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No quise llevar peluca, quería normalizar ante los niños y por la edad que tenían cuando el huracán cáncer arrasó en casa, creí que un pañuelo era la mejor opción. En realidad no hay una opción mejor que otra, la opción correcta es la que te haga sentir más cómoda, y en lo que a niños se refiere, ellos se adaptan a todo mejor que nosotr@s. Para ser sinceros, a la que llegó el buen tiempo me despoje de todo, ni peluca, ni pañuelo, ni nada... y si a mis hijos les preguntáis por aquella época, muy orgullosos dicen que mamá molaba más sin pelo, a lo cual yo acabo haciéndoles alguna mueca y se petan de risa, pero esta claro que deben pensar que ahora mamá es normal y eso ya no les gusta tanto, aunque yo adore esta bendita normalidad.
Pre calvicie me dio un ataque de locura y me compré un arsenal de pañuelos para dar cobertura a todas las combinaciones de color, al final acabé sin utilizar la gran mayoría y con unos trozos de tela me iba envolviendo la cabeza y jugando con sus formas. Un pañuelo tiene infinidad de formas posibles, mil combinaciones a la hora de arreglarte con él y si no eres muy mañosa puedes recurrir a proyectos tan bonitos como el de Andrea, Ana y Sonia, 3 psico oncologas fundadoras de @verandser2017 ,que han creado una estupenda guía de peinados con pañuelos (Te dejo el link directo en stories).
Calva, con pañuelo o con peluca, lo importante no es que decidas, si no que decidas lo que decidas te sientas bien.
Y si no sabes donde comprar pañuelos, visita @pinkmama_gorrosconsuperpoder y no te pierdas los diseños de Marta.
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Build a habit you're proud of! 💪🏽
You have complete control over the direction that the rest of your life takes. 🙏🏽
Make yourself a PRIORITY.
At the end of the day--you are your biggest investment. 💪🏽
Ready to feel comfortable in your skin for the fall?
Ready to start something that you won't quit?
Please fill out the link in my bio or email me at happyhealthyhumble.arada@gmail.com! We start October 9th for our next Bootcamp! ✌🏽#happyhealthyhumble

L'entraînement fonctionnel.
Un terme qui veut tout et rien dire.
Ou plutôt, qui représente tout et son contraire.
Alors que pour moi sa définition est simple; c'est inclure l'entraînement dans la continuité de sa vie et non pas en parallèle.
Autrement dit, c'est souhaiter dans un premier temps se rendre la vie de tous les jours, et ses tâches, plus facile; se prémunir des maux et blessures "bêtes" mais récurrentes qui guettent les sédentaires rivés devant un ordinateur ou assis dans une voiture toute la journée, ainsi que les bricoleurs du dimanche.
Et dans un second temps, c'est bénéficier des fruits de cet entraînement dans une activité sportive (définition de la préparation physique). Dans tous les cas, ce n'est sûrement pas un overhead squat sur un Bosu.
Source: @le_bien_public du 25/09/17

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There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this! 🌊

Comment your star sign, country and favourite food 👇 mine is
Aquarius 🌊 , Australia 🇦🇺 roast Lamb with Fam 😍
Wants your 3? 👇
Video taken this morning saved from my Snapchat after hill sprints and a mint beach swim👌 feeling in charge of my goals and the results are dam motivating 💪
My Mind and body transformation Ebook coming soon 📚
30 day summer shred plans now available. DM or email for more info

Comment your star sign, country and favourite food 👇 mine is
Aquarius 🌊 , Australia 🇦🇺 roast Lamb with Fam 😍
Wants your 3? 👇
Video taken this morning saved from my Snapchat after hill sprints and a mint beach swim👌 feeling in charge of my goals and the results are dam motivating 💪
My Mind and body transformation Ebook coming soon 📚
30 day summer shred plans now available. DM or email for more info

IL CAMBIAMENTO : a volte si insinua lentamente, a volte ti colpisce sulla testa. E a volte giri l'angolo e scopri che sei diversa in una piccola cosa e il mondo non ti sembra più come prima❤️ (Being Erica) ⭐️🌙⭐️Dolce notte🌙⭐️🌙
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👋🏼☕️🌸☀️// #flowercityfit

It may not have been pretty. I might have been half asleep. But I made it happen ✌🏼
If you know me, you know I'm not a morning kind of person. I'll take every last minute I can before I HAVE to get up......unless I have no other choice but to make me ME time in the morning.
I wouldn't have always chose to workout over sleep, but then again....the old me had her priorities a little off.
Thankfully, I knew I had a bunch of other morning ladies rocking their workout right along with me. Nothing better than checking in to my fit community and seeing their happy, sweaty faces first thing in the morning.
You can wish for it. Or you can MAKE IT HAPPEN. But you don't have to do it alone....I'm here to help! 💗💗💗

Your day is YOUR day! Tuesday has arrived and you were meant for Greatness!! For someone it will be your #TuesdayTurnaround! 😉 You will look at yourself and realize today is the day to turn your life around: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually: Your Pick! I'm rooting for you! ❤❤❤

Better late than never eh??? 😊😆 Still trying to get back into a rhythm after my Florida retreat and I'm kind of fighting off this nagging sore throat - but imma get er done!

All of these workout check ins from my challenge group sprung me right out of bed and got me crazy motivated!! Day ✌🏼Bring it on!
And work your magic #lemonbooster 👊🏻 #motivated #tiredeyes #accountabilityiskey

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms." 🌼🌻🌸
As a Verizon Wireless sales person, I learned a lot about competition and loyalty (or lack thereof). I swore I would never sell anything again because of the way it made me feel. .
Enter: Beachbody and this amazing tribe of ladies. We could be so competitive and cut throat just to make a buck. BUT we love to see the other succeed. 😍👯 And we know that helping someone reach their goals is SO MUCH more important than our bottom line. .
I'm looking for two ladies to mentor and add to my coach tribe. No quotas, contracts, cut throat attitudes, or toxicity involved 😉 Direct message me or drop your email below 💌

You know, realizing this morning how truly grateful I am to have fallen into this coaching opportunity.

Prior to registering as a challenger/coach I had never successfully completed a workout program from home, I allowed myself the excuses I would make up like I didn't have time, or hey, I just don't FEEL like it...or I'm too busy with the kids... With the support, accountability and encouragement of my friends, fellow coaches and challengers I've moved past that and have stayed on this health journey for over a year and a half from home where I need to be for my fam jam!

I have learned to MAKE the time for me, that my kiddos are going to learn by watching me lead by example AND my babes have learned that this is mommies time to get healthy and strong... They now come in for their good morning hugs and either join me or peacefully spectate!💕 Time + consistency + accountability = results

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Honestly Tuesday's are my least favorite days because I'll be awake for the next 30 hours 🤷🏼‍♀️ but that's life, gotta do what you gotta do. 💪🏻

This girl has a cardiac cath lab observation clinical today, so atleast I got an extra hour to myself this morning. 🙌🏻 hopefully getting out by 1230 then lunch, study study study, get my workout in, and head to my 12 hour shift tonight 💀

Even though it's my least favorite day of the week I'm going to make the best of it! Hope you are too ✨

PS still looking for more people looking to challenge themselves in October. I have spots open in my October 2 bootcamp still and you don't want to miss it. It's going to be so fun! Message me to get added 🙌🏻✨😊💪🏻

What is the bootcamp? You get all access to over 30 workout programs, can start and stop and pick and choose anyone you want, put your sweaty selfie up, and motivate each other. Not only do you get the at home workout but you get a meal plan too 🙌🏻 and also a bunch of other motivated boss babes to meet and talk to and motivate too! •

It's going to be fun! Don't miss it! Message me 📩

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Sometimes progress seems so slow, doesn’t it? We are definitely a society of immediate gratification (guilty!!! 🙋🏼), and that doesn’t always bode well on a fitness journey....or any endeavor in fact.
But the truth is, as long as you continue to take steps....even the smallest ones....you’re closer than you were yesterday!! 👍🏼 —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�-
So what’s it going to be today? What step(s) will you take? 👉🏼 Will you drink more water?
👉🏼 Trade that treat for an extra veggie?
👉🏼 Take a walk on your lunch break?
👉🏼 Spend 10 minutes reading or listening to something positive and uplifting?
👉🏼 Make that call(s) you’ve been putting off? —�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—�—
See, when you break it down it’s simply small actions that compound into big results. You want more results? Take more action. Because every single action you take will either bring you closer to or further away from your goals. My wish for you today is to take a step forward. I’ll be right here in the background cheering you on....cause I know you’ve got this!!!! 🎉🎉 Make it a great day y’all!!! 😘

🎼Booom dia meu 🐙 ❗️☺️
Mais uma oportunidade, nos foi dada para fazer diferente.
E vc está dando o seu melhor❓Está sendo grato com mais essa oportunidade❓
#boomdia #lindodia #deus #deusnocomando #grataaosenhor #feliz #happy #gratidao #goodmorning #autoresponsabilidade #foco #resiliencia #paz #vitoria #sendofeliz #tddia #tempoderquemage #opoderdaação #foconapratica #coach #coachlife

#FIGHTWEEK !! And #anotherone of the #young #warriors from #teamfu added to #GPUK card this weekend some of the scariest guys coming up in the #MMA game & I have the pleasure of sharing the mats with them 😩 #MMA #BJJ #wrestling #boxing #kickboxing #cleansweep #takeover #belt #collectors #proud #coach #coachlife #👊

"Be the reason someone's day is brighter." Simple as a smile, a compliment can help turn another person's day around.
Back is feeling great & I was able to push heavier weights for most of this....except halfway through I realized I was doing the wrong workout on the calendar🤦🏻‍♀️😂 But hey it's better than no workout, right? And it was probably in my best interest to wait another day with my back for plyo...at least that's what I'm going with 😊 Spread kindness bc the world really needs it & have a great day everyone!
#momof3 #hotmessmom #momlife #fitmomma #teacherlife #momofgirls #curlyhair #rainbowbaby #anxietywarrior #dreambig #loveshoes #coachlife #dreamjob #ilovemycrockpot #motivate #inspire #phillies #eagles #beerlover #fitmom #depression #happy #confident #mindset #wahm #healthylifestyle #asic #livelife

👍🏼Coach / Runner ratio is looking pretty great at TXR 👍🏼
#runhoopsrun #txrrunners #coach #txrcoaches #coachlife #coachhoops #speedsession #running #run #city2seatraining #city2sea

uggghhhhh it was so hard to get out of bed today & then leaving this baby 😭 cheers to a NEW day though ... you have the power to make it worthwhile ... even though i’d much rather be home snuggling mia i am going to make a conscious effort to have a good day @ work! #positiveenergy

Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything's possible again. We live in the moment, we die in the moment, we take it all one day at a time. We do the best we can in life, we take things one day at a time and sometimes we all just need a simple reminder of that. One day at the time 💖🤗 Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Your life is your life! If you just feel like you have more to give, more to do, more buzz to feel... it's because you do! And what you're doing isn't it for you, contact me and discover how we can bring what you truly want to do to the surface and then get after it!
#TakeAction #ItsYourLife #GoForIt
(Photo credit @gettyphotography 📷)

Too much to do Tuesday. Of course, the biggest part of it is in my TonDo List of Doom in my EC Teacher Planner. #eclp #ectp #echorizontal #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #planneraddict #plannergirl #plannerlife #plannernerd #stickeraddict #stickergirl #nottodaysatan #coachlife

🙌yeah, I am getting a little cocky.🙌
I am pumped for my progress today... knocked out this move I had been struggling with called 1,1,2 - kept my form and finished the last set! .

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