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In a room of 5,000 people there's only one way to move. "With the Power of Positivity " Thank you to every single one of you that came out this morning - you all dug deeper and conquered your mind! #CoachSummit2017

Elite night with my handsome husband 💜💜 We clean up nice!!! ✌🏻✌🏻
#coachsummit2017 #melaniemitro

Backstage at #Beachbody #Coachsummit2017 with my good friend... the one and only @brendonburchard. So inspired after hearing you, Brendon!

Congratulations to the $100,000 winners of the @BeachbodyChallenge contest, Andrea Barlow and Daniel Pena!! I was so moved sitting back stage listening to your stories. Andrea, seeing that 21 Day Fix was what got you started on your journey to lose over 100lbs, made my heart so happy. I'm so proud of both of you & your hard work. It was such an honor to celebrate their stories, and those of all our Finalists, at #CoachSummit2017. Their inspirational transformations show us all what can be achieved with hard work and the right tools in hand. #21dayfix #beachbody #fitlife #autumncalabrese

Summit Celebration Night recap 💃🏻 #teamdieselcore #dntakesovernola #coachsummit2017

I was walking down the hall minding my own business then a door opened with half naked people inside. Naturally, I went in and took pictures. Teehee! 😇🔥😈😎😅🏆 #CoachSummit2017 #TeamBeachbody

We're HOMEWARD BOUND & ready for some post-Summit R&R!!! This week was EPIC in so many ways and I am SO EXCITED to digest everything and recap/share & pay all that I learned FORWARD --- but for the next 24 hours this momma is going to join Madi in her slumped over, passed out position! 😂 #coachsummit2017 #BDSummit #givemesleep

Let me tell you, it's not easy to stand beside the BEST. Truly, she is.

What you might not know is that when I came to my first Summit as a baby Coach, I saw Kristina speak and I was captivated! Her poise, her energy, her smile, her intelligence, her sassy Cuban flare... that HAIR!! 🔥

For a few years, I learned from her from a distance. Until one day we were both asked to be a part of a small mastermind group with two other incredible leaders (💙Seay & Brigitte).

We clicked. Zinged. ⚡️Fell in sister-love. Laughed over stupid, politically incorrect or inappropriate jokes every time we talked. I felt like a six year old who found their new bestie!

A partnership formed. We pushed each other. Challenged one another. Leaned on each other. Fought for each other.

And when they asked us to take the stage together, you better believe we said HELLLLL YEAH!

We practiced, and when we did, I absorbed all I could learn from her. She's a natural - from the courtroom to this - her talents show. And yesterday as we ran from stage to stage presenting our stories and training, I felt PROUD to be up there with her. It was an HONOR. ⠀
Even though you legit slapped a fly off me while we were speaking, that was the BEST time I've had in a while.

Let's do it again, soon, k? 👭@kristinadelgado
#coachsummit2017 #momof2

Finally met Shaun T. in person! It was amazing to see all of the Super Trainers on stage today. Just soaking it all in and learning from them! #coachsummit2017 #iamteambeachbody #summit2017 @shauntfitness


This trainer inspires me so much!! Before I did his Shaun Week program, I thought Autumn the 21 day fix trainer was my fav, simply bc that's all I had done. I didn't realize that you could actually be inspired by a trainer until I did Shaun T's workouts!
Somehow, he has the ability to push me and say the EXACT thing I need to hear at the EXACT moment I need to hear it during a workout. I push so much harder during his workouts and I'm really looking forward to completing more of his workouts! CIZE anyone?! 😁
I earned the chance to meet him during Summit this summer, and he truly seemed to care about each and every one of us that was in line to see him! Swipe to see our pic together! ➡️➡️➡️ It was truly incredible meeting him! He is awesome! 💙 @shauntfitness .
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SWIPE RIGHT ➡➡➡ "You will never win if you never begin." I still remember the day I decided to try Insanity. I remember watching the fit test the day before thinking to myself "I can do this" followed by a fuck it what do I have to lose? My wife @olgafityogi had just given birth to our son and I wanted to be home with them. Either I stay home with my new born son and do NOTHING or I can try this? 🤔 Most of you who know the me of today seriously have no clue how close my journey came to NEVER happening. Shy, quite, scared with ZERO self confidence is how I would best describe myself back then. I have worked on myslef every single day fam because that's what it takes. Now I'm not saying continue working until you one day get to workout with Shaun T 😉 But what I am saying is you will never EVER know what you are capable of unless you TRY! And I mean try. Not just one week or one year. EVERY single mother fucking day until it goes your way. ✌ #nevergiveup #believe #trustandbelieve #tbt

Left was taken exactly one month ago at #coachsummit2017 just before #Superworkout. Right is today. Thank you #shiftshop and @chrisdowningfitness for helping me get my game back!!! #beachbodycoach

So many coaches wanting the same thing. Healthy Living! And we were part of that at Coach Summit! #coachsummit2017 #amazingexperience #love #myteam #lovethis #fitnesslover #beachbodyfamily

So that's a wrap! 3 weeks of this ramped up, plateau busting program! I'm excited to start round two! ⬇️10.5 inches ⬇️10lbs ⬆️increased strength and mobility! ⬆️increased confidence
Before this program I had a serious snacking problem! I really needed a more strict program to kick myself into gear so I could continue to see results and then live my healthy lifestyle with the Fix! My problem before doing this program was not being consistent! The Fix works wonders, when you actually follow your containers! (By eating all the food allotted!!!) On this program, each week changed! I came to realize I had a bad relationship with food! I was hangry before starting this program if I didn't eat right! I couldn't wake up early, I was unmotivated.

During this program I got up most days at 5, kicked ass and loved every meal!
I seriously felt fantastic after the first few days!
I truly believe my results could have been more insane!
During this 3 weeks I had:
A Cocktail party
A baby shower
A bachelorette party
A wedding
A fire 🔥
I missed 2 workouts and my meals were completely off on those above days!
I'm ready to take on round two! Love this plateau buster! Who's ready to do it with me? #weightloss #transformation #shiftshop #beachbody #beachbodychallenge #coachsummit2017 #maketheshift

I know this is only a small portion of our team, but I can't stop thinking of you. Without you girls, I wouldn't be here. I carry a little piece of each of you with me ALLL the time. Love you all SO much. #TeamDetermiNation #FamilyAF

2000 coaches who won a workout with the fun and fabulous #Leandro #youv2 #coachsummit2017

"The main motivation of humankind is to be free, to express our true selves and pursue our dreams without restriction- to experience what may be called ..
PERSONAL FREEDOM💖" {Brendon Burchard}

I had the chance to hear this man live at #coachsummit2017 this year and during his keynote speech I think he hit into every feeling one could tap into.. whether you think it can happen or not it did!
🤔🤣😳😢😄🤓 Being truly inspired and motivated by him, I could not honestly think of any better personal development book rather than #themotivationmanifesto to dive into tonight as Sunday comes to an end help set my intentions for the week💫🌟✨⭐️ #sundayintentions#settingtoneforweek

I was in Perdido St in New Orleans you can sometimes be lost. But you will find yourself again. The road to success is never straightforward just keep going. #coachsummit2017

Came back from vaca to find this awesome shirt and other goodies waiting for me! Thank you, Laurel!! I love it. Thanks for thinking of me while you were at the coach summit. #coachsummit2017 #nola

I used to not want to make new girlfriends because I thought a lot of them were catty and judgmental and I didn't have time for that. 🙅🏻There are still people out there that will judge you and criticize you and be unsupportive of things that you do. And I still don't have the time or energy for it #aintnobodygottimeforthat .
🙌🏼I have found people that don't judge me for eating healthy or working out. .
🙌🏼They don't belittle the choices I've made, how I raise my kids, or the fact that I have chosen to start a business that empowers me, energizes me, and is paying some of my bills.
🙌🏼I've found the people that share my energy, my vibe, my passion, and sense of humor. 💕 I've found the people that push me, lift me up and support me setting big goals and going for them. .
👉🏼These people, they do exist, and we're waiting for you. .
As for the haters...I truly hope they can find their way to a place where criticizing others and their choices isn't a form of entertainment #sorrynotsorry #confidencedoesntcriticize
Tag someone in the comments who you want to show your support to! .
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I can't believe it's been a month since I traveled to one of the coolest places I've ever been... What a life changing, vision creating trip!

Love that my Coach is my cousin and she shared Beachbody with me. We can share family but also health. Do you have this in your family? I always wanted deep down to be fit when I saw others working on their health. Now that I have seen results from changing my habits, I know that I can help my family/ friends achieve their goals. If we can see change, why can't you? Coach Summit was a dream come true. I had nervousness that if I wasn't the fittest that I won't belong. What a huge lie that was. Everyone is the same and treated equal. I didn't feel insecure at all. Can't wait for next year! #coachsummit2017 #beachbody #family #healthfamily #sweattogether #love #thankful #comewithus #teamwork

terminamos nuestra rutina chicas estuvo super bueno feliz viernes vamos super bien estamos viendo frutos y resultados en nuestras vidas a si como nosotras lo hacemos tu también puedes hacerlo desde tu casa no escusas si se puede #CoachSummit2017 Melisa Nutrición Fitnnes compártelo

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