Fenchie congrats to World Cup. Ring coming soon. Get yours if your into it. @dragonfarma

Tørken fortsætter i Danmark og vi håber på regn, bønderne for ikke det store ud af deres afgrøder, og der er afbrændingsforbud i hele landet.
Men kartoffel markerne kaster stadig mønter fra sig i ny og næ. 😁☝🏽 Jeg er dybt beæret over stadig at kunne komme på marken, trods tørke-perioden. Man må prise sig lykkelig over de små glæder i livet.
Jeg nyder aftenstunderne i fred og ro, hvor jeg kan få lov til at afstresse.
Fundene er nærmest ligegyldige, for den danske natur er noget af det smukkeste. Jeg glæder mig dog til at vi for lidt regn, og bønderne for smidt de tunge maskiner på marken, så jeg igen kan dele nogle lækre fund med jer 🇩🇰💪🏾☝🏽😁 #translated #vikingdetect
The drought continues in Denmark and we hope for rain, the peasants do not get the most out of their crops and there is a burning ban all over the country.
But the potato fields are still throwing coins from time to time. 😁☝🏽
I am deeply honored to still be able to get on the ground, despite the drought period. You must be happy about the little pleasures of life.
I enjoy the evening moments in peace and quiet where I can afford to relieve.
The funds are almost indifferent, because the Danish nature is one of the most beautiful. However, I am looking forward to the fact that we have too little rain, and the peasants have thrown the heavy machines on the ground so that I can share some delicious meetings with you again

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Coinstar delivers again! 1964D rosie and a Canadian dime!
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NEW MOON CANCER TAROT PART 3: QUEEN OF COINS- Here is the concussion of our eclipse in cancer reading, I don’t know about you, but it’s been an intense one. Let’s review. It’s good to take a break and give ourselves some credit. During this pause let’s take time to reevaluate where our energy is going, and to look at where we can ask for help and where our needs aren’t getting met. From this place of reassessment we move into the Queen of Coins. (Sound of trumpets signaling a royal entrance). The queen asks us to be grounded in our bodies, and in our present moment. It’s this sense of fertility that comes from looking at our relationship to work, success and asking weather these ideals are inline with your own values. Like are you ideas of success really yours?Oh snap! Who are you seeking validation from? Is it professionals, professors, politicians, or other people in positions of power? (#illeteration) Are you looking for validation from leagues of faceless followers? Are you trying to prove to these imaginary friends that your life is worth living through a well framed snapshot, and then the compulsive checking of who noticed for the next 72 hours until that moment evaporates into the inter-eather and you are just you again. (That’s my emotional roller coaster every time). The queen of coins is the queen and needs no validation but her own. She is engaged in her own process for the good of herself and those around her, not to gain someones approval or to make others feel some type of way. If we look at this through the lens of Cancer as the mother the Queen nurtures not for recognition but because that work needs to get done, because the world is a fucked up place and there tends to be sickness, suffering and death, but that’s chill because the Queen of Coins is here to hold us and rock us and soothe us through the dark of the night. Not for fame or fortune, not for followers or the acceptance of “the man” but because it’s the right thing to do. Because she is strong enough, because she is healthy, grounded and present. (Continued in comments).....

Tem algo mais chato que voltar de viagem com mil moedas e pior, contar e ver a quantidade de dinheiro que tem ali 😱!
Diferente do Brasil os países estrangeiros não tem “preconceitos” com moedas e o valor dos produtos muitas vezes é quebrado com isso, tome troco de moeda. O bom é que eles não ligam de receber também, mesmo quando ficamos 30 horas tentando descobrir quanto vale cada.

A primeira dica é usar as moedas sem vergonha, leve um porta níquel para deixá-las de fácil acesso, mas se mesmo assim tiver MUITAS, existem máquinas que trocam moedas por um crédito (Cash Voucher) que poderá ser para utilizado no estabelecimento. Até hoje só vi no Walmart de Orlando, a máquina da Coinstar fica no Costumer Service e o processo é bem fácil, ao finalizar emitirá seu voucher e é só apresentar no caixa para pagar suas compras e caso sua conta seja maior (provavelmente) você pode completar o pagamento como quiser!
Lógico que é descontado o imposto em cima do falar mas é baixo e vale super a pena.
É states baby!
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Teaching my daughter how to save money..recycle cans/bottles and spare change goes into her account! I wish I was taught how to save money!!! 😂🤦‍♂️ #idontpracticewhatipreach #savemoney #money #coinstar #teachthemyoung #entrepreneur #invest

oops! 😬
he had an extra long beard...
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Repost @overheardla
7-Eleven. South Robertson. 🖕☕️
Overheard by @zacharyjamesleonard 📥
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We're back baby! @90stv Tour was off the chain! Check out this tiny-tour trailer of the full vid comin' atcha later 2 nite! Special message from @kidd_blink!

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As I say always check the #coinstar #machine you #never know what you will find. This time it's a #silver Canadian #quarter #dollar !

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Nothing like starting off the weekend up $50 👍🏼. Thanks, #Coinstar!

The new lunch box for metaal detecting cool or not 🧐🤔#lunch #metaaldetectie #coinstar #deus #gunsnroses #heavymetalmetaaldetectie #ww2memorial #cool

Last nights shenanigans with @whit.x 🤨 She’s a very odd but lovely child. 🤣 🤑

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