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The girl on the right still has the same smile & blonde hair, BUT less insecurities, less emotional eating, and WAY LESS EXCUSES compared to the me on the left! For me it was always; F-it I should eat whatever I want, I'm too busy today to workout, I'm stressed out and I need pizza, ice cream and chips, I wasn't born to have abs/to be skinny, I'll just have "one" cookie lol, blah blah Blahhh -- excuse after excuse. 😖🙄 BUT then when it came to actually having to put a bikini on, I would feel self-conscience, upset and really hate myself😔 so I could never truly enjoy myself because I would constantly be trying to cover up & avoid pictures AT ALL COST! .. sound familiar? .
STOP ✋🏼 telling yourself lies and let me SHOW YOU how to finally get the results you want! But not only that find BALANCE with food and a love for fitness. Don't wait another summer ~ put your health FIRST this Summer. I will be hosting my next Fit Group: SUMMER SLIM-DOWN beginning Monday July 10th 💪🏻👙🎉 Fill out the form in my bio, email jenevievestruk@gmail.com or comment "👙" if you're interested - registration closes next week !!!! 💪🏻♥️.

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Soğuk kahvesiz yapamayanlar... 🥃🍼

#regram our very own @call_the_barista Monday afternoon brews in the beautiful space @the_sorting_office.

If you're in the area Sophie and the team have an incredible selection of food options available along with some cracking speciality coffee brews.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” —Norman Vincent Peale
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Un excelente café debe ser acompañado por un gran servicio. Sin embargo, la gente no sólo compra café cuando está feliz. También compran café cuando están experimentando angustia, nervios o recuperándose de alguna cirugía. Y eso significa que nosotros, como baristas, necesitamos responder a los clientes de manera diferente. Conoce distintas formas de responder👉Link en bio! #PerfectDailyGrind ☕📸Crédito: @gissellemgg

Já leram o post (primeira parte) sobre onde beber os melhores cappuccino em Lisboa? Link no perfil. Ah, e não se esqueçam de passar no canal de YouTube da @moibyines ☕️

'Hey! No mooring! Liberty Bay, Washington'
Fine Art Prints for sale in the shop!
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Пожалуй , три неотъемлемые составляющие жизни Амстердама 🇳🇱это: блядство, разврат и наркотики 🙈#улицакрасныхфонарей , где в витринах можно увидеть жрец любви на любой вкус , симпатичные из них, однако, лишь славянки 🤷‍♀️👩🏼. А в так называемых #coffeeshops , можно легально отведать травки ☘️. Ну и безусловно, невозможно не отметить многочисленные водные каналы 🛶 и красивые узенькие домики 🏘❤️. Si yo pudiera decir solo unas palabras sobre #Amsterdam tendrían que ser: #prostitution , #marijuana , #watercanal and #narrowhouse , ah si, y muchas turistas , sobre todo extraños😅P.S.: compañía con la que viajas también es muy importante 😉#netherlands #redlightdistrict #traveling #viajeros #russiantravel #russiangirl #amsterdamcity #igersmallorca #spainblogger #spaintravel #igersbalears #gentedepalma #travellife #holland #nederland #амстердам #eurotrip

We have totally been reminiscing on our trip to Montreal last year, but are super excited that we can finally bring Canada to us! We love having our Tim Horton's coffee in the morning! Now all we need are some Timbits and we are set! #contest @influenster @timhortons #timhortonscoffeeus

Summers in Honolulu. 💐☕️ .
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As much as I'd love to think Tanya's perfect smile was from the joke I cracked - I'm pretty sure it's actually due to the large latte sitting in front of her...and who can even blame her ☕️

Spending the weekend in the city?! Here's a recap of tasty ideas of places to dine and things to do when you can't make it to the beach on a hot summer day! Healthy and delicious choices to consider when going out for a picnic or looking to cool down with a refreshing cocktail on a sunny afternoon 🍹🍉🍔💚. #TastyTuesdays #DoseOfDaisy #HealthIsWealth #NYCEats 1. Pack a picnic to Central Park (Tip- @wholefoods conveniently located @ Columbus Circle across from the park) 2. @balzemnyc for a delicious Mediterranean lunch while enjoying freshly squeezed OJ & mimosas 3. @publichotels Rooftop for a beautiful view of NYC & #Frosé 4. @ubknyc in #Soho for a hip brunch! 5. @perasoho for the most refreshing cucumber splash to cool down after an afternoon of shopping in Soho. 6. @ascentloungenyc for late night freshly pressed and infused #cocktails in midtown west.

I have a hard time believing simple truths sometimes. I have a hard time trusting things that I should be able to trust. And sometimes I'll put my trust in things that I really shouldn't.
I ESPECIALLY have a hard time believing this one particular part in scripture (the very book that IS Truth) that says, "on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10). If it's in the Bible it should be the easiest thing to trust—so why is it so hard to believe? I think because knowledge doesn't equate belief. I could present all the evidence in the world and it still wouldn't change a mind set on his or her beliefs. And that's because the relationship between trust and belief are really a matter of the heart.
If it's supposed to be "on earth as it is in heaven" than why doesn't it seem like it? When I think of heaven I think of perfect peace, perfect community, perfect stability, perfect health, perfect love. If that's what heaven is, why isn't that the case in our lives?
I think it's because we haven't gotten to the true meaning of the scripture. The verse never said heaven was on earth; it said "on earth as it is IN heaven." The verse is about bringing the reality of heaven down TO earth—and that is only possible by knowing that paradise is not found in this world. In fact, your heaven, your satisfaction, your fulfillment, your joy, your happiness, whatever it may be, is seated at the right hand of the thrown of God (Acts 7:55-56). The only one that can fulfill the longing you have, and the satisfaction you desire, is Jesus Christ. And the way you get that Heaven on this Earth is to know that your fulfillment is found first in Him before it comes down here. So if you truly want to experience joy on earth, first find the One that is the very essence of the word. And I have good news for you, He wants you more than you can even imagine. Invite Him in my friends. I promise it's worth it! 💖 #SpiritInsight
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Winter mornings making it basically impossible to get outa bed 🛌
Who needs a coffee now?☕ #coffeeshops #morningcoffee #cafegoals #wintermornings #visualhunt

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