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I’m going to start doing this,what do you think?should I?
Song names:
Song 1:into it
Song 2:you the one
Song 3:there she go
Song 4:practice
Song 5:bad girl
Song 6:come and see me
Song 7,8:lights down low .
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This is so true about me... I walked in a wall today.. I looked back for a second and then turned around and ran into the wall. Or should I say the wall.. It ran into me 😂. Anyways like and tag Colby.. #colby #colbybrock #colbybrockfanpage

I love this little weirdo 😂😭🖤
《Tavan liked》 come to Chicago dad 😩 so I can take you to sixflags lmfao

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colby:”really?why’d you stop?.”you smirk at him,y/n:”yeah it doesn’t feel that great being teased,dose it?”colby rolls his eyes and smiles,then rolls you over and pins you to the bed.colby:”well enough of the teasing,in ready fro the real action.”he kisses you then rams his rock hard dick into you and starts to thrust.slowly then starts to get faster and faster.you both let out these raspy but load moans.with each thrust you doth feel you getting closer to ur climax.you grab onto colbys now sweaty back,holding of for my pleasure.y/n:”uhh... only harder!uhhhh...”he then takes one of your legs and throws it over his shoulder so he can get deeper in each thrust.colby:”guck ur so tight ...uhhh...I’m gunna...”y/n:”cum with me baby!”a few more thrust and you feel colby release,as with you.you feel ur bodies shake with pleasure together.colby pulls out and flops beside you,tired and breathing heavily.you guys catch you pr breath them come together in a cuddle.y/n:”how did I get so lucky ending up with the greatest boyfriend ever.”colby:”I guess we both got lucky we found each other.i love you y/n.”y/n:”I love you too Cole Robert Brock .”you say smiling at each other and kissing.you then fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The End
Thank you @friskykittyangie for the story❤️
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𝚂𝚃𝙾𝚁𝚈#6 𝙿𝙰𝚁𝚃3 shoutout to > @friskykittyangie for this story❤️
he brakes the kiss and heads toward the bed,you start to kiss down his neck as he lays you two down with him on top.you guys have a heated make out session for a few mins before colby starts to kiss down ur body again.he stops to rip of ur top,exposing your breast.he starts to kiss them, switching between having his hand on one while his tongue dose the work on the other.your breathing becomes heavier and Colby looks up at you and smirks cuz he knows ur enjoying what he’s doing to you.he slowly makes his way down your body until his head is between your legs.he starts to rub you clit from the outside of ur bottoms.hes looking at you while biting his lip as he makes you skirm.he then starts to untie the the strings of your bikini with his teeth,until he rips them off.you guys make eyes contact,colby smirks at you then proceeds to flick you clit with his tongue.you then feel two fingers slide into you.you let out a gasp as it sends tingles up ur entire body.colby:”is that what you want babygirl?.”y/n:”yes,right there,don’t stop!”he continues to eat you out,while you squirm.y/n:Colby...I’m...about to..”he stops liking and removes his fingers from you.Colby:”not yet baby.”you let out a gasp of air.y/n:”what a tease.”you say rolling your eyes,somehow annoyed.you then flip you two over so ur on top.you look into Colby’s eyes while you fell his bulge,making his eyes roll back and him bit his lip.y/n:”ill show you tease.”you say with a smirk.you slowly slide his trunks off,revealing his hard on.you grasp the base with you hand and start going to work on the tip with your tongue.you give it a lick to from base to tip before shoving what you can fit in you mouth and jerking off the rest.you bob ur head up and down,while your tongue dances around in circles. Colby:”uhhh...uhh y/n keep... uhh fuck!”you look up while you continue to suck.you see Colby has his eyes closed head back and mouth open,breathing increasingly shakey.you continue until you hear,Colby:”uhh...baby keep going..I’m about to cum uhh.”you stop and sit up,one hand still on his dick rubbing slowly.he looks up at you....

𝚂𝚃𝙾𝚁𝚈#6 𝙿𝙰𝚁𝚃2 shoutout to > @friskykittyangie for this story❤️
grabbing his rock hard boner and jerking it a few times b4 sliding him inside you.you crash you lips with his, Colby grabs your butt with one hand while the other One is on ur boob.you start bouncing up and down ,slow at first but picking up speed as you go,Colby starts to let out low raspy groans.both of your guys breaking becomes heavier. Colby:”ugh yeah,you feel so good babygirl.”y/n:oh yeah,u like when I ride u?”you say breathing heavily while you continue bouncing up and down.colby:”ummhmm...ugh I’m about to...”,you cut him off.y/n:”ugh me to.”colby grabs your waist helping you to get deeper so you can climax.you both throw your heads back with a raspy groan as you both cum.you both sit there for a moment,softly pecking each others lips in between catching ur guises breath.you slowly climb off Colby grabbing ur bottoms and tossing Colby his trunks.colby:”wow,that was amazing.”he said while putting his trunks on.y/n:”yeah,I definitely need that,I’m feeling a lot less stress then earlier that’s for sure.”you say,giving him a wink.colby let’s out a little giggle and smiles at you.you and Colby cuddle and chat in the hot tub for another 15 mins.colby:”my skin is starting to feel like a raisin,you wanna maybe go cuddle and watch some Netflix?.”y/n:”sure,I’m blown to Netflix and chill.”;)you guys hop out of the hot tub and dry off b4 going in.you stop in the kitchen for a quick snack and to hydrate after being in that hot tub for some time.you guys head upstairs to ur guys room.colby grabs his laptop and turns it on.you grab some clothes and start to head towards the door.colby:”what are you doing ?”y/n:”I’m gunna shower b4 we get cozy and go into a movie.” your about to open the door and head towards the bathroom,when Colby grabs you by the arm and pulls you into him.colby:”ohbut im not done with you babygirl.”he says as he bits his lip.he grabs ur things out of yr hands and tosses them onto the couch.he then picks you up,you wrap your legs around he’s waist,then he kisses you. he presses you up against the wall for more support as he starts to kiss down ur neck...

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