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This is Tom. He comes into the coffee shop a few times a day. If you're a Carterville local you've probably seen him walking the streets. He lets us know of any funny business going on in the neighborhood so don't get any ideas to do something crazy cuz Tom be watchin you 👀... We love him and we especially love his shirt today. He calls it his Michael Jackson shirt and we don't think it could be any cooler. Check. it .ouuuuuuut.

Rise + grind. ☕️ (📸: @designjunkie77)

HOME is where the coffee is @homesf 😌☕️

Why am I drinking coffee late at night 😂☕️ #coffeeaddiction #nevertolate #caramellatte

Duas coisas que amo nessa vida: medicina e café!! Segue uma imagem pra quem quiser fazer em casa, aproveita e fala aí no comentário seus preferidos!!
Os meus são expresso, hawaiano e caribenho.
#padrãoouro #teamcérebro #coffeeaddiction #coffee #medicinacomcafé #coffeelvers #medicina


#gutenmorgenwelt Wir sind heute schon seit 4:00 wach, die Mini wollte den Feiertag einfach zu 120% auskosten. 😉Mama hat dann aber gestreikt und der Mann war mein Schlafretter in der Not. Er ist ganz heldenhaft um 5:00 mit der Mini aufgestanden! #dasmussliebesein Apropos beste Apfelmarmelade ever von der Familie Leeb!

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365 Coffees of 2017
Office espresso machine lactose free latte, made with the special edition Easter Blend from @camposcoffee. Tasting notes of blackcurrant, tropical fruit, lime citrus and holidays.

Coffee getting fancy

Lunch never looked so good, come down to World Square, 814/680 George St, to enjoy a delicious lunch we have a variety of options #PenneMarinara

Guess I will make me some iced coffee and sit out on my porch!

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