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Just another sleepy snap 😽💞🍃✨💫💜

Morning floofs 😻 #panda_and_luna

My hoomans already posted this update on GoFundMe, but wanted to include it here as well in case some of you missed it! 😽✨
First of all, my pawrents & I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone for their extremely generous donations - They helped cover almost the full cost of my MRI! 🙏🏻💕 We also wanted to give you a little update since my last neurologist visit 2 weeks ago. So far, I have been taking strong antibiotics once daily, as well as colloidal silver with my food + in the affected ear. These medications have helped me tremendously - My hoomans say that I am truly acting like my old crazy self again. 😹 My head is no longer tilted (took a few days for the tilt to disappear), I have more energy, am more vocal in demanding food, constantly hungry, and a lot more cuddly (my pawrents are also really hoping I’m not in deep pain anymore). I’m not sure if antibiotics are a long-term cure in case of a polyp growth in my ear (which can generate re-occuring ear infections), but for the moment my pawrents are following the neurologists' advice and putting me on another full month of medications. The doctor notified us this Monday that she would like to avoid surgery as much as possible, and rather follow the medication route in order to fix this issue - Hopefully this works! Thank you once again for helping me get better by covering some of my vet bills - You guys are all sweet & amazing furriends!!! #helpsavewolfie 💛💛💛

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