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Havin a rough day at the office today and walk out in the gym to see this. Ya see 10 years ago when we opened @compoundwrestling @boyce_inthehood showed up pudgy kid with two left feet. Worked his tail off every day. He didn’t always have a smile on his face, but he never questioned what we asked him to do. Now graduated from @gwuwrestling with a degree, a state champ in high school and a D1 NCAA qualifier with wins over top ranked guys in his career and he spent about 5 hours of him time today helping out some young up and comers put in some extra work. I’m glad my son @camfretwell has the privilege of being exposed to some great people in his life.
My day isn’t so rough anymore.... #CMPFAM

CMP warm'n up for Day 2 and finals day! #dixieduals #CMPfam #squad

Solid weekend of wrastlin with some solid guys #CMPFAM #WeGrindin

Great time getting better in front of hundreds of college coaches #C3 #cmpfam

👌#Repost @compoundwrestling with @repostapp
Getting comfortable in under-overs. #CMPfam

So grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by so many college coaches & great atmosphere, thanks to all the 🐐's @ #CMPfam

Fun weekend in Alabama! Always great being with the #cmpfam

Repost from @compoundwrestling using @RepostRegramApp - Wearing these will get you 2 extra points per match tomorrow at the tournament! #CMPfam

Adding @mitchieboy_fines and @jacobakasper to the awesome people in my life! These dudes just came down to train and get better together with the #CMPFAM and @boyce_inthehood the last 2 days. Wrestling folks are one of a kind!


This place definitely has been major part of my 23 years. Spent the last 8 years here @compoundwrestling being groomed by @knarkill77 and the #CMPfam

[thispostisfrom] @compoundwrestling Our man @lazorjoey and @cmpclothing athlete getting the final roll in before the Schultz Tourney this week! #CMPFAM @compoundwrestling #bjj #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsu #jitsu #bjjlife #bjjforlife #bjjfamily #bjjstyle #bjjkids #bjjgirl #bjjproblems #whitebelt

Coach @a_kalista collecting some W’s this AM at the Schultz Invitational Greco! #CMPFAM

Our man @lazorjoey and @cmpclothing athlete getting the final roll in before the Schultz Tourney this week! #CMPFAM

Had a little time to process this past weekend and this tournament can make you feel like your the best coach in the country one minute and like you have no clue what your doing 15 minutes later. I still marvel at the competitive level and the advancement of match strategy, technical execution and over all mental toughness these athletes show year after year. There is not one doubt this is by far the toughest high school event in the country and just walking away from this event with a couple W’s is no small feat. The #CMPFAM competed well but we still have some major mountains to climb. On to the season we go!!

Ride or die #CMPFAM These @compoundwrestling kids are a true I inspiration to me! #super32

Hot off the press. Singlets have arrived. Signature LL on the leg. Can’t wait to see these bad boys in action. #lufttuff #biggerthanourselves #fly #mighttryoneon #cmpfam #HOOKUP

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