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March 18, 2014 @freddiegibbs and Madlib released one of the best albums I have ever heard. Piñata inspires me everyday. The samples, the rhymes, everything. #cocainepinata #3Years

Waiting on Pt.2 🙏🏽 @ALLVINYL #cocainePinata #FreddieGibbs #Madlib


My favorite gift I got. I'm in love!! Thanks mom @mylovemoe :) #CocainePinata

Saint Barry:patron Saint of the Booger Sugar #cocainepinata

@freddiegibbs thanks for holding it down for Gary Indiana!!! #cocainepinata #lordgivethlordtakethaway #esgn

Decided I'm going to build up a #Madlib record collection. #FreddieGibbs #Pinata #CocainePinata

Shoutout to @freddiegibbs for signing my #CocainePinata album in the middle of his show last night at #theobservatoryoc he straight killed that shit🔥🔥🔥 #FreddieGibbs #ESGN


Freddie Gibbs is gonna eventually be in my top ten favorite artists of all-time. (EASILY BEST FLOW IN THE GAME) I can already see it. He already made one of my favorite albums ever (Piñata) and the endless tales of Kane slanging & street life has kept me satsified and honestly hasn't gotten stale or repetitive yet. With Freddie, he reminds me of my uncle (that's probably why i fuck with him so heavy) He shows the gangsta exterior but i can relate to him (Even tho i never sold anything but weed) He paints vivid pictures of the thug life while being very aware of the impact it has on him and those around him. I can honestly go on... but y'all probably tired of reading so with that being said, here's my top ten favorite Freddie Gibbs songs. What's your favorite song by Freddie Kane, Coreleon, Gordy, Soprano, Getsgy, Gibbs, etc

1) Thuggin'
2) Freddie Gordy
3) Broken
4) Knicks
5) McDuck
6) Deeper
7) Fuckin Up The Count
8) Bomb
9) Cocaine Parties in LA
10) 9mm
10a) No PRBLMS (Freestyle)

Waiting on Pt.2 🙏🏽 @ALLVINYL #cocainePinata #FreddieGibbs #Madlib

Decided I'm going to build up a #Madlib record collection. #FreddieGibbs #Pinata #CocainePinata

2014 - "I'ma tell you the truth, man. I had a dream, dog, that I had a little baby. The little baby's birthday was here and shit. You know I like Latina girls and shit, man. I want to say all of my girls speak Spanish and shit. Anyways, so the baby would probably be a Mexi-nigga or some shit. So it was like a little nigga-Mexican baby and shit. That nigga wanted a piñata, man, in the dream, man. I don't know. I must've been cooking some dope or some shit that week, because the nigga started hitting the piñata, and it wasn't shit but dope falling out the piñata. I was just like, 'Damn, man.' They was just kids playing in the dope. They was just playin' in the dope. It was like four-year-old kids hitting dope in piñatas. I don't know. It was a crazy ass dream. So, I just called that shit Cocaine Piñata." - Freddie Gibbs on how he came up with the album's original title. And that's all you need to know, folks. Street hustler lyricist from Gary, Indiana Gibbs meets multi-instrumentalist jazz-inspired beat-master producer Madlib and their unlikely collaboration birthed an undeniable album. #harolds #freddiegibbs #madlib #pinata #cocainepinata #hiphopsummer #hiphop #rap #2014 #garyindiana #music

One of the coldest niggas in the game right now @freddiegibbs #freddiegibbs #cocainepinata #freedykane #kane #kaneseason #rap #hiphop

I've been listening to nothing but these two albums for a week straight. #freddiegibbs #guccimane #madlib #metroboomin @freddiegibbs @laflare1017 #droptopwop #pinata #cocainepinata #hiphop #hhh #rap

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