Give your own bathroom a natural update with BLOOMR Coconut Charcoal 😍 Your smile will never be the same 😁 Get yours now at www.bloomrstore.com 😊 And as always: Not Happy = Money Back 😉! #Bloomr #charcoal #activatedcharcoal #coconutcharcoal #whiteteeth #bamboo #natural #health #organic Picture by @merel_pics_photography

Black Tea Clayey is made with a base of coconut charcoal and infused with tea tree, fresh lemons, witchazel and patchouli!
Black Tea Clayey retails for: ₱325/tub

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Happy Wellness Wednesday, Loves! 🌱
Today, we’re getting ACTIVATED!

We’ve all been obsessed with the colorful array of Face Masks every Wellness platform has been featuring in their beauty & wellness routines. Similar to Turmeric (another GG fave, which we covered previously in your #wellnesswednesday series), Activated Charcoal has changed the Face Mask game but why are we stopping at just Black clay masks? Let’s make the inside beautiful too!

In continuing to promote Wellness as far more than a SKIN DEEP trend, let’s get into the true magic of Activated Charcoal: Those of us who’ve used #ActivatedCharcoal in our beauty routines know it is MUCH different from regular, inactivated, “you’ve been naughty this Christmas” coal. Activated Charcoal is produced by exposing natural materials such as coconut (my personal fave) or bamboo to extremely high temperatures in an airless environment. Through this process, the charcoal develops millions of tiny pores that are able to bind to and absorb toxins at a great volume, which are then expelled from the body. Because of this extremely high porosity and absorbability, Activated Charcoal has been used for Purification, Detoxification, and Healing for centuries!

Ingesting Activated Charcoal offers insane Medicinal benefits including Eliminating Bloating & Gas, Relieving Gastrointestinal (tummy) Issues, Aiding in Digestion , Counteracting Food Poisoning, Eliminating Bad Breath, Whitening Teeth & Promoting Gum Health (when used brushing), Counteracting Drug Overdose & Chemical Poisoning! Activated Charcoal can easily be found in Capsule or Powdered form at your local #WholeFoods, #Tradersjoes, #gnc, or #vitaminshoppe. My personal favorites are @NaturesTruth Activated Charcoal Capsules and @CountryLifevitamins Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder.
NOTE: There is a bit of a downside to the magic of Activated Charcoal. Due to its high detoxifying and absorbing properties, you HAVE TO WAIT 1 to 2 hours between taking Activated Charcoal and any other medication or supplement because it will bind to your medication and expel it from your body, so please wait!
How do you make your inside Beautiful too?
Xo, P

Continuation of Coconut Charcoal................ which is use for
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How to process the Coconut Charcoal
#CoconutCharcoal ................. Is used for #shishachacoal #barbecuechacoal #bbqcharcoal #sawdustcharcoal #sawdustbriquettecharcoal #briquettecharcoal #charcoalbriquette For more enquiry............WhatsApp no:08145979953 Email: shotubos3@gmail.com

Activated Coconut Charcoal absorbs toxins while lemon is alkalizing and cleansing 🥥🌑✨ Press reset and cleanse with Sol-ti as you restore your energy levels toward achieving vibrant health 🌱☀️ #bestinglass #drinksolti #letyourselfshine

We're the real reason why Nature is called known as Mother 😉

Her smile is goals 😍 @tamarhope

Do people regularly ask you how you get your teeth so white? No? Then you need to start thinking about rubbing some charcoal ashes from coconut shells on them! Seriously @bedrockandbloom product, Smart Ash has saved our smiles! All natural, organic, and - of course - vegan, this is a whitening product that has reduced our teeth sensitivity and can replace traditional toothpastes! A 1.2 oz container is $30 but lasts FOREVER! Try it. You won’t regret it! #teethwhitening #toothpaste #vegan #coconutcharcoal #smartash #veganisalifestyle #veganbeauty #veganhealth #veganteeth #crueltyfree #plantbased

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When You're in Sumatra

Bukit Tinggi has many kinds of culinary that you can explore. One of them is Sate Padang. It made from beef meat or beef tongue. Both of them have different taste. Whatever your choices, both are delicious for me😘. I never ate Sate Padang with red sauce before. In Jakarta I always see yellow sauce for Sate Padang.

Surprisingly the red sauce was delish. Not too spicy for me, even my youngest daughter who can't stand spicy food like it.
The other one is Sate Padang with peanut sauce. The taste was more sweet because of "Gula Nira". You can add green chilli sauce to balance the taste.
If you don't like spicy taste, you can order plain without sauce. The Sate it self marinated with lots of spices and you can eat directly after they warm it using hot coconut charcoal and put it on top of banana leaves.
The smell of those combinations make you drooling hahahhaa...... -


Electronic Shisha Unit with Disposable flavour cartridges plug & play. Built in Lasers Wholesale 5+ Units. Great for indoor smoking and business's looking for extra revenue.

Real Carbon Fiber Tips with matching colour medical grade silicone hose. (Anti-Dust). Wholesale Orders Welcome 📦

Consigue Dientes más blancos usando nuestro carbón activado hecho con cáscaras de Coco.
Sólo debes cepillarse con el, puedes usar aceite de coco o pasta dental si lo deseas, Frotar y dejar en tus dientes por algunos minutos.
Enjuagar y cepillar nuevamente con el producto que uses habitualmente, se puede hacer 2 a 3 veces por semana, además de que ayuda a remover manchas de tus dientes absorbe toxinas en tu boca, por lo que también es bueno para tus encías.
Si tragas un poco no hay peligro alguno porque este carbón es 100% grado Alimenticio, Sí Es seguro para tu estómago, También lo es para tu Boca...
Frasco de 12gr: 14.000$
Frasco de 30gr: 25.000$
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The pyramid you don’t mind seeing your estranged friend come over with.

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