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Back to basics ❤️

What kind of conversation do you prefer my birds ? 🐥❤️ Coffee talk or Pillow talk.
They should both be warm, and sweet.... Have a beautiful day ☕️🍼🍩🍇🍎

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One of the first ever coffee shops I've been to on my first trip to #NYC three years ago... and I always love coming back! ☕️ #coffee

I realize that the last few pictures I posted have been pictures of coffee cups. That’s how I fill most of my days; by sitting in front of my laptop, with a cup of coffee by my side, working.

I kinda like it this way. Life is so much simpler when you love the things you do, so much so that you can, quite simply, get lost in them…

2 years ago around this time, we launched our Original Black nitro cold brew coffee in kegs. 1 year ago, we launched our Original Black in cans so you can take it on-the-go, have it at home, and share it with friends. We’ve been overwhelmed and are so grateful for all the support and feedback we’ve received so far on all of it.
Today, we're launching two new nitro cold brew coffees: our Seasonal Nitro Lemonade Coffee and Nitro Blood Orange Coffee.
Over this last year, we spent early mornings and late nights playing with new blends and flavors at our brewery and sharing them with our cafe customers in the LES to get direct feedback from those who matter most. While we have plenty of new products in the pipeline to share with all of you in the next few months, our customers were so excited about the Nitro Lemonade Coffee and Nitro Blood Orange Coffee -- so, had to get these out NOW.
So what about them? Our Nitro Lemonade Coffee is cold brewed with freshly-squeezed, organic lemons and reminds us of a nitro coffee-infused Arnold Palmer. It screams late summer baseball games, picnics at the beach, and your childhood memories at the lemonade stand... but with a smooth, caffeine fix for us adults. Our Nitro Blood Orange Coffee is cold brewed with freshly-squeezed, organic blood oranges – envision stopping by your favorite, local farm-stand one morning for a refreshing, yet sophisticated, nitro-coffee-infused blood orange juice. The taste is quite unique. The first sip will give you a tongue quench with the following sips proving to be quite delicious.
Both flavors are organic, non-gmo, low in organic sugar, and kosher – And, they have a light, pleasant after-taste, only to bring you back for more.
Just like when we started in our NYC apartments 2 years ago, our goal has always been to make high-quality, great-tasting beverages with the healthiest ingredients we can source.
Keep an eye out in the next few months for what's next. We have a lot in store for you!
We love feedback always and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
Grant, Jarrett, Justin & Hudson

Sono una buona forchetta, su questo non ci sono dubbi. Capirete quindi con molta facilità quale sia la mia routine in vacanza: procurarmi del cibo!! 😆
Che detta così suona un po' strana ma la verità è che adoro girare per botteghe alla ricerca delle più disparate delizie.
Arrivati in Sardegna, il primo giorno, siamo ovviamente corsi a comprare un'infinità di prodotti tipici.
Formaggio, pane guttiau, seadas e ancora dolci di ogni tipo per la colazione e per tutte le ore del giorno (in foto potete vedere quelli con la ricotta ma vado matta anche per gli acciuleddi con il miele 🙈), ravioli dolci, zuppa cuata... (se non conoscete queste prelibatezze ditemelo nei commenti e ve le racconto).
Perché se per un intero anno faccio la brava, in vacanza… non ho ritegno! 🙈
Così come lascio andare vacanti le mie giornate, allo stesso modo lascio il via libera al mio appetito.
E questo vuol dire puntualmente rientrare con un paio di kg in più… di felicità 🤗
Perché per me vacanza vuol dire meno regole, zero impegni e nessuna imposizione.
E voi #teamclosette, vi lasciate andare come me o siete sempre bravissime e ligie al “dovere”? Raccontatemelo nei commenti e, nel caso, mi raccomando, non tralasciate i vostri segreti per riuscirci 😎

Starting the morning off right. Repost courtesy of @colibri.koffiehaus




New coffee Beans
Costa Rica Herbazu SL28
1kg- ¥16,930

#coffee #coffeebeans


Thank you @cbellastella for my farm fresh eggs. My breakfast was delightful this morning. ❤️

Toffe naam, leuke zaak, goede koffie punt. ☕️ 1 double shot cappuccino, alsjeblieft.. Thanks, @ninebarrotterdam! Meer over deze koffiespot op 88 Food (link in bio) ✌🏽️

We are delighted to announce we have been nominated for:
- Favourite festival purchase
- Best social media presence
At the 10th Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Awards!
Follow the link in our bio to vote for all the awards categories and receive discounted tickets for doing so! We would be chuffed to bits if you could scroll to the very bottom of the list for 'fave fezzy purchase' and select us 😉😉
Thanks as usual for all your support through another hectic and amazing year! 🤞
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The kid's been sipping on iced coffee over in London while we're all sitting here in the miserable cold winter. #Rude. She assures us that she's missing us though. #YeahRight
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