I have never been so nervous to share results from a program.

And not because my body didn’t change. But because it changed so drastically week to week that i don’t think before and after photos are fair. And because mentally I was never in such a weird place in life not only from the workouts but from adulting and turning 28 and feeling lost and well blah 😂

LIIFT 4 is my new go-to program && it should totally be yours too if you want a major transformation in only 4 days a week— but i mean MAJOR 💕

SO let me share a few things if you want to know more—

I bet you’ve heard it before. The struggle to maintain a positive body image while also making HUGE gains. I can without hesitation tell you that struggle is SO REAL. So incredibly real that some weeks in the mirror I looked worse than the photo on the left only to magically transform into the gal on the right just by cutting carbs for 2 minutes and pushing play on my regularly scheduled program (yeah that’s how cray cray your mind can get when your body changes that much!) My body composition is ENTIRELY different. I have never had this many muscles in my life. Which is really fcking cool- because I don’t even look manly- which is what all girls worry about when you pick up weights. Am I right?

My mental game is also ENTIRELY different. Now I do find it harder to look in the mirror daily. I nitpick more about what’s changed and what annoyingly hasn’t changed because now i know what muscles I’m working on daily. I check the scale more than I’d like to admit. I cry and feel lost. And honestly I binge eat more than I ever have to cope. But the physical transformation actually reminds me my mind will catch up.

So what I learned: •lift weights like a girl! You deserve to feel your own kind of strong
•prepare yourself to mentally change while physically changing. It’s ok to go through some sh!t and come out stronger
•find something that works for your schedule. 4 days a week is exactly what I needed to stay on track. You may prefer to be on all 7 days a week
•talk to someone. You need a buddy or 7 to keep you pushing yourself harder on the hard days


A little girl time today was just what we needed! Pretend recitals, fixing our hair and making emoji markers!! There was once a time I was not sure I’d love being a girl Mom but God had other plans in store and I’m so thankful! There are so many moments in my life such as this where regardless of my confidence about the situation, the Lord’s plans were different and boy am I glad!
Twins, moving across the country, starting a photography business, I never thought I was someone who enjoyed at home workouts and DEFINITELY not someone who would start a coaching business from home! I couldn’t be more thankful for his hand in my life in all of these situations and so many more. Through this coaching opportunity I have gained:
✚ life long friends
✚ incredible travel opportunities
✚ a renewed sense of confidence & drive
✚ an extra stream of income
✚ an opportunity to set a lasting example for my children .
And this was with little to no experience, no overhead costs and a small physical transformation!
My team and I are hosting an Online Sneak Peek into coaching this week where we share what is we do as coaches, how we earn an income & trips, what is required & answer questions!

One of those days when I’ve already been to Target TWICE! Thank goodness they have @starbucks! ☕️ #imonamission #organizethismess

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Who says fairytales do not exist! Everyday I wake up and drink a potion made from magic beans that bring me back to life! #coffee #magicbeans #coffeeismylovelanguage #hotstuff

The best part of waking up... is my Keto Coffee in my cup! ✨ Seriously you guys, it’s the reason I become a human being in the morning instead of staying a mom-zombie throughout the day! Plus it’s burning fat while I drink it! 🖤
I’ve got ✌🏻 spots left for my 90 day Skinny Coffee challenge! Comment ☕️ below or dm me for more info. .
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"The best thing about working at Foster is being able to interact with people I may not have otherwise interacted with. I’ve met some of the nicest and friendliest people while working here. I also have developed wonderful friendships with my co-workers who are all amazing!" - Shannon Maginity (Foster barista)⠀
Photo: @joemattesonphotography

Sometimes coffee with friends is all the therapy you need! The stunning purple blooms were just a bonus. This reminds me... time for a manicure 😜
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It’s officially Autumn!! This is my favorite season, weather-wise. Give me all the hoodies, hot apple cider, gorgeous leaves, and all things Fall! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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A little Saturday love from The Human Bean🧡 #staycaffeinated#caramelmacchiato #coffeeismylovelanguage

Happy Fall y’all! This is my absolute FAVE time of year. Kicking it off with a pumpkin spice latte and dreaming of all things FALL. 🍁🍂 (Now we just need some cooler weather here in TX.😳) What do you love most about this time of year?! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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First week back at work for me, and we’re still all smiles! It took more organization I thought possible, a supportive family, a great daycare, and a husband who is willing to do anything to make this work. Oh, and lots of coffee... #workingmama #coffeeismylovelanguage

Sometimes my sweet husbands job pulls him away from us unexpectedly (read: all of the time). Most times it’s a shift stretched out past dinner. Often times it’s a call in the middle of the night, weekend or holiday. Once in awhile it’s an unexpected trip. Every time...we worry. Every time we lose sleep while our minds race...praying for his safe return. Every time we understand. EVERY TIME we are filled with pride because we know he answers valiantly to the call of duty. When he returns...is he tired? Yes, but you wouldn’t know it. Is he heartbroken, frustrated, angry? Of course. Still you wouldn’t see those emotions. He comes home to us in one piece...body, mind, soul & heart. This blessing is not lost on me. He is our hero. Also...once in a while, he selflessly surprises his tired, worried wife with her absolute favorite coffee!! ☕️ Our hero is home and life is good again. Thank you @buffalo_police_dept for taking such excellent care of our detective. 💙 He could not stopped talking about your incredible hospitality, beautiful new department...annnnnnd the FOOD. Thank you!! #thinblueline #thinbluelinefamily #timhortons #cometofloridatimmy #coffeeismylovelanguage

Happy Satnite👩‍👧‍👧sobat_kopi☕️ It’s not how big the house is, it’s how Happy the home is.. ‘tak ada kekayaan atau kesuksesan yg bisa menggantikan waktu yg di habiskan bersama keluarga’ #kopimalam#kopihitam#wedangkopi# #kopinusantara#kopirobusta#kopihitam# #penikmatkopi#pecintakopi#coffeeart# #coffeeholic#coffeeismylovelanguage# #coffeeismagic#coffeetimeismytime☕️

Did a different twist on the #coffeeholic shirt! What do you think? Anything for my dil! @urbanhousevenue is in Henderson and their coffee is amazing! #coffeeismylovelanguage #supportlocalbusiness

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