No dejes que la naturaleza se te vuelva “paisaje”! Aprecia cada detalle y cada centímetro de perfección 🌿🍃🌱 | Don’t let nature become a “background”! Appreciate every detail and every inch of perfection 🌿🍃🌱

Single Origin Coffee from El Salvador, Costa Rica & Ethiopia are waiting for you !
Come and get your freshly Tuesday brew coffee !
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De cada flor sale un nudo, de cada nudo sale 1 cereza, de cada cereza salen 2 granos, y de cada grano salen un sin número de historias 🍒☕️ | Every flower brings forth a node, each node becomes 1 cherry, each cherry contains 2 beans, and each bean leads to innumerable stories 🍒☕️

Como todos nuestros perros, Jaial es parte fundamental de nuestro equipo. 🐕 El se encarga de cuidar los cafetales, morder los troncos caídos, y de ser nuestro mejor acompañante! | Like all of our dogs, Jaial is a very important member of our team. 🐕 He is in charge of looking after the coffee trees, biting the fallen trunks, and being our best side kick!

THE GREEN REVOLUTION: the Kenya Kabunyeria case.
During the 1960s, to increase the food production around the world, and meet the demands of an extremely quick expanding population, it became imperative to change the methodologies of agriculture.
These initiatives were called "The Green Revolution" and involved the use of high yielding varieties, higher fertilizers dosages, intensive and mono cropping, the development of highly toxic and life damaging pesticides, among others.
After this changes, the food production increased dramatically in the world, and it is said the over 1 billion people were saved from starvation. Today, this very achievement, though remarkable, has costed us dearly in socioeconomic terms for small farmers, reduction of biodiversity, increase of green house emissions and health issues related to the excessive use of pesticides.
Read the full post on our blog. Link in bio.
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El camino que lleva hacia Atikvah está sembrado con 🍍, lo cual nos proporciona una vista increíble de bienvenida y un ambiente húmedo y rico en azúcares para el café que tenemos cerca! | The road that leads to Atikvah is filled with 🍍, which gives us an incredible welcoming landscape, and very humid soil rich with sugars for the coffee nearby!

Los colores del café: comúnmente se conoce el proceso de maduración de la cereza de verde a vino tinto! Pero existen variedades que maduran de verde a mostaza y en Atikvah somos afortunados de tener ambas 💚💛♥️ | Coffee colors: you commonly see the beans mature from green to deep red! But some varieties mature from green to yellow, and at Atikvah we are very lucky to have all of these 💚💛♥️

🧐 De cerca y personal | 🧐 Up close and personal

A diario vemos facetas de la naturaleza que nos dejan sin palabras y nos reafirman que tenemos el mejor trabajo del mundo ☕️🌿 | We get to see different facets of nature everyday that leave us speechless, and reaffirm that we have just the best job in the world ☕️🌿

Tamp Temper豆單會不定期更新更換👯‍♀️⠀

🇪🇹衣索比亞 哈瑪耶加 ⠀

🇰🇪肯亞 TOP AB 水洗 中焙⠀


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#Arabica coffee comes in many shapes and sizes, about 40 - 50 types actually are currently produced worldwide. Some are hybrids that have been crossed with other varieties to produce better yields or a more desirable profile. Even beans from the same tree can vary in size! ...a bit of bean knowledge to kick start your Monday ☕✌ #coffeesourcing #knowyourcoffee

🍓Dulces regalos de la naturaleza. Nuestras frambuesas silvestres son un refrescante snack mientras recorremos cafetales! | 🍓Sweet gifts of nature. Our wild berries are a refreshing snack as we walk amongst coffee trees!

Think you know your coffee varieties? Check out our latest blog post in bio to review the most popular varieties, and for how to relay that knowledge into a connection with your customers #UrnexComesClean #CoffeeVarieties

✨Granos de Geisha✨en la cosecha de fin de año podremos probar los primeros frutos de este lote. Estamos ansiosos por ver que atributos reflejará en taza! | ✨Geisha beans✨ we will be able to taste the first fruits of this lot during the harvest at the end of the year. We are excited to see what attributes they will bring to cup!

La naturaleza en el centro de todo lo que hacemos, enmarcada en un ámbito de desarrollo: eso es Atikvah! 🍁| Nature at the center of all we do, enveloped in a scope of development: that is Atikvah! 🍁

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