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New recipe up: chocolate TOFU mousse! .
Figs thanks to @veesmith 💓
#chocolate #tofu

Discover what makes #ROUX happy... #InternationalDayofHappiness #myDubai #HappyDay
Tell us, what makes YOU happy?

تعرف على ما يسعدنا في رو...
#اليوم العالمي للسعادة
اخبرنا عن الأشياء التي تجعلك سعيداً!

Happy International Happiness Day 💥 Chocolate cake makes us happy and this one is especially good 🤤 What food makes you happy? (Ps. To find out where you can get this deliciousness simply click the link in @thehuntrcom Instagram profile and tap the same picture)

You wanna piece of me🥧? This apple pie is truly a red carpet beauty. We wish that the plate wouldn't have been emptied so quickly but what can you do right ? We find it so lovely to see that a little dessert and make a person so happy😄 inside out. .
With life there always comes times of trouble and happiness. But there are people who can handle the stress and pain better than others. Some rely on their heart💑 and emotions which makes the art of decision making a lot harder because of the emotional distress. Your mind can't focus on the actual facts rather on what you think the other may feel or think. But than there are the ones you think with their mind. They blend out any unnecessary and hurtful comments and action and concentrate🧐 on the important aspects. What is easier you may ask ? Controlling yourself to stay up right and wear a mask or letting out your own emotions. We can just say that a mixture of both is the healthiest. You shouldn't suppress your inner emotions but also try to not overreact causing you more stress and good. Stay positive and focus on your goal 🏹and you will find what you desire the most. Consistency and love will give you the strength to power on even on the hard days. .
Hey how is everyone doing on this Tuesday? We are definitely very exhausted🤯 after this mornings training session with Aragorn. The sun was burning down from the sky and we needed to train some new exercises for the upcoming obedience trail 🐶in three weeks. We hope that the rest of the day remain calm and stress free. Much love and don't forget to love 💜to eat and eat🥧 to thrive🌻. .
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Swing through the life 💃 #perfect_worldshotz @n.kulikova 👈follow

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