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Props to @brewgallerykc 🔸if you're going to over pour, for heavens sake have a way to collect it 😁

Book reports in coffee shops. 😘

The Q grader program was designed for producers and roasters, but now it’s used by everyone in the industry. It helps you understand a coffee’s quality and roast profile, discover defects, and find ways to improve production, processing, and roasting. Discover more in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind

HOME is where the coffee is @homesf 😌☕️

All of the yes. | My work days always begin with coffee and prayer, because even if you don't like one you need the other(hence this paper). | Cheers to productive mornings! | #chicago #morningslikethese #ccferns #dailycortado

En nuestros #coffeeshops siempre es la hora del café. Sabemos que te dieron ganas de visitarnos 😉. Gracias por la 📷 : @dulceolivolovera

when the coffee & the interiors are equally as good

- repost: @melbourne.coffees


We are glad to know that we are helping more and more businesses focus on their goal and do not have to shed a lot for additional manpwoer cost! We are here for you. Contact us now!

Thinking about this amazing coffee shop and the long weekend ♥️

Morning latte in Kailua💞☕ #coffeeshops #latte #kailua #hawaiilife #riseandshine

¿A veces comienzas a soñar despierto y lo único que ves es tu propia tienda de café? Comienza a organizar tus ideas, cuando menos lo pienses tendrás la oportunidad de hacerlo. Descubre lo que debes considerar para poder abrir tu soñando café👉Link en bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Crédito: @lone.coffee

cheers! 🥂 it's Friday tomorrow ☺️✌🏻 who's ready for the weekend?

Gathering Rounds Coffee House with @maizi_lynn 🌿🌿 it's so very cute. #coffeegram #coffeeshops

🎉🎉🎉 OOOOOOKAY y'all! 🎉🎉🎉 the official pre-sale launch of our @tampabrews mugs is H E R E and we are extra excited to share with you!! we'll be set up at Foundation on Thursday, June 1st from 3-8pm so you can purchase your mug (cash or card) for $10...but wait, THERES MORE!!!!!!! because we love y'all, and we think you're great and deserve some perks, we've teamed up with eleven of our favorite Tampa Bay Area shops to offer $1 off a coffee fill up when you bring in your purchased mug for the first time!!! that means that you will receive $1 off at @foundationcoffeeco / @mountaineercoffee / @getjitterswithit / @gbc_tampa / @concordcoffee / @buttermilkprovisions / @chocolatepi / @belleaircoffeecompany / @thelabcoffeetampa / @urbanbungalow / @designbydegaje the first time you visit with your Tampa Brews mug!!!!! 😍 HOW COOL! pre-order one for pick up at Foundation (on 6/1) by messaging us your email, and we'll request a payment via venmo! #tampabrews #coffee #coffeeshops #tampafl #igers_tampa #visittampabay #mug #coffeemug #localcoffee #buylocal #getjitterswithit #mymountaineer #gingerbeardcoffee #concordcoffee #buttermilkprovisions #chocolatepi #belleaircoffeecompany #thelabcoffee #urbanbungalow #designbydegaje

Could cozy up here all day watching the rain. Instead, I'm curled up on the couch nursing this cold that has taken over my body. Hoping the healing powers of vitamin c and hot tea kick in real soon. 🍵

Should you become a Q grader? Will it really make you a better coffee professional? And see a return on investment? We spoke to several Q graders to find out who this program is for. Find out their advice in today’s article👉Link in bio! #PerfectDailyGrind 📸Credit: @balzacbros

People of Spur 001: Sean and Lauren are delightful humans who are intentional and kind. They love good conversations with good people over good coffee.
They’re both creatives. Sean is a video and audio guru, and Lauren is an event and logistics extraordinaire at a local nonprofit. They both like chai, and laughing, and also each other, which is convenient since they’re sorta married

#coffeeconvos #peopleofspur #coffeeshops #littleton #regulars #favoriteregulars #spurcoffee #spur #espresso #espressobar #humans #cutecouples #chai #chailatte #goodconversations #creativesofspur #creatives

O café dá a energia para começar o dia, aquece as manhãs junto à família, anima amigos reunidos no mundo todo, todos os dias. Por isso, venha juntar essa alegria no Indalo, façamos uma visita e comemore esse dia com a gente! ☕❤️

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