feel like i am achieving anything great, because right now i am sowing seeds in my life & bracing/waiting for them to grow.
The waiting can feel so long in Winter and yet it is still just the last month of Autumn... On my personal Facebook page i revealed that i was taking a bit of a Facebook break, limiting my social media time to Instagram every couple of days for possibly a week.
Because in times of change/growth i need to turn the dimmer switch down on the noise in my life.
A time to retreat, read more, check in with my body, check in with my emotions, get really hyyge in my day to day.

Ground down, touch base with my values, with my heart, spend more time with my kids, laugh with them more, snuggle more, enjoy them playing more.
Get present in my body, my heart, my soul & life.

I've been sneezing all day (i sneeze a lot when i feel cold) & tonight i have my 2nd yoga class.
I don't feel like going, but i recall to myself that i am planting seeds of potential right now, i am growing something that will keep me warm through the Winter.

I do not feel my best right now, but someday i can see this photo & my post & recall on a cold Autumn day i wrote from my heart & i put it on my highlights reel, because it was worth highlighting that greatness dosen't become great overnight.

#coldautumnday #highlightsreel #redbeanie

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