As we approach a new year we're wondering if another 365 days will go by before someone fixes this destroyed guardrail on #cobbscreekparkway How many more years do we have to put up with this? @phillypolice @dvrpc @philastreets @cityofphiladelphia @pennsylvaniadot @myphillypark @bicyclecoalition @mountmoriahcemetery @cobbsenvcenter @westphillylocal @westphiladelphiapolice_ @phillymayor @O #cobbscreekparkwayforgotten

This is Scott, my guide for this rainy afternoon. We’re out getting pics for a Cobb’s Creek Waterway Field Guide. #cobbscreekparkway #philadelphia #upperdarby #nature #rainydays

Mangled guardrail or beautiful sculpture? (Sarcasm) #cobbscreekparkway

The guardrail on #cobbscreekparkway desperately needs to be fixed and from the looks of this mangled mess it seems some traffic calming measures might need to be considered. Who wants to help us make this a priority for the coming months? We need vocal support from our elected officials with public safety issues like this. It may ne a state road but city constituents from both Yeadon and Philadelphia deserve better. Please help?@senator_anthonyhwilliams @joanna_mcclinton @senhughesdistrictoffice @phillymayor @philastreets #penndot @mountmoriahcemetery #cobbscreek #philadelphia @phillypolice @beautifulphl

Can we help ID him?...
🔺Unidentified deceased male found February 3, 1989 along the Cobbs Creek Parkway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Was deceased for approximately 2 days before being found...
🔺Possibly from New York City, had the nickname Dallas. 🔺Age: 17-21 years old. Height: 5'9 Weight: 139 lbs Hair: Black hair, medium length styled in Jheri curls...
🔺Tattoo: Homemade on his upper right arm of heart with an arrow drawn through it and the initials HB separated on each side of the heart by the arrow. Teeth: Gold tooth on one of upper left teeth...
🔺Clothes: Blue denim jacket with matching shirt and pants that had leather trip around pockets. Wore Travel Fox brand, blue sneakers and white socks with horizontal blue stripes...
🔺If you know who he is, please call 1-800-The-Lost
🕯Surely someone is missing this son, grandson, nephew, brother, friend? ✨
#unidentifiedperson #helpidentifyme #whoami #cobbscreekparkway #philadelphia #instamemorials

#repost big Up my brother in fashion plus we rep that #westside #westphilly 58th street #cobbscreekparkway ... yes @billyabstract @djayeboogie and @ivbentaqiy were there we shared a #creative space

Fall in the hood.

Oh he dead! And no I didn't do it! I have moved on wit my life #workout #cobbscreekparkway #deadpussy

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