Happy Birthday to Freddie Gibbs!

Artist: @freddiegibbs & Madlib
Song: Deeper
Album: Piñata
Year: 2014

Who's your favorite Gangsta Rapper of the new school?

Artist: @freddiegibbs
Song: Fuckin' Up the Count
Album: Shadow of a Doubt
Year: 2015

@bzey7a my brother thank you for this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I'm feeling like cocaine piñata with this one🔥 #Gibbs ....Stay tuned to see what we do with this apparel wise. So many ideas coming. ✌️ ALSO a SINCERE THANK YOU to everyone who has ever even just taken interest in a single one of these projects. .
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Deeper by Freddie Gibbs
Produced by Madlib
#pinata #cocainepinata
Directed by Jonah Schwartz

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I gotta play this album at least once a day . #CocainePinata #FreddieGibbs #Madlib

It’s been four long years since the release of @freddiegibbs & @madlib album, “Cocaine Piñata”. Personally one of my favorite albums ever made. Going into this album, I didn’t know how to feel or what to expect. I knew who Gibbs was; crazy flow, delivery, & overlooked lyricism. And I knew who Madlib was; the loop digga, beat konducta, lord quas, arguably the best producer hip-hop has seen. With Piñata, I think Gibbs was trying to make a name for himself which I think he surely did. Admittedly, his work before Piñata could be... “intimidating” (best word I could think of). Freddie was authentic gangsta rap. Simple. Lyrics gangsta. Beats gangsta. You already know what it is (I bet you peeped and didn’t like it. Smh pussy) So his approach, in my opinion gets his talent overlooked... UNTIL he linked with Madlib. Freddie Gibbs fuckin bodied Madlib’s beats. Ranging from the soulful to the abstract. Samples coming from old crime movies and shows. I’m not talking about some Godfather shit I’m talking about the ones that was in the 70s with the pimps and hoes and everybody looking like Shaft and said “sucka”. “Madgibbs” got started in 2011 with the “thuggin” ep. I didn’t hear it at the time but after finding all this out and the multiple eps Gibbs dropped with Madlib. Now, listening to this album and being... “quite familiar” with all of Gibbs work. I can hear the growth over time as an artist and as a person. Because back when he was just getting it cooking with Madlib he was at the same time cooking crack. I’m not even gonna lie to you guys. I was borderline obsessed with these beats when I first heard them. Madlib was insane. They were literally stuck in my head. Knicks, Robes, & Thuggin’ especially. Y’all I really could talk about this shit for hours. I barely scratched the surface on my love for this album. I’m just glad recently, it’s getting the attention it deserves because this album really is incredible. I think it should be taken very seriously. When talking about quality rap albums. Now I hope when time goes on it becomes recognized as that. Damn man what the fuck haven’t I said about this album? Classic Gangsta rap & timeless production. 10/10.

4 years ago today Freddie Gibbs and Madlib released one of the greatest albums of the decade.

Artist: @freddiegibbs and Madlib
Song: Harold's
Album: Piñata
Year: 2014

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Piñata (2014)
4th Anniversary of the collaborative studio album by Freddie Gibbs (rap) and Madlib (prod.). Piñata released this day in 2014. Mar. 18.
NewBury Comics Exclusive black/white split-vinyl limited edition.
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Skinny Nigga ... 6 Wings , Mild Sauce .. With All The Fries You Can Give Me .... @haroldschicken_on87th #GodBlessChicago

“Dope game hard... rap game easy than a motherfucka”. ----------------------------------------------------------
Freddie Kane, Freddie Corleone, & Freddie Gordy is my favorite rapper right now by a good margin. I listen to this nigga RELIGIOUSLY (but y’all already knew that) but Listening to this mans’ entire discography and not finding a single trash song is quite the feat. I slept on Freddie for the longest not gonna lie, I heard him way back in 2013 by playing GTA; I was bumping Still Livin’ and smoking & riding. Then i heard Piñata and that shit changed every damn thing man. But I’m not talking that right now, those who know of him know about Piñata but Freddie has plenty of other gems outside of that MASTERPIECE and going through every track I can find of this man has assured me that he’s easily one of the most versatile & best rap artists of the day. He’s has never and I repeat NEVER been out done on any track. PERIOD. Rapping with the top rappers of this generation from Joey Bada$$ , Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt, Ab-Soul, & many more. Hell, the only person that I’ve heard to go neck to neck with Freddie on a track is Black Thought and that’s quite the accomplishment. A gangsta rapper in its purest form, with plenty of “ski mask run up in a nigga house” tracks (especially in his early work) but at the same time has an crazy lyrical ability and flow. I truly believe Gibbs can go toe to toe with anybody and not get washed. One of the most underrated artist this generation and always keeps it real. Everything he’s rapped about is authentic and things he’s lived through. From selling work to masking up. Also with him shooting music videos of people cooking/smoking crack is a bold ass move from him but once again...that authenticity of Gibbs. Also, he kinda reminds me of my youth, not saying I sold drugs and shit but his sound reminds me of music my uncles used to bump y’know. But I feel like I’ve been talking too damn much but Respect FREDDIE KANE! 0000000 Gibbs Slander will be tolerated we will get into a heated ass debate off top🙅🏾‍♂️ AND FREDDIE! It’s a whole new year my nigga! I need Bandana! Or at least a single!!!

"Getting Brandon Marshall for the quad; Brett Favre for the zone, 5 bands for the whole"
Song: Robes (ft. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt)
Artist: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Album: Pinata (2014)

Got me wishing DMX had never hit the pipe/
Pun ain't never died and Big L was still here to bless the mic #gangstagibbs #madlib #cocainepinata #freddiegibbs #thenewclassic #uno

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