“I’m not saying it was aliens... but it was aliens.”

Argenis’s tribute to Los Tigres Del Norte.

Little turbo.


Couple tats in chi town. Place was awesome #codeofconducttattoo

Some colorful flowers from the other day.

Fun walk in from This past week end. My version of the band SOD”s logo🤟🏼.

So I did something this summer and realized that I never got the chance to post about it! My first tattoo! Thanks to @codeofconducttattoo for having time for my walk-in arse. Truly needed to get a Chicago-themed tattoo while I was still in the city right before hauling my arse out to CT for a few months. #tattoo #tattoos #firsttattoo #chicagotattoo #codeofconducttattoo

Working on some simple hand gestures.

Worked on this little church tower today.

HEALED Rizzo. From Grease!

Added a rose to this awesome 3/4 sleeve I’ve been working on. 🤙🏼


I made a little Valentine’s Day flash page. If anyone would like to get one of the flowers. Call the shop Tues-Sat 2-9pm to talk to me. 🧐

Lounging around. Making landscapes and watching Planet Earth 2 🤫. Swipe over to see the progress video. 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼

#Repost @ryan.stuh.graham with @get_repost
Special prints of the throatmagic cover from @_rafaelcorona. 15 were made. If you don't have 1 yet, pray.
#LFN #lastfantasticnasty #throatmagic #chicago #chicagomusic #art #artprints #rockandroll #limitededition #codeofconducttattoo

Added a couple swallows next to @jtrippi88 Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea sleeve I completed 3 years ago. 👉🏼 swipe over to see his arm. Thanks for looking and happy Monday.!

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