Day 2 of #birthweek ✌🏻new challenges, new places to discover... the day when I had a giant cup of coffee ☕️🙄😊 @giantcoffeeaz

OMG 😍 Thanks for the instagramable cafe places - list to @beakonya
@lucisattheorchard is just so cute! Love the garden, the colors, coffee ☕️ and the nice breakfast! First pumpkin pancakes of my love and simply ahhhh 😍 #coffeetimechallenge2017

Coffee walk with @cariboucoffee 🌴😍☕️

Let's discover the best cafés in Arizona 🌵❤️ I already checked @1865coffee before and I'm so happy that I found it 😍 Best #icedcoffee this year ☕️ #discovertempe #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017

Coffee time #Prague still have new places to discover #phillscorner

That's what I call B R U N C H 😍 á'la #Strasbourg @coffeestub

Half day off means to find a specialty café in da town... The winner is @kaffeekommune in Mainz 😊 Thanks for the avocado sandwich and the delicious coffee - you know how to make me happy 😁☕🚢🇩 #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 🇪

Coffeetime somewhere in Germany 🇩🇪🚢🙈

Coffee time #5senses #freiburg 🇩🇪

Breakfast w @enesseym ☕️😘

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 Finally is back! This is how a perfect day off should go: start with a delicious brunch with latte ☕ (of course with a lot of avocado). Now let's go to the city, it's time for... SHOPPING 😂

Budapest(iek) figyelem! 😊 Nemrégiben nyílt specialty caféban isteni kiszolgálás mellett élvezhetjük a kávét ☕ @flatwhite_budapest
Ha időben érkezem, akkor még egy ebéd is belefér (3ig). Relax kávé mellé még hintázási lehetőség is jár 😁
📍 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 15.
Köszönöm a meghívást @ambrusz_ 😊☕

Tourist mode in Prague w #bff @b.like.barbara
Good start of the day: brunch at @bistro_8_letna with a big cup of coffee ☕ get some energy to walk to the castle 🏰🙌

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 next café what I'm gonna recommend is @bistro.proti.proudu ☕😍
The story started some days ago when I really wanted to go there but unfortunately it was closed (so don't go on Saturday after 6 pm or on Sunday). But then on Monday after work I could drink my lovely #latte . I could choose if I want Columbian coffee or something else (I don't remember correctly what was the other), but definitely one of the best latte in Prague! The staff was really nice as well as yesterday during our soup session 😁 Also I tried the panna cotta, yummy #musttry 😍
You can find them 📍Brezinova 22/471 Praha 8 ☕😻

After a busy morning we just wanted to have a nice brunch nearby... I already checked this place but it's much better than I thought before 😍 My new favorite cafe in #Prague ❤ I liked the atmosphere, nice baristas, yummy food and the most important: delicious and nice coffee ☕ Find here 📍 Kriziskova 105, Praha 8

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 I didn't forget my challenge, next café is @coffeeroomprague
I love cute, small cafes, minimalist style, cactuses 🌵 Unfortunately I missed the breakfast (until 2 pm), but I had a yummy blueberry cake w #latte, you know nothing special 😁
📍 Korunni 1208/74, Prague

Good morning Prague 😍 New chapter in my life, it means new cafes in my #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017
I was traveling the whole night, just wanted the closest specialty coffee place... If you tryna find me just go to the closest&coolest cafe... EMA's @emaespressobar coffee&sandwich made my day, everything's tasty and fresh AF. Couldn't start my day better 😍

Good morning Bangkok ☕ next #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 place ➡ @oneounceforonion

I do anything for a good coffee. 1 hour bus riding in Bangkok, getting lost... Oh, definitely worth it. Our best breakfast and coffee so far in Thailand. Thank you 💋☕

#CoffeeTimeChallenge2017 @themangogarden
5 minutes walk from the port and here you are: Phi Phi's best cafe with a lot of mango 😍 WiFi, air-conditioner, nice staff ☕😊

Good morning ☕🌴 #CoffeeTimeChallenge2017
Coffee tastes like #dunkin in the U.S 😁 So happy to be here. Don't be afraid to get lost... You can find cool places with good coffees. 📍Somewhere far from the tourist places 🌴


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