Hai from Hai Cafe 👋🏼 #IcedCoffee #VietnameseCoffee #LooksLikeCoke

Parents social life strikes again #coffeewithfriends #family #blackandwhite

Is there anything better than sharing a delicious Mixed Nut Box with a friend? #nuts #cashew #pistachio #almond #delicious #coffeewithfriends

Catching up with a friend over coffee is a morning well spent☕️ Now if only that friend was cool enough to be on Instagram to see this 😉😜👵🏼

Hey everyone! 👋 Just checking in to say, HELLO!
I’m enjoying the last days of sweater-weather in LA. 🌬 This photo was taken in Highland Park just outside Mr. Holmes’ Bakehouse. Highland Park has changed so much since I moved to LA in 2005. There are so many new businesses! I’m happy that Mr. Holmes is here and NOT in Atwater because I just don’t know how much willpower I have against perfectly buttery and crisp croissants. Answer: very little. They make really creative seasonal pastries here as well as stellar classics. Have you been? What was the last thing you tried? 🥐

(Daily 44, 2/365)

You ever have a sense memory? Like one that comes as a feeling more than an actual moment? These trays....I feel like these existed were part of my childhood. But honestly, I'm not quite sure..... (and there...I'm caught up!) #nostalgia #luckyoven #coffeewithfriends

As long as there was coffee in the world, hoe bad can thins go?
#coffeewithfriends #cappuccino #coffeejunctioncafe #ilovecoffee

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