Pues estaba viendo código lyoko y quise dibujar a odd della robbia😀😝. (Si, por si no lo sabiais soy muy fan de esta serie) #codelyokoiscomingback

"Torre Desactivada"

CHARACTER: Aelita Schaeffer

#codelyoko #codelyokoaelita #codelyokofanart
#codelyokoxana #codelyokoiscomingback

season 1 episode 2 - Seeing is Believing
ugh I’m so tired, I️ had a Model UN conference this past weekend and now I️ have a test and a DBQ I️ have to study for

now I know the girl / I should’ve known / now I know the love I should’ve shown / and I pulled you in but you pushed me out

I got a great report card, guys!’ I’m happy!!

season 3 episode 66 - William Returns
guys I'm so tired and it's only the third week of school

I never really / understood the way / you laid your eyes / on me in ways / that no one ever could

currently obsessed with this song rn!!

season 2 episode 41 - Ultimatum
sooo let's not talk about my absence...

season 2 episode 45 - Cold War

I'm going to California in a few days!! 😄

"it's enough to be young and in love"
this is currently my favorite song sooooo

season 4 episode 86 - Canine Conundrum

I'm back, bitches!! sorry for the long inactivity, I've been busy but IM HERE NOW

season 3 episode 59 - The Secret

happy Fourth of July to my 'murcia followers!! 🎉
also, let's appreciate Aelita's face in the last shot omg

little angel / trapped inside a dream / little angel / you're my precious thing
thank you to @yaboi_akachan for providing me with this quote! 😊😊
this is inspired by XANA taking over aelita's life and memories and her self, so aelita is the "little angel" and she's XANA's "precious thing" because he needs her to escape the computer

season 1 episode 5 - Big Bug
guys I have an amazing sock tan line on my ankle, loving it

"we have many options, but failure is not one of them"
thank you to @thecodeseeker for giving me this awesome quote to use for my edit! if any of YOU have a quote or song lyric that you think I should put in an edit go to me previous post and comment it!! ❤️

season 1 episode 7 - Image Problem
sorry I haven't been posting, I just finished my final tests though sooo I'll be posting more 😊😊

how do you feel? / what's your condition? / you are alive / but are you living?
last week of school but finals got me like 😒

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