KINDNESS MINDFULNESS MONDAY // Have a great week... kids are home, Yay!!!

“I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.” —- Louisa May Alcott, Little Women #coffee #coffeegram #coffeeshop #coffeesnob

Where are my coffee lovers? ☕️ To be honest, I enjoy a good cup of joe but often times I find coffee has too much caffeine and I get all jittery and crash hard afterwards if I have it first thing in the morning. 😧 I guess that can be a good thing since I don’t waste calories on all the sugary goodness.. haha. When I do drink coffee, it’s usually an afternoon pick me up. I really LOVE Starbucks cold foam cold brew. YUM! What’s your favorite flavor?

Happy Sunday! Today we came to the London Design Biennale to support Guatemala at the Exhibition Emotional State.
We are very proud with the work of talented Guatemalan designers and architects. Due to their effort, work, talent and creativity Guatemala have won the Public Medal Award 2018. Head designer Diego Olivero and curator Cecilia Santamarina De Orive presented by Olivero & Bland Studio tells the story and impact of Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó. This award is to celebrate Guatemala , its culture, heritage, creativity and diversity.
@london_design_biennale @pintandosantacatarinapalopo
#guatemalacoffee #jewelandkongcoffee #art #london #londondesignbiennale #guatemala #coffeestyle

Who can resist such a cutie pie face? 🙂

National coffee day is just around the corner. .
#coffeeholic #nationalcoffeeday #coffeesnob

Morning ❤

His and hers. #coffeesnob

Bring some friends to @cocoespressobar and order some treats and an americano for that real European coffee experience #Zaza @yorkvillevillage #ciao #coffee #coffeesnob #coffeewithk #toronto #yorkville

@leesorange @lees_sandwiches
vietnamese iced coffee is desperately needed right bout now! ☕☕☕☕☕
ca phe sua da
#vietnamesecoffee #icedcoffee #california #latergram

This week's #coldbrew batch is brought to you by #dutchbros #coffee. #california #coffeesnob

Hey peeps! I’m here and here’s Sunday breakfast 🍳! There’s corn grits (that’s not butter 😂🤣), eggs, uncured low salt bacon, raw tomatoes 🍅 of course and that Turkish blend coffee. Oh and if you’re a diabetic please think about your carb exchanges throughout the day. So I’ve had these corn grits for breakfast which means my lunch will be grain and heavy starch free. I’m having black eye peas for dinner (planning meals really helps you keep your blood sugar level during the day) and since I’m having a starch for dinner I’m keeping lunch light. Oh apparently Spec’s cares about my mornings! I still love @heb but they hurt my feelings when they didn’t have my Ethiopian blend. I cruised by Spec’s yesterday and saw that their grind station also has Turkish blend so I thought I’d give it a try. My coffee ☕️ grinder has gone to the big coffee shop in the sky so until I replace it I’m at the mercy of establishments that have machines for grinding whole beans, something I typically like to do right before brewing (yes, I know how that sounds 😂🤣). Anyway the Turkish blend is DELICIOUS! It smells heavenly. Happy Sunday y’all! #type2diabetes #coffeetalk #coffeesnob #type2fitness #fitafter40 #myheb #moviesmealsandme #lowcarb #steadybloodsugar #diabeticals #corngrits #specsliquor #diabeetus #sundayfunday #carbexchanges #levelbloodsugar

Дорогие друзья, мы решили разыграть среди наших подписчиков 1 бизнес ланч 🥗🥤🥘 и 1 чашку любого кофе ☕️на выбор.
В итоге будет 2️⃣ победителя!
Условия розыгрыша очень простые:
1. Быть подписанным на @petrushka.brasserie
2. Сделать репост данной записи у себя на страничке ( На время проведения розыгрыша ваша страница должна быть открыта!)
3. Отметить под этим постом 3х своих друзей в одном комментарии. Комментариев может быть несколько ( тем самым вы увеличиваете ваши шансы на победу), но друзья не могут повторятся!
4. Каждому участнику, выполнившему все условия, будет присвоен порядковый номер.
5. И 25 сентября мы проведем розыгрыш в прямом эфире с помощью генератора чисел ❗️Всем удачи❗️
🌿Ждём вас с 8:30 до 2:00 в ресторане @petrushka.brasserie 🌿
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