Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. ☕️ - Leonardo da Vinci #ShotoniPhone

Ordered their signature pork toast every time I visit


Outdoor breakfast under the nice weather

An enticing renovated shop front

Coffee is always a good idea. 📸👀 - Anonymous #ShotoniPhone

#uglylatteart is brought to you by Dav. It's been over 4 months since I tried producing some latte art. Stop in and have Ceilidh @aboutaplanecrash make you something special. Remember tip your Barista. @fscommonground @messengercoffee #latteart #barista #coffee #commonground #fscommonground #makingart #CoffeeNArt #coffeeuniverse #fortscottkansas

'Make me good coffee' 😊 Наверно, так и надо делать заказ ⛾ А пока - я вторую пятницу налетаю на Бариста 🙈 Сегодня @dayasov нашаманил мне Эфиопию Ненсебо. Не пил - впитывал каждый глоточек. 💣 Немножко кислинки кураги и черный чай. 👏 А меж тем Мужчины обкатывали настройки эспрессо. Вот так вот!

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