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But for real, stress not only inhibits your brain from performing optimally, but it can also do some damage on your immune system 😷. Solution? Take some time to relax today - go for a nice fall walk, do a meditation - whatever it is take some time to be in the present, even if it's just for a bit. It's called present for a reason 🎁

A new day, a fresh start! Any guesses what we’re talking about? This one’s a real game changer. Try it once and you’ll never go back!! Come visit us to learn more... #guessthatsuperfood #brainpower #peachespicks

Back to school...or work...or just life.
Perfect study buddy...

Team Meeting! Trying out Ningxia Reds & Ningxia Nitros! While we share & plan! Thanks for the fresh lavender bundle @allexrose 😋 😋 #energysupport #cognitivesupport #yleo #justdoit

I'm going ALL in with the Neurohacker Collective for what I believe to be the most powerful broad-spectrum nootropic in the 🌎 http://bit.ly/WellnessBrain

What happens when we don't take care of our brains? 😳From jobs, to relationships, to constant emails and appointments, we live in a pressure-packed world that requires a lot from us. Stress can multiply quickly and cause us to feel overwhelmed. We all know we "should" be taking care of our brains, but it's the last thing on most of our to-do lists.
It also seems like everyday there are new studies and suggestions that contradict those from the day before.
But taking care of your most complex organ doesn’t have to be so complex. Test drive an expertly curated monthly box to help create & maintain a sharp brain & centered mind today including Brainteasers, Puzzles, Mindfulness Tools, and Brain Fuel: 💪🏻💎Use code WELLNESSFORCE to get 10% off your order.


A new day, a fresh start! Any guesses what we’re talking about? This one’s a real game changer. Try it once and you’ll never go back!! Come visit us to learn more... #guessthatsuperfood #brainpower #peachespicks

Energized•Fortify•Revitalized•Cognitive support
What you give your son before his college placement tests 😋😄
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I’ve accomplished already so much today. Woke up fully energized, cleaned everything, did some bill calling, car appointments & banking (everyone’s favorite phone conversations), studying & it’s not even 3pm. Thanks to #THRIVE I’ve got more energy to enjoy the day & get everything done ✅ Most people would need a nap by now but not me 🤩🤩🤩
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Officially weekend vibes SHROOMY PUMPKIN COCONUT BUTTER CUPS 🙌🏼 filled with OM LION’S MANE to give you a little brain boost and creative power for the weekend⚡️ checkout @feedyoursister for the yummy recipe 😍

Off to the post office with this little beauty! 🎁🎁4 day Thrive experience for a lucky winner! Who else wants a freebie? #freebie #thrive #energy #weightmanagement #cognitivesupport #nutrientdense #probiotics #mentalacuity #dermafusiontechnology

It is Nootropic November everyone! Throughout this month I will highlight products that enhance focus, mental alertness, creativity and memory.

Their is no better way to start this month off than my favorite nootropic powder @ansperformance RAVE! This product will enhance your focus within minutes, and will keep you energized all day. It comes in 4 delicious flavors! If you want to learn more about why this is my favorite nootropic check out my article on it on rickythesuppsguy.com
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Get a little BRAIN BOOST in your bowl. This dreamy Walnut Milk Vanilla Greens bowl is boosted with Om Lions Mane🦁🍄 for cognitive support & brain health. Checkout @foodforbeek for the yummy recipe

So excited to start my #November #thriving!!! #thrivewithme

theneurobox.com ⬅️

Master your mind, master your life!

Didja know that turmeric helps improve memory and attention span?
Didja also know that the taste of turmeric used to make me want to vomit (seriously).... until I tried a turmeric latte. And now, I can't stop drinking this golden goodness!

That's why we are PUMPED to be teaming up @drinkcoppercup for our November box and bringing you the most yummy beverage for your tastebuds and your brain.

Who's hustling today 👊

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