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Ever hear that saying --"either run the day or the day runs you"? Mmm yeah, it's totally true & not just relative to time management but emotional management too!

Let's talk about my day yesterday! I let the day dang near ruin me! I started my day in a rotten mood & my entire day was a reflection of that one decision!💥 Yes, that's what I said --- DECISION --- !! I chose my mood as soon as I rolled out of bed & I had the power to adjust it all day, but guess what? I never did! So my whole day suffered!💫

Happiness is a CHOICE! Anger, frustration, sadness, those are choices too! Life is HARD! I am going through some pretty big stuff right now. But at the end of the day, I control my attitude and my responses!

What I {{you}} tell yourself every single day will either lift you 🆙 or tear you down!🗯️

Today I CHOOSE happy! What about you?

Who else can not live without caffeine ☕️My go to Is coffee, I also drink a lot of teas, they help me with my fluid intake for the day. I am terrible about drinking water. How do you achieve your fluid intake for the day ? Comment your fav caffeine fix.
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Shout out to wifi, coffee, and ambition!

Are we right? It's all about finding the things that drive us forward. What's yours?

Garfield on my coffee cup! It’s a good morning. #coffeecoffee #fairfax #garfield

Holy Moly Batman, I cannot believe that Phase 3 is in full motion...where has the time gone?!?! Over half way & loving my results, I have NEVER felt stronger 💪🏻 then I do right now! I continued to be amazed at what my body is capable of doing. No I do not have a six pack...yet 😉 BUT my abs are strong & I’m seeing some major gains overall!! So far I’m ⬇️ 10lbs & 15 inches, 🚫 pills, 🚫 cleanses, 🚫wraps, 🚫depriving my body of nutrients 👎🏻 just hard work 😓 whole nutritious foods 🍎🥑🥦🍗 (eating almost 2000 calories a day 😜) these are the results that last, these are the learned habits that set you up for a healthy life, simple as that...move your body & eat Whole Foods! 🛑 looking for a quick fix, trying another fad diet, do the work & you will get the results you want #toughlove #letsbereal

Enjoying a much-needed coffee break with my sister...and soaking up the first rays of sunshine for days 😎🌞☕ #stressrelief #sisterlove #bananabread #coffeeaddiction #vienna

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