Tem algo mais chato que voltar de viagem com mil moedas e pior, contar e ver a quantidade de dinheiro que tem ali 😱!
Diferente do Brasil os países estrangeiros não tem “preconceitos” com moedas e o valor dos produtos muitas vezes é quebrado com isso, tome troco de moeda. O bom é que eles não ligam de receber também, mesmo quando ficamos 30 horas tentando descobrir quanto vale cada.

A primeira dica é usar as moedas sem vergonha, leve um porta níquel para deixá-las de fácil acesso, mas se mesmo assim tiver MUITAS, existem máquinas que trocam moedas por um crédito (Cash Voucher) que poderá ser para utilizado no estabelecimento. Até hoje só vi no Walmart de Orlando, a máquina da Coinstar fica no Costumer Service e o processo é bem fácil, ao finalizar emitirá seu voucher e é só apresentar no caixa para pagar suas compras e caso sua conta seja maior (provavelmente) você pode completar o pagamento como quiser!
Lógico que é descontado o imposto em cima do falar mas é baixo e vale super a pena.
É states baby!
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Teaching my daughter how to save money..recycle cans/bottles and spare change goes into her account! I wish I was taught how to save money!!! 😂🤦‍♂️ #idontpracticewhatipreach #savemoney #money #coinstar #teachthemyoung #entrepreneur #invest

oops! 😬
he had an extra long beard...
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7-Eleven. South Robertson. 🖕☕️
Overheard by @zacharyjamesleonard 📥
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We're back baby! @90stv Tour was off the chain! Check out this tiny-tour trailer of the full vid comin' atcha later 2 nite! Special message from @kidd_blink!

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As I say always check the #coinstar #machine you #never know what you will find. This time it's a #silver Canadian #quarter #dollar !

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Nothing like starting off the weekend up $50 👍🏼. Thanks, #Coinstar!

And THAT, kids is why Uncle Kyle doesn’t do pennies! #coinstar #loosechange

The new lunch box for metaal detecting cool or not 🧐🤔#lunch #metaaldetectie #coinstar #deus #gunsnroses #heavymetalmetaaldetectie #ww2memorial #cool

Last nights shenanigans with @whit.x 🤨 She’s a very odd but lovely child. 🤣 🤑

NEW MOON IN CANCER / PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE TAROT- It’s eclipse season again, time for shake ups and changes. This #newmoon / #eclipe is opposite #pluto the dark lord of the underworld, who is posted up in Capricorn. Meanwhile the moon and the sun are conjunct in Cancer the sign of mothering, nurturing, and waterfalls of emotion. And as I write this I’m texting with my mom who is sitting with her father in Hospice as he breathes his last belabored breaths and fades away from this life. And I realize that this is the first time that I’ve cried. Maybe that’s this eclipse in a nutshell, a daughter mothering her father as he slips into the afterlife, a son caring for his mother as she bares the heavy burden of loss. Collectively we are asked to look at how we can nurture ourselves and each other in the face of fear. It might be the fear of the unknown that grips the heart and keeps us from moving forward. It might be the shadowy forces of oppression both internal and external that we are called to face, that test our resolve to care for ourselves and to nurture our communities. And this is the inevitable transformation that is gripping my Grandpa, literally the patriarch of my family, as I write this. How do we step up in the face of the fear and show up for our futures and form crab shells that are smothered in butter and #oldbay and not spiny ones smelling like 3 day old death? Let’s take a look at what the Tarot has to say. CARD 1: VII OF COINS: This card asks us to take a step back to see how far we’ve come. There is this notion that it is never enough, that we are always less-than and trying to achieve the impossible and that sucks. Whatever it is, isn’t ready yet so don’t feel shitty about yourself. Give yourself some credit for how far you’ve come and what you’ve done so far. CARD 2: VI OF COINS- Where is your energy going? Is It still going to you feeling shitty about yourself because you haven’t achieved something more? Or is it just going to rent? Is it going to your partner, your child, your mom? Who are you caring for? And then, who is caring for you?...
Continued in comments...

First one as active duty! #coinstar

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