hello three months of nashville living. yes.

Love is in the air and it smells like coffee☕️♨️♨️#happysunday

Heads up, Natural Red Caturra fans! A freshly roasted batch of this coffee -- one of our most popular naturals -- is at @islandbrewalamoana.
To make it, we pick ripe coffee cherries from the Red Caturra variety, then sun dry them. Or, if it looks rainy, we transfer them to the mechanical dryer. This photo shows the cherries sun drying on wooden racks.
Want to try some but you’re not in Hawaii? We can roast and ship to you. Just click the link in our bio.
Photo credit: @suzukitaroh

Sometimes its okaay to have a hangover night, with alot of smoking and partying,
Afterall in the next morning you will wakeup with alot of good memories from last night, and drunk photographs, and alot of new friends!

Enjoying a moment forgeting your present, past, or future gives a break to our mind to enjoy for a bit!

From the rash and dash of the busy life to the enjoyment with drunken eyes are the best part of the life that can ever happen to us.....
Even the boss does it once😂

After schl life we get to face alot of problems, obbstacles, and challenges its time for us to enjoy it now, cause u k everyone says schl life is the best!😍 #morningthoughts💭 #hangovermornings #schllifestories #gonnamissit #coffeedays #hardwork #tirednights #partyingnights #drunkennights

Así se vivió la celebración de nuestro aniversario 🎉, con la compañía de familiares, amigos y mucha buena vibra 💖. Gracias de corazón por este primer año 💙.
#elcafedetusojos #primeraniversario

#BehindTheScenes: One of the best things about the start of harvest season is experimenting before new crop really starts rolling in -- such as this small batch of dry-fermented coffee.
With this processing method, we use as little water as possible to move coffee cherries through the pulper (the machine that strips the fruit's skins from the seeds). Saving water is good, but there’s a problem: It's hard to control the temperature and speed of fermentation. For example, the pile of fermenting seeds is a lot hotter in the center than on the surface. This results in uneven flavors.
So why mess with this method? When we’ve cupped past experiments, some batches have tempted us with more mouthfeel and sweetness. We’re thinking of ways to maximize those characteristics and minimize inconsistencies. If we get it right, you’ll get to taste it!

2-3p, coffee hr. Minus the coffee shop using home office #convience #coffeedays #imvucafes

Carlota Expresso para despertar esta dulce mañana 💖.
Déjate consentirte en #elcafedetusojos.
#espresso #mornings

"No I'm not color blind, but (sometimes) the world is black and white and I try to keep an open mind." - John Mayer

Coffee Diary ‘18.08.17
Drawing 18_016
Tokyo Morning begins with Coffee.
#coffeedays #coffee #onedayartclub #HAVEAGOODTIME #illustration #レシートに描き続けている #illustration

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