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Coffee art wth Totoro & the Gang! ☕️
By @lichipan
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Avocado latte's are a thing
Tonight on the show we chat to the guy behind it #coffee #avocado #coffeelover #cafe #foodstagram
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Hidden Sugars raise blood sugar and can cause cravings, weight gain and weight loss resistance. This product is sold as gluten free and milk free and "natural". I took one bite and said "this is loaded with hidden sugars" It's amazing what the body can detect when you eat real food. Your body will rise to whatever occasion you lead it to whether it be healthy or unhealthy. Obviously, I know its processed but my kids fell for the labeling. Sugars I found are Pineapple, sugar and organic cane sugar, Maple syrup, cherry powder & pineapple juice) with 5 g of sugar total per serving) Our food addiction makes food companies billions of dollars not to mention the stomach and health problems that come with it. I'm not perfect, I'm learning and exploring the difference between real food and processed foods. One small change in your diet can make you feel amazing.

#Repost thank you @carrieb for the photo. It brings back our childhood memory. ・・・
「小時候媽媽教我照雞蛋,現在你看看,照杯子都可以呀。」店長@tommy822 如此道。



Some of my favourite things

@dizzycaitlin was excited to hear about patios that can be used as open air offices before the heat hits us bad. Sorry Caitlin first patio post isn't in its working mood. It's in the mood for hitting M50 with awesome @octoyooyoo and discovering half of the coffee places of this art district (didn't make it through the other half). They all have put at least couple of chairs outside where you can sit - in the sun or shadow, you decide, options are plentiful. Some have pretty big tables, some don't. Some are proper high quality coffee, one are literally just a convenience store - but with an awesome sitting area. Your only real issue in this situation is lack of power outlets.
The coffee spot in the picture here is called Stable Coffee - they are not so sure themselves. It's actually a tattoo parlor. Ages ago I ran into some Italians who told me it's one of the best coffee spots in the city, started by these tattoo studio owners, husband and wife, just as a hobby. The taste was good indeed, so was the price - 20 for iced latte. There's one tiny chair outside and several tables inside. Dark-ish and very artsy unique atmosphere. Wait, since when artsy is something unique at M50 Art District? I take it back.

I'm gonna continue with M50 coffee places, right about now. But next one, I promise, is more work friendly.

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#ParkHouse_DXB is serving your favourite coffee from 8 am. Take away available.

Afternoon coffee time is the best time of the day! 😋Wouldn't you agree!?..😉#longblackcoffee #sensorylab #melbourne #coffeeaddict #coffeelover #afternooncoffee #foodie #melbournefoodie

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