Ouch! No yoga for a while 😩. #clumsyme #brokenbones #painful #titanium #hospital

Stepping on charging ports will get you messed up out here😢🤷🏾‍♀️... vacation soon- ugh 😒hope it heals up ..#deepwound #clumsyme

Rewind to this morning!😅
What a day! You probably didn't know, but I'm the most CLUMSY person on this planet!😂😂😂😂
Woke up this morning and then burnt my toe with a hot water from the iron (don't ask me how this is possible), then went to work and my trousers split on my bum 😂😂😂😂 managed to use some pins to cover it up, then stained my new work top with ketchup at breakfast and got ketchup in my hair! Wtf! How was I eating🤣🤣🤣 on the way to the gym I spilt coffee on my sports bra, forgot my cap to take with me ➡️ I just had to get a new one then! And all day I've just been dropping things on the floor 🤣🤣🤣 what am I like!
How clumsy are you from scale of 1-10? 🤔☺🤗

New day, new product to learn about, to show there is more then just the pink drink, I’ve often shown. What can I say about Ease Cream...When I first started walking 🚶‍♀️ again (after long period of NOT walking) my ankle was hurting so bad. Don’t know if it was more that the track is unlevel or the fact that I was just really out of shape (second one sounds more fitting) or could be the fact I’m clumsy and have literally sprained that ankle atleast 20 times and fractured once... Anyway 🤷‍♀️regardless reason, I was using Icy hot and that wasn’t helping a lot and then I remembered I had to ordered samples of Ease for someone so I asked for one of them. I put it on and it eased the pain within just a couple minutes and unlike the hot cold burn from icy hot, it was actually a really soothing coolness that smelled good. 👍🏼 Ease cream is available by itself or with a combo with the pills.

Warning ⚠️ : Ease products does contain Green Lipped Mussel so if you have shellfish allergies this product shouldn’t be used
#summertime #giveitatry #areyouhurting #soothing #feelbetter #clumsyme #smellsgood

Can you see the spot where I head butted my car last night? #changingtyres #nightmechanic #clumsyme #clumsylife

Clumsy me. 😩😭😤 my iPhone📱screen is cracked!!!! #iphonescreenrepair #badluckfriday #l4l #like4like #stupidme #clumsyme #repairiphone #repairorreplace #somad

I still love you, aMore mio even though you've hurt me. Iliti po naški: "Hvali more, drž se kraja." 🌊💕
#summer #sea #clumsyme #bruise #perspective

Public Service Announcement:
When using your shaker bottle to prepare your recovery drink, make sure the top is closed!! What a mess 😂😂 #clumsyme #crackmyselfup #beachbody

Not sure if walking in this river with loose rocks was the smartest thing to do for my clumsy self after Kela declined my healt insurance for an unknown reason... Buuuut I had the most amazing 2 days in Jyväskylä. Always happy spending time with Anu ❤️ #ystävät #summerdays #walkonwater

#ouchiee #clumsyme 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hey guys! So, my first post was a 5 things about me video and I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what can I do better and give me suggestions to the next posts! 😊

A dock mishap won’t keep me from enjoying the water. Gotta say icing it out in this heat was nice! It’s going to be sore later tho 😬 #Doh #ClumsyMe

A weekend of tying flies it is.... #feetofinstagram #clumsyme #flytyingaddict

When you are so excited to see the beautiful sea that you throw your slippers and jump into the water only to realise that your slippers have been washed away by the sea and you are in the middle of nowhere. And your husband gives you the death stare . And you go OPPSss😶!! 😂 #clumsyme #funnymemories #atuhbeach #throwmebackplease

That time Hila tried to teach me how to pose and obviously I didn't get it. #cantpose #actress #actorslife #setlife #womeninbiz #clumsyme #weddingseason Queen @hilsaada ❤️👑

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