Relationships aren’t easy, even forming a loving relationship with yourself takes time. For over a decade I’ve been coaching men in breakups and divorce. We all need healthy outlets and support during trying times.

We have a tendency to believe that only “good” things are good for us and that difficult situations, losses and failures take us lower or backward. The truth is that everything we experience is for our own growth and expansion. Our current perception of this moment is such a tiny sliver of our experience. If you are going through a tough time right now, take comfort in knowing that this moment is catapulting you into realizing your greatest self. It’s truly magnificent. ❤️

Two of the most important things to a farmer is land & water. My father reminds me that there is a third which is how much LOVE you have for the earth and it’s animals. We treat all our livestock as family, they each have names and personalities. Farm life has given me the balance I always knew I was missing but never quite figured out ... till now. Life is surprising that way.

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LinkedIn cofounder #reidhoffman says it perfectly. I love being inspired by quotes and well written articles that are so honest. I find @entrepreneur mag gets my creative juices flowin, and I love @heyfeifer rawness. Keep yourself engaged and always be inspired by those that came before you.

What are you doing to develop your craft? How are you pushing your business or brand from entry level - to intermediate - to expert?
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Seasonal check in’s are my favorite times to review where I need to clean up areas of my life, especially after Retrograde ... and before Summer hits. .
➰ Have you updated all your electronics (iPhone, Computer, Tablets)
➰ Are your taxes in check? .
➰ Have you booked all important travel for the summer?
➰ Have you done a Spring Cleaning of your home & office space? .
➰ Are your financially fit? .
➰ Have you gotten all your medical checkups, don’t forget your vision and dental. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Renew Breakup Retreat April 27 - 29th . .
➰ I’m happy to be returning to a 4th Retreat with Miss Chan as one of the coaches. .
➰ Renew was launched in 2017, founder @missamychan mission is to help women mend their hearts through a mix of spirituality and science. A team of all female experts, from psychologists, coaches, behavioral scientists to energy healers, conduct group and one-on-one sessions. .

Be unapologetic about who you are or what you want. You are a #badasswoman ... Thanks @shebacardi for letting me be just who I am and speak about the importance of mental health.

I trust myself first and foremost, before anything or anyone else.

Cooling my system down a bit in Europe☁️🌥🌧 Excessive sun exposure in Dubai gets my yin/yang out of balance. Chandra Bhedana breathing helps me regulate the heat in my body but I still find the sun quite exhausting. How do you cope with heat in the desert?
P.S. For those who are interested - Chandra Bhedana is a single nostril breathing technique where you always inhale through the left nostril (moon/yin) and exhale through the right (sun/yang) keeping the alternate nostril pressed with your fingers. If practiced regularly it can help you cool down and regulate the balance of sun and moon (hot&cold, male&female) energies in your body. Obviously, you only need it when you feel there is excessive heat in your system. If you live in a cold country and lacking sun energy, reverse it (inhale through the right/exhale through the left). Surya Bhedana will warm you up and enhance your yang side.

This rooftop is my special place where I go see the stars ✨, watch the clouds move ⛅️ and speak my dreams to the universe💫. This small village has changed a lot through the years. It holds my mothers childhood and my favorite memories. I’ll forever love it because it feels like home.

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