Swipe Left...Matching G21s from a few days ago except this is with our microdot stippling and the other one is our modified sprinkle. This is our LT EDC Pkg which has been changed today as we added index points, double undercut stippled and glock button. They used to be added modifications but made more sense to incorporate it.

Swipe Left...Just mixed up our custom Plum Cerakote. Had a few requests from clients so bang bang, all finished. The ratios are written down and on excel sheet of the 4 colors it took to create this color and ready for a few clients guns. Stay tuned for more content being released daily if not every other day at most since IG likes to punish us for not posting every day lol. Damn gram is a love hate relationship.

Swipe Left...We also do other grips too! This is our new LT DNA Pattern. Pictured is our Micro and Macro patterns. We also have a medium called Sigma!

Some Punisher @glockinc action, that reminds me of the car from the move Death Proof. #xdman #coatthatshit #kggunkote #punisher #glock #truglo #cerakote #customguns

Just wrapped up our clients G21 frame in our LT EDC Pkg plus 3 modifications. My OCD really goes into effect with stippling since I can see every tiny mark on a border and sanding cuts then touch up and repeat the process lol. Not that I don't apply a great amount of quality control with Cerakote but this is a little different as many of you can relate to why. I did however make the mistake of stippling my carry pattern when our client wanted microdot so I will be spending much more time with this beauty to transform her into microdots. This has never happened but I will make it right either way.

Just some progress pictures as we are working our asses off getting all caught up. This will be one custom little pair of our Cerakote 300 Spartan/ Battleworn Blood theme for our client ducati_gunner so don't judge as I sanded the area flat where the Spartans got cerakoted to make a cleaner image opposed to coating right over the factory panels. Go give him a follow as he's a great guy and true Patriot! Finishing up a few modifications from our LT EDC PKG. And yes, I'm a bit OCD since the Spartans have to be exactly .1695 inches from the Glock factory stippled panel lol. We greatly appreciate all of our clients patience as it means more than you will ever know. Stay tuned for lots of badass projects

Swipe Left...This is an older gem with a nice little story behind it so I had to share it again. This is the gun that when people ask "what is the one project you think you outdid yourself on"? This is the one! I spent many hours just studying the pattern and used about 11 colors. An applicator you probably know once said after telling him how long it took me "dude, you're never going to make money spending that much time and effort into a clients gun". My response was as simple and real as it gets. "To me, spending a few extra hours studying, researching and mixing custom colors to exceed my clients expectations is well worth it". Also, now that I've done it before and take/ save progress pictures with written down color ratios, it won't take as long. My clients reaction also made it well worth it on his sexy @spikes_tactical build. You're true character is shown when no one is watching!

A sort of tiger stripe / riptide combination camo. We used KG Industries Gun-Kote on this GLOCK 19. #xdman #gunsmith #customguns #coatthatshit #kggunkote #cerakote #glock #camo

Swipe Left... A few more badass shots taken here at LeBreux Tactical the other day of our client @tmcelroy1 sexy guns. Go give him a follow and likes as he is a serious shooter and as good as they come for being a good dude. Between @agencyarms and @ateiguns and yours truly it is quite a collaboration of services. We did the stippling on the G19X, not the Agency NOC. Stay tuned for more badassery and have a fun, safe weekend!

SWIPE LEFT... Just wrapped up our first G19X in our most popular package being the LeBreux Tactical EDC Pkg + 3 modifications. I call this baby "Project Peanut Butter and Sexy"! Anyone that does stippling professionally knows how much time and detail goes into these frames. At the end you almost have a bond thinking it's yours lol. Stay ammosexual my lads and lasses!

I love him too much I swear. God forbid but the day Ammo goes I will be a different man. I hate to even think about it but let's talk about this badass super slow-motion on the Samsung S9 plus!

This is our LT Multicam on a badass Spikes Tactical AR build with some LT HD border stippling (carry pattern). Sorry for being MIA as we are extremely busy fulfilling past and current projects. Ran into a few speed bumps some being I was in the hospital for (just some brain stuff no biggie lol) and one of our employees had surgery but we are back at it full force. Stay tuned for some badassery!

A set of Wonder Woman Glock 43's we coated for a local customer. We used @kgindustries Gun Kote Red, White and Blue for gun one and KG Flat Clear for gun 2. Gun one matches the classic Wonder Woman outfit and Gun Two matches her invisible plane. I messed up and should have clear coated the magazine as well. #xdman #comics #kggunkote #merica #redwhiteandblue #coatthatshit #cerakote #customgun #wonderwoman

SALE YOU CAN'T PASS! Just finished Cerakoting this P80 v1 Glock frame in our Mulitcam (custom 8 colors)! This was their purple model but not anymore. I'm in a interesting mood so I am selling it for $150! First come first serve. Serious inquiries send me a message or call/ text me (comes with everything- frame, jig and end mills). After drilling/ milling with the jig, you will see the purple on the inside and rails. So let me know and I will touch it up for free, you just pay shipping! Happy Easter you little Gun Bunnies lol.

happy good friday everyone - its not sunny this year though 😕 #goodfriday #fish #hake #salmon #seasonyourfood #seasonings #coatthatshit #food #gymgirl #squatgirl #kitchen #cooking #notprocessed #fresh 🐟🥗💪🏽💦🎣

Such a beautiful classic, we restored. This @fn_america Hi-power coated using @kgindustries Gunkote custom mix of Flat Black and Flat Grey to make a dark Grey almost the color of parkerizing. The controls were coated in Flat Black for a clean factory look. #xdman #gunsmith #customguns #coatthatshit #fn #highpower #cerakote

Why I Carry. Well, for many reasons. I carry for my family, my loved ones, Ammo aka my Dog, my life and my future. I have always been a protector of anyone in need and that will never change. I also carry because the biggest portion of LeBreux Tacticals core values is to provide opportunities to law abiding citizens. To show people they are appreciated and they can be themselves. To give back anyway possible. There's many more reasons Why I Carry but those are the biggest. Everyone should post your own, mine whoever's to all your social media pages and even in your store/ shops!

An @springfieldarmoryinc XDE that I coated for a good friend. We used @kgindustries Gunkote Flat Grey and Titanium. A set of @trugloinc TFO’s top off the package. #xdman #customguns #coatthatshit #gunsmith #springfieldarmory #xds #merica #maga #kggunkote #gunkote #cerakote #flag

Swipe Left just like Tinder ;) This was our first Glock FDE frame for our LT EDC Stippling Packages and must say it's a love/ hate relationship but well worth it. These will test you on your craftsmanship much more than black frames. I learn something new everyday and learned a ton with these frames. Stay tuned for more badassery coming up.

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