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When that coil set is 🔥🔥🔥product: @bellemaynaturals Ask for: #Theron_thehairstylist
Salon #genesishairart
Located 🏢 WalMart Plaza
6175 Old National Hwy.Ste. 210
College Park, Ga 30349
Call ☎️ 404-768-3003
Online 💻 genesishairart.com
Salon Schedule
Tuesday 12-6
Wednesday 10-8
Thursday 10-8pm
Friday 10-8pm
Saturday 8-1pm #naturalhairstyles #hairstylist #coils #coilsets #paulmitchellsouth #tapercut #shortcuts #shortnaturalstyles

Those coils tho! #throwbackthursday from 2 years ago after I Big Chopped my hair! •

I decided to cut my hair for 3 reasons:
1) I wanted to start wearing it curly. I wanted to see what my natural curl pattern was like. I had been relaxing my hair from the 5th grade until like age 35, then I "transitioned" to natural & was still wearing it straight and I wanted a change. My hair was healthy. No thinning, breakage or bald spots. I just wanted to try a new aesthetic, so I did it!
2) I wanted to model some style options for my patients who are experiencing various forms of hair loss for whom i do recommend going natural. My rule of thumb is "when it doubt, leave it out" given that several small studies has shown a correlation between chemical relaxers and scarring alopecia.
3) I wanted to see how fast I could grow it back with just good diet and exercise (no hair vitamins or supplements). It took only about 8 months. I try to model the very behavior that I recommend to my patients regarding the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices in their quest achieve healthy hair or skin. In this process, I am challenging myself. I am studying nutrition in new ways. Admittedly, physicians don't get very much nutrition training in medical school and residency. So I challenged myself to really scour the scientific literature to determine what has been studied on nutrition and hair. My colleague and I published a paper in Dermatology Clinics summarizing over 17O articles on the topic. I wanted to create something in layman's terms on the topic so I created something I'm really proud of called "Dr Lenzy's Hair Diet: 11 Tips to Achieve Your Best Hair Ever NATURALLY." Click the link in my bio or 👉🏽👉🏽bit.ly/healthyhairfoods to get free access to my video series "8 Foods to Include for Healthy Hair" and purchase the ebook if you want to learn more!

Join me today at 12:50 for #LunchNLearn with Dr Yolanda where I provide the best in evidenced-based hair and skin education!


Today's #VapeMail #CoilMaster #Skynet #coilsets
Parallel Clapton by @coilmasternet
26AWG*2+39+26AWG Ni80 0.18oHMs
@riptrippers #Pharoah #RTA #vaping on @juicerollupz strawberry fruit roll-ups

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