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Not Today. #copeditors
#co2017t1 winter scene, chara with white hair, winter outfit, 3+ panels, snowflake overlay, saturated filter
#21stcenturyt1 guns, grunge, 5 panels, BTS not today V's part

My entry for #co2017t1 !! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The character is Umi Sonoda from Love Live! I was gonna do Bell Cranel at first but there wasn't good pictures of him ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I did double expose for the second panel at the top and for the bottom left as well, although I think the top was more successful.
The top left and bottom left have a hard light while the other two have a softer light. I didn't mean to make it that way but it still worked out 😁
I didn't have as much inspiration as I usually do so near the end I just jumbled everything together 😅 I need inspiration ahhhh
#QOTD a class you like and dislike in school?
#AOTD i don't like any of my classes atm AHAH. I dislike bio & chem

ok first of all this edit looks eh?? probably bc i havent edited in a month but ok
i gotz all the requirements desu
the edit looks better on my laptop but yeah idk,,
took me a few hrs to make this edit bc i didnt know what to do. at first i was going to make a mezzo" edit with the tsukiakari outfits but i couldnt be bothered to find the cg and i was still upset that i couldnt rank for that event.
then!!! i realised!! oh!! arashi had a rlly pretty card related to winter, then ba m!!
arashi edit with two other ppl who has no relation to him what so ever, except izumi.
the quality of my edit has decreased drastically but i hope you guys r okay with it!! (bc i'm not)
well, ive been talking for too long now so yeah
update on life: got good grades, been playing too much mobage and i'm currently sinning.
#ensemblestars #enstars #arashinarukami

; #co2017t1 | 170225
Ahh thank you for the extension Mel ajdjvjdjc
- winter scenery (ski lodge + ice rink) ✔️
- snowflake overlays ✔️
- chara w white/blue hair ✔️
- chara wearing a winter outfit ✔️
- no flower overlays ✔️
- no chara name ✔️
- 3+ panels ✔️
- saturated filter (yes,, rip theme,,) ✔️
I have a party tonight and i dont feel like attending u g h but hope u guys have a nice day!1!1!
#copeditors #lovelive #muse #lovelivesunshine #aqours #yoshikotsushima #yohanetsushima #honokakousaka #kotoriminami #umisonoda #hanamarukunikida

All reqs n bonuses filled~just bc this is dark dOESNT MEAN IT ISNT SATURATED
Also if you cant see the winter scenery is in the first panel (i edited it) andi only managed to include one cool color in this rip but ,,
Anyways anything that looks like flowers are corn stalks lolol

This was the “quite aesthetic” edit i was talking about?? I didn't know what to do for the 3rd panel rip so sorry if it looks simplistic compared to the others
I hope you like this though❄ its definitely getting a lot chillier here

#qotd: if you're still in school are you considered popular?
#aotd: kindakinda idk
Tags// #copeditors #dr #dr3 #danganronpa #danganronpa3 #sidefuture #danganronpafuturearc #miayagekkogahara #gekkogahara #gfx #animeedit #graphics

Hello!! This is for #co2017t1

I really struggled with this one since I'm not reallu used to panel edits. I think every requirement and bonuses are there.

Edit : oh gosh there are some spelling errors I'm very sorry >~< Anime : Ansatsu Kyōshitsu / Assassination Classroom

#anime #manga #cute #kawaii #winter #panel #edit #assassinationclassroom #ansatsukyoushitsu #nagisa #shiota #nagisashiota

I swore to myself that I wouldn't post anything until I finished this edit so here it is! I got all the requirements and bonuses (although I'm not that satisfied but I put a lot of effort into it so I'll leave it how it is) I hope you had a nice day!


Winter scenery ✔(from hibike! Euphonium)
Snowflake overlay✔
Character with blue hair✔
Wearing winter clothes✔

More than 2 panels✔
Saturated filter✔

Character name✖

#fairytail #ft #gray #grayfullbuster #juvia #juvialockser#juvialoxar #gruvia #animie #manga #otaku #mage#magic #drip #drip #drop #waterandice #waterxice#blue #black #hair #icemake #icemage #water #otp

I remake my entry for #co2017t1 :')
All the requirments + bonuses✔
I changes the colors to purple cuz i feel purple more suit than blue for this edit
#noragami #yato #hiyori #copeditors

This edit is rlly simple hhh.
But i hope this counts as saturated bc the original version looked better in my opinion;;
The "{" was inspired by various people bc alot of people put it in their edits but i forgot whos edit i saw this in rip
QOTD: Does your name have any special meaning?
AOTD: lol nah
Creds to resources as tagged !!

This is really trash im- i don't have any motivation, inspiration, and ideas whatsoever..I only proud with the 3rd panel tbh ;;; editing block always kills me-- #co2017t1

#co2017t1 I really tried my best!^^ I'm not expecting to get into the next round but at least I had fun!✨❤
I got all the overlays from google... :33

's post
Winter scene ✔
Snowflake ✔
Blue hair chara (umi) ✔
Winter outfit ✔
3+ panels ✔
Saturated filter ✔
Flower ✖
the chara's name ✖
qotd 🌿: Fav japanese singer?
aotd 🌿: REOL 💞@whiisper.art
My stomach hurts,, ow
i like the filter btw
#anime #manga #comic #animelogo #animeicon #animeedit #logo #icon #tumblr #aesthetics #kawaii #lol #instagram #animeboy #animegirl #animelover #animeworld #animefan #otaku #mangaart #art #fanart #edit #copeditors

Did all requirements and no deduction.
AHH this took forever!! I have nothing to say because I'm too tired D: need sleep

-•; #co2017t1 » #noragami
« bOi, i tried (kinda ithink) i need to do hw but im nOt ((aginag) i didNt fail my history quiz & i have a play that ive barely readand that test was today & it was cAKE
bless my week
and i have a spanish project that i gotta get materials for on tomorrow bUt i got it c:
so uhm,,
* Chara wit blue hair (i hope yato counts ;-;)
* Snow Flakes (left mid panel)
* Snowy Scenery (right bottom left)
* Chara wearing winter clothes (cough)
bonusss !!
* two or more panels (uhm,, i can count- thers 11 pnelas)
* saturated filter (yesyes idk if u can see it rip)
* flowas (nOpe))
* chcarca namae(nahh)
— qotd; pastel or grunge?
— aotd; why knit boTh?!?!!
#copeditors #yukine #yato #yaboku #hiyori #anime #animeedit

🇬🇧 #fairytail
[ #co2017t1 ]
✔️ winter scenery from an anime (top right panel)
✔️ snowflake overlays (bottom left panel)
✔️ character with blue hair (juvia)
✔️ winter outfit (top left and middle right panels)
✔️ more than 2 panels (5)
✔️ saturated filter
✖️ flower overlays
✖️ characters name
Ugh my head hurts yet again 🤕 We were supposed to choose what courses to take next year today but my class didn't for some reason 😑 I'm having a hard time choosing tho, idk what I wanna be when I grow up 😭 Its super stressful and I hate it sm 😥
QOTD: favourite popular anime?
AOTD: yuri!!! on ice FITE ME 🌚
🌿 extra tags: @uzumakiedit.s @sinon.id @soorumi @editsmavis @otaku.art.edits @oreoguram @imout.productions @anime.avenuee @merry.victuri @juvia_._lockser @aquachxn @merodineko

#co2017t1 ⠀⠀
Let me just say I don't like how this came out at all //I'm not fishing for compliments this is just ew🐑 not adding flowers was the hardest part becoz I kept accidentally adding them cri 😩 also saturated it as much as possible without making it too ew ⠀

Oh and ppl have been DMing me 2 ask about Stephie (@/weirdoh) she's alright guys, she just deactivated cus she doesn't wanna edit rn
All req and bonus are there but let me know if i did smthn wrong my stress level was at 101% when i made this ❤️

marinette's facial expressions are a gift to this world
for #co2017t1 !!

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