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Meet #DubCAlum Josh Moore #Co2013 and Morehouse College Drum Major. #DubC #LionStrong

#flashbackfriday to the time I did my time at #csula #co2013 πŸŽ“ #procrastinateology

When you get to work with the fam, its always a great day. #radfam #co2013 #killinit

aww man wasn't this just like yesterday?! 😭 such babies, now we all grown up doing this adult thing. love you guys❀️✨ #co2013

Lol tb to when I graduated cause I didn't use Insta that much back then to post this. I hope this reaches someone who needs to read it. I almost didn't graduate, I was a credit short and I had to bust my ass to make up a whole class/credit (geometry) a week before graduation. I didn't finish in time and I was so miserable every day leading up to graduation dreading the moment I had to tell my family that I couldn't walk cause I knew I wasn't gonna finish in time. I barely slept tryna do the work and I never got to find a nice outfit or do my hair or make up.. the day of graduation, I was in my High school library still busting my ass tryna finish the class (seniors weren't even allowed on campus so late in the year lol) and my advisor told me she'll allow me to walk if I finish the class no later than the next week, omg my heart sank. (I should go visit her) I got my cap and gown, ran home looking a complete mess with just a few hours to find something to wear everyone to get ready and just go to the venue. Sigh I feel like I should be more grateful but I barely got to enjoy it. Even after, my Aunt said I look tired and worn out in my pictures.. that hurt. But I'm postin this now cause I'm grateful and proud af of where I am now, and it wouldn't have been possible if that day went in a different direction. Just keep your head up guys. It always gets better and for those who couldn't graduate this year and was posta, God has something waayy cooler in store for you than that piece of paper, just be the best you can be in everything you do from here on. ( @hearthrob6 ) #co2013 #krop β€πŸ’œ

McKinley's 150th Anniversary Fair c/o 2013 #alumni #co2013 #mckinleyhigh @mhs150years

Awww it's graduation season, here's a throw bacc for y'all πŸ˜‚ #co2013


Meet #DubCAlum Josh Moore #Co2013 and Morehouse College Drum Major. #DubC #LionStrong

just to remind these niggas out here Im more than just a cute face and some bootyπŸ˜‡πŸ€“πŸ€‘πŸ€ #co2013

Senior Beach Day | Bolsa Chica, CA ✨ Lmao @iparkasaurus and I were watching through my HS YouTube bc I used to be a wannabe vlogger and found this gem. #CAMS #Phantoms #co2013
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When you get to work with the fam, its always a great day. #radfam #co2013 #killinit

If The Office was my first love, this place was definitely my second. Whenever I'm in town I can't help but go through campus reminiscing on some of the best years of my life. And this time I even waded through the humid, still summer air of Greenville as I looked at each spot for different oddly specific memories, like some adorable grad pics Kevin and I took in a tree by this fountain. We were just a couple of babies!β›²πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸŒ³πŸ˜±
hey hey hey EC you still look so good to me | #ecu #gopirates #co2013 #ilovecollege #imisscollege #latergram

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