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The house was feeling quiet with Hermes's loss and I decided to look for a new friend. Found this guy in the classifieds for adoption... His feathers are pretty tattered and he has some minor trust issues, but he is a sweaty. His previous owners were becoming fearful of him and he last couple pictures are conditions of the cage when they had him. Needless to say he has had an environmental upgrade and is starting to come out of his shell already. I've named him Fawkes because he is rising from the ashes... and I love Harry Potter.
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Monday's Got Me Mad Like 😹✨

Uncle took this picture of me. I look all mysterious in this one. Night y'all! #cockatiel #cockatiels #cockatielsofinstagram #cockatielsworldwide #cockatielsoftheworld

People keep saying I look like Trump .... I dont see the resemblance...

My baby! Bailey settled in for some serious love from Mommy this morning. His little sister was busy with a chew toy. Finally she's getting more independent at seven and a half months, and big brother can get his due attention. #cockatielsofinstagram #parrot #cockatielsoftheworld @cockatielz @cockatielphotoaday


Nothing to see here, just a little wet chicken taking in some sun ☀️rays and dreaming about an impossible❤️ love... #robertthecockatiel #wetchicken #cockatielsofinstagram #cockatielsoftheworld #sunbathingcockatiel

💜✨Bambi Sleeping On His/Her Favourite Toy ✨💜
✨Time To Wake Up✨

An't She Cute !!?
My Little Floof ✨

💜✨Bambi, This Is Mine !!! 😈✨💜

✨💜✨💛Just Another " No You Pat Me " Moment ! 😹

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