If you’re in Coffs down at the #jetty head around to the south break wall where you’ll find Sam from @thevalleyblend and her delicious coffee. Great view watching the water and whales too. As for the coffee, what can I say it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I’ve sampled coffees from road side vendors before which taste like standard store bought stuff that the vendors are jus trying to make a buck from, but this blend was different - my cappuccino was surprisingly silky on my tongue, not acidic or bitter, and left a nice feel and after taste. Thoroughly enjoyed the cup sipping slowly while watching a sail boat in the harbour. Small slice of private heaven carved out of my early afternoon. Loved it, thanks Sam! #coffeenut #loveagoodcoffee #thevalleyblend #coffscoast #localmade #supportlocal

“All you need is 💗. But a little 🍫 now and then doesn’t hurt.” -Charles M. Schultz

KeepCup in the wild ☕️

These arms carry so much through my day. My sweet daughter, bags of groceries, loads of laundry so you bet your “behind” 🍑 I’m building these puppies up! “The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell”

Very regrettably, it seems that removing coffee from the equation has also removed my bizarro eye twitch ☺️😭
Those of you who have been following along will know that I had some this weekend and aside from acting like #rocketfuel for my workout 😎 it also gave me back a mini twitch. Dammit. So I guess I’ll start saving these for a rainy day....which is probably most days now in London so maybe it’ll have to be a special occasion instead 😂😂 brunch counts as a special occasion right??!?
Bye best friend 👋🏽
#nojudgementplease #oatmilklatte #coffeewithdrawals

When @ashrunwald and @zigglalberts hang out they talk the talk and walk the walk

#earthbottles #teatotty #coffeenut #lovewhatyoudo #walkthewalk

Enjoying a cup made with the Chemex of this juicy, bright coffee my mom brought back from her travels in BC. Thanks, Mom! 💜
#morningfuel #morningbrew #chemexcoffee #bestwaytostarttheday #coffeealways #kenyacoffee #baristalifestyle #coffeenut #tiredmommy #fueledbycoffee #type1diabetic #monogramcoffee #thanksmom

You guys...sometimes I forget it wasn’t always this way.
I’ve had one of those mornings... Where everything felt like total chaos—a sleepless night, early wake up call, tantrums, and sibling fights.
Maybe it would’ve been easier not to squeeze in my workout?

But it was the perfect reminder that I needed to stop and just find one small thing to be grateful for...today that was that I only had to walk down two flights of stairs to my gym.💗 Sometimes I need that reminder of how stuck I felt.
Spending hours at the gym.
Feeling guilty I was missing out on another opportunity to be with my kids.
Maybe not always ideal to be climbed on or having to stop and break up a fight, but I showed up another day. 👊🏻 And they are always my best little cheerleaders.❤️

Los domingos son mejores si se tiene café en mano. 🤤

Food today with @lucyalicejohnson at one of our favourite and most frequented brunch spots in London Bridge. Also had all the coffee following my break from it this week and ohmygod I have all the shakey energy right now - gonna go put that ‘alternative preworkout’ to some good use in the gym 💪🏽💪🏽
Who else is gymming today and what are you training??
#weekendbrunching #shouldersaturday

Un café con alma, disfruta en casa lo mejor de la selva ecuatoriana.

Late night roasting. Looking good.
What are you waking up to in the morning?
#thirdwavecoffee #espresso #tentmakercoffee #behmor #coffee #coffeegeek #coffeenut #coffeeaddict #homeroaster #homeroasting

A little after the fact, but I loved this moment.
After a one hour drive out of Rome, we arrived at this little country town, 9 ladies in our wedding get up, and wandered into a coffee shop. All the country locals looked a little shocked.
90 euro cent for a delicious espresso...So. Good.
#weddingsinitaly #italianwedding #basilicasantelia #espresso #coffee #coffeeshop #caffe #coffeenut #travels #latergram #morecoffeelesstalkie @monanunez___ @augustuscigna @sarascibinetti

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